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Magician iPad in London for Gucci

Magician iPad in London for Gucci

Magician iPad in London for Gucci

After Balmain, Armani, Hermès, Clarins and Chanel, it’s the turn of the Gucci brand to recruit me.  The latter presented its new range of lipsticks.

With this in mind, I designed, as an iPad magician in London, new illusions highlighting this new product.  Since her arrival, Michele has made things happen in the beauty department of Gucci.

In particular, he has recruited Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto for the Gucci Guilty fragrance campaigns and this year oversaw the launch of a new fragrance family, ‘The Alchemist’s Garden’.

As a member of the Magic Circle, I also proposed a mentalism experience.

Mentalism for Gucci : Frequent users

Two volunteers are mentally connected to each others thought-frequency, allowing them to share thoughts, although unknowingly.

One of them selects a card (free choice) from a ordinary deck and without looking reverses it in the deck.
The other volunteer simply writes down a freely chosen card.

The written card and the reversed card appear to be the same. Possible patter and presentation:

Everybody has his own mental frequency.
This way thoughts and feelings are secured and unique to only one person. As long as this frequency is different from the mental frequency of someone else, we can speak of individual thoughts and feelings.

But as soon as the mental part of our brain is tuned in on a frequency that’s already in use with someone else, thoughts and feelings could be shared, willingly or unwillingly.

I would like to conduct a little experiment, based on the sharing of mental frequencies.

I would like two volunteers please, to help me with this.
And since women are more sensitive then men in general, I would like to ask you and you to assist me tonight, ladies.

First of all, we will try to get your mental frequencies on one and the same level, like tuning two radio’s to one specific station.

May I ask you [lady on left] to stretch your right arm with your hand up straight. For you [lady on right] the same, but with your left arm.

Now, put your hands together and close your eyes for a moment.
If you feel any warmth between the hands, please don’t panic. This is a good sign.

Here we go…
[soft new age-music sets in]
Ladies… please lower your arms.
Everything all right? Good.
Please be seated and relax. [ one lady left, one lady on the right, facing each other]

The rules are simple.
I will give you [lady right] a deck of cards. Please take them out of the case and look through them. Now give the deck a shuffle.
Keep the deck face down en take one card out. Don’t look at the picture side of the card and put it unseen on the table in front of you.
Now turn over the deck, face up, en put your card back in the deck, still unseen or showing the picture side of the card.
Put the deck back in its case and close it.
At this moment you selected a card and reversed it in the deck.

[Take the deck back from the lady]

Now it’s your turn [lady on left]
When I snap my fingers I want you to think of one card in the deck and keep that thought. Any card you like.
[Snap fingers]
Keep that card in mind.

To make sure you won’t change your mind I want to ask you to write down the name of the card for yourself.

-For the suit you can write down the first letter. H for Hearts, D for diamonds and so on. Followed by either a digit for the value or the first letter in case of a Jack, Queen ,King or Ace. Let no one see what you write down. I won’t look either.

Let’s see if we succeeded in letting you share mental frequencies.

In this deck of cards, you [lady on the tight] turned over one card, that now is reversed in the deck. And here it is. Please take it out and hold it close. Don’t look at it, yet.

. Which one was it? Please show us what you wrote down.

It’s the [name of the card]

Here we go….
Please, turn over your card [lady on the right].

Is it the [name of the card] ? Yes, it is! Unbelievable!!

Give the ladies a nice round of applause.

Mentalist in London : tailor-made effects

Looking for a mentalist magician in London ? Innovative and tailor-made effects? As an illusionist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I propose to accompany you step by step in your approach.

Magic in your image ! Whatever your sector of activity, I can adapt to your requests and your specifications to create towers highlighting your logo and your know-how.

As a first step, simply send me your contact details by e-mail, specifying the context of your event and the number of guests :

Are you going to get married ? Looking for an original animation ? 

I animate every year about twenty marriages.







Corporate party in London for the company Balmain


Corporate party in London for the company Balmain

Corporate party in London for the company Balmain

Corporate party this Friday for the company Balmain. The latter launches a new product that will make furious women: a straightener wireless. This high tech tool creates perfect smoothing as well as pretty loops.

A valuable asset therefore for all the followers of sophisticated hairstyles which are in constant displacement.  Without cable, it is everywhere. As a bonus, once loaded and the set temperature (from 160 to 200 °), it creates the choice, pretty well-defined loops or smoothing more-than-perfect thanks to its titanium plates and its diffusion of uniform heat.

A product very well thought and also very light.  The brand had therefore recruited me as a magician in London, a member of the Magic Circle, to perform close-up magic tricks and mentalism experiences !


Mentalism experience : First Impressions

Divining characteristics of your subject and unravel his way of decision making, based on first impressions and intuition.

For the next presentation I will need a volunteer…
[Selection of a volunteer and proper introduction. Let’s call the volunteer “Jessica”] Jessica, do you believe in the 6th sense?
-Yes? Great, so do I. / – No? Well, I do.

It is my strong believe that the 6th sense is nothing fancy or supernatural.
We all have it and use it:
to my opinion the 6th sense is simply: Intuition. And we all use that every day of our lives.

Could you do me a favour? Please be seated and take this pen and paper. I would like you to write down a two-digit number below fifty. Do not show it to anyone, but please write readable, so afterwards we can show it to the audience and even the cheap seats in the back will be able to see it.

[to the audience]

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, you probably all know the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. 
First impressions guide us to judge someone. They tell us –on the spot- to like someone or not. But they also give some insight in the character and possible habits of the other person.

Jessica made his first impression on me, when he approached the stage to join me in this experiment.

And based on the first impressions he made on me, and with the help of my 6th sense, my intuition, I would like to try something.


Jessica, did you manage to write down a two-digit number below fifty ?
I will now try to discover the way you think and decide on things. It may happen that I mention certain characteristics I believe belong to you. But that’s just how I perceive you. So please keep a poker face and don’t be insulted if a remark can not be tied in with your real character. It is only how I see you.

OK, here we go.
It is a two-digit number below fifty. So the lowest number possible is 10, and the highest is 49. Right in the middle is the number 30.

I perceive Jessica to be a modest person. And to my opinion that translates into a number lower then 30.

I see Bert as being rather chaotic to himself. Starting of one thing and before finishing it, his head is already busy with something else. That gives me the impression that the number Jessica choose will end on an odd digit. So that’s, 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9.

Jessica is not extremely chaotic, and tries to find harmony. In both personal and professional life. In my optics that means that the first digit of Jessica’s number is even. And since the number is lower then 30, the only possible even digit to start with is the 2. That means we have left: 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29.

I already mentioned Jessica was a modest woman. Once again he shows this, by choosing a lower number: 21, 23 or 25.

And because Jessica always tries to maintain peace and happiness he goes for the safety zone, which in most cases is in the middle.

So in this particular case, based on first impressions and intuition I belief that Jessica has choosen for the number 23.

Please Jessica, keep your poker face, step forward and join me centre-stage. Now, for the first time, out loud: Which number did you choose? 
[Jessica : 23!]

Thank you so much Jessica !

Mentalist in London for your events

If like Chanel, Armani, Hermès and many other companies you want to propose an original animation that will mark the spirits, do not hesitate to contact me ! As an illusionist in London, I will be happy to develop with you an estimate for your event, whether it is a business seminar, a corporate party, a birthday or a wedding ! Mentalist magician for more than twenty years, I make sure to customize my benefits, highlighting your logo and your company with iPad Magic. My mail : 


Mentalist in London for Armani, the high jewelery segment

Giorgio Armani enters the high jewelery segment. The collection “Haute Joaillerie Giorgio Armani Privé” is composed of twenty pieces, all handmade in Italy by masters of goldsmith under the supervision of the couturier.

The famous brand book me for a mentalism show. As a member of the Magic Circle and mentalist in London, I proposed a newthought-reading experience.


Mentalist in London for Armani, the high jewelery segment

Mentalist in London for Armani, the high jewelery segment

Mentalism in London : Bold Vacation

The performer introduces the topic of influence and explains how some of our decisions really aren’t our own. He asks a lady in the front row to stand up and asks for her name.
(Let’s call her Jennifer)

„Congratulations, Mary. You’ve just won an imaginary trip.
You get to choose everything: Where you want to go, in which hotel room you want to stay and best of all – this won’t cost you anything! Are you excited?“

„Sure“, Jennifer replies.

-“I thought so. Mary, please close you eyes for a moment. I want you to imagine a world globe right in front of you. Give it a spin so that it rotates really fast. Now imagine that you take your index finger and touch the globe anywhere. The globe stops rotating and your finger should now be positioned at a random place somewhere in the world. Right next to your finger there’s a place that you recognise. A big, famous city. Can you imagine that?“

Jennifer nodds.

„Fabulous. Whatever place you’ve seen there, this is where we’re going to book you a room. You can open your eyes again.“

The performer hands Mary a note pad and a pen.

„Could you please fill this out and write down the name of the city you’ve just seen?
We might need that later… When you’re done, close the pad and hold onto it for a minute.“

„Do you remember what I told you earlier about how people can be influenced into making cer- tain decisions?“

The performer smiles and produces a sealed envelope from his pocket. He turns the envelope around. It reads: Booking Confirmation

The performer opens the envelope, removes a letter and asks a spectator in the front row to hold onto the envelope for a minute.

He unfolds the letter and starts reading out loud:

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for doing your booking with Mental Voyages.We have reserved a room for you and are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. Our hotel is situated in the city centre and is a great starting point to explore the many sights Sydney has to offer.“

The performer stops reading and looks at Jennifer : „Which city did you choose“

„Sydney“, she replies.

The performer continues reading:

„Together with this confirmation letter, we send you the key to your room. We thank you again for your valued custom and look forward to serving you.“

„Have you already chosen a certain room number? One that you’d like best?“

„Room Nr. 37“, Jennifer replies.

„Please take a look inside the envelope!“

Jennifer reaches inside the envelope and takes out a key. The number 37 is engraved in the key tag.

Mentalism in London for corporate events

You are also a famous company in London and you want to propose a new and resolutely innovative experience to your customers ?

Mentalism intrigues and creates a mood tinged with mystery. Your guests will wonder how the mentalist in London can read their thoughts, guess their bank note number or hometown !

Like Hermes, ClarinsChanel or Armani, contact me by email to establish a quote together :

I am also a specialist in iPad magic.



Mentalist in London for Hermès

Mentalist in London for Hermès

Mentalist in London for Hermès

After Chanel, it was another luxury brand that had recruited me as a mentalist in London.

World famous, the square Hermes is more than a trend accessory. It has become, over the years, a real signature of the brand.

The luxury house has today decided to invite those feeling creative to add their personal touch to the square Hermes. For this, it is necessary to propose a motive to Hermes which, if it is chosen, will be bought by the brand for the price of 5 000 euros.

In order to launch this contest, the brand had asked me to design magic tricks and mentalism experiences. I did not miss to put forward innovative effects with magic iPad.

Then I chained with a mentalism experience

Mentalism : Remote Viewing

Hand out to an audience member a sealed envelope.
 Invite a spectator up on stage and hand them the pad and pen. I take another pen and pad for yourself.

I tell the audience all about the technique of remote viewing.
 I explained that you’ve studied this work and i feel that i’ve now developed your own skills to recreate this gift.
Explain how i am going to try and demonstrate how this works, using paranormal, unexplainable means.

The spectator is asked to take the pen and asked to write name of someone they love or have loved on the pad. While this is happening i turned away.

While I still look away you begin frantically writing something on your pad. The spectator now reveals the name they were thinking of.
 I slowly turn your pad around to reveal a match.

I explain that there must be at least one person who thinks you have somehow wrote the name on the pad after the spectator told me what name they were thinking of.
So, this time I will reveal what I think you are receiving first.
 Repeat process above – maybe naming a country they have visited this time.

Again I scribble something on your pad but this time i turn it around to show the audience first.

The spectator now turns their pad around and reveals a match.
As a conclusion, I now ask the spectator to try some remote viewing.

Have your spectator draw an animal and then ask them to name the animal by writing it’s name in the bottom right corner.

Iu now ask for your target envelope back from the audience. Remove the picture inside. Ask the spectator to reveal to the audience what they have drawn (a horse named NED)

I now slowly turn your prediction around to show it’s a drawing of a horse……and it is also named NED!

Mentalist in London : tailor-made effects

Looking for a mentalist magician in London ? Innovative and tailor-made effects? As an illusionist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I propose to accompany you step by step in your approach.

Magic in your image ! Whatever your sector of activity, I can adapt to your requests and your specifications to create towers highlighting your logo and your know-how.

As a first step, simply send me your contact details by e-mail, specifying the context of your event and the number of guests :

Are you going to get married ? Looking for an original animation ? 

I animate every year about twenty marriages. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.


Mentalist in London for Chanel


Mentalist in London for Chanel

Mentalist in London for Chanel

Corporate party this Tuesday for Chanel. The brand introduced its new model of ceramic watch whose success was not announced.

Whatever some say, brands that have changed the game in luxury watchmaking can be counted on the fingers of the hand. Against all odds, the claw of the rue Cambon is one of them. In 2000, the launch of the J12, the first timepiece in history entirely made of black ceramic, amazes the entire industry

As a mentalist and close-up magician in London, I proposed various experiences of mentalism and close-up magic. The goal was to surprise the guests with strong and amazing moments!


Mentalism : Celebrity Guess

I walk on stage.

I’ve recently developed a habit of drawing the faces of celebrities I see on T.V. In a moment I will try and make a picture based on one of your choices

I took the pad off the table and approach a lady in the first row.

“Miss will you help me? In a moment I will ask you to make a mental picture of a celebrity. You will have a free choice, but don’t choose one yet. First I want you to imagine you are at a red carpet event full of celebrities. You are standing at the bar when suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and see one celebrity and one alone. I do not wish to know who you choose and I don’t want anyone else to know either so please take this pad and pen, go to the side so no one will see, write down whatever celebrity you choose and join me back on stage

I then go back to the stage and as she comes back also, you take out a bigger pad and a marker from your suitcase.

“Please set the pad on the table, look inside my suitcase, lift the brick and take the yellow envelope from under it. Put the brick down and now I will attempt to draw the celebrity you are thinking of”

I draw something without showing it to anyone and set the marker aside.

 “For the first time, out loud, who is the celebrity you are thinking of ?”

She says “Brad Pitt”.

“Ladies and gentleman, I give you, Brad Pitt!

You turn over your pad to show a stick-man drawing. Everybody laugh.

“What? No? I’m just kidding of course (you turn to the participant) but I will ask you this; to be fair, it didn’t just say on the pad “be a good sport, choose Brad Pitt” right? You did have a free choice and could as well have chosen for example “Adam Sandler”, “Harrison Ford” and so on, right? And you were holding on that envelope since you came back to the stage, even before you told us which celebrity you were thinking off correct? Please open the envelope and show everybody what is in it”

She shows everybody that inside the envelope there is a big folded sheet of paper with the name “Brad Pitt” printed on it.

Corporate Magic In London

Member of the Magic Circle in London, I worked for many companies like Chanel, but also Louis Vuitton and Armani. If you want to trust me like these brands, do not hesitate to contact me by mail :

As an illusionist, I also host weddings and birthdays.




Mentalist in London for a famous makeup brand, Clarins

Mentalist in London for a famous makeup brand, Clarins

Mentalist in London for a famous makeup brand, Clarins

Corporate party this Thursday for a famous makeup brand: Clarins. The latter brought together some fifty department store sellers to present the new 2019/2020 collection.

A special venue to promote a new regenerating care. In order to bring a modern touch to this evening, I decided to promote the logo, as well as the product using the magic iPad. I have successively put my phone in the tablet, then regenerating care from my laptop. A resolutely modern approach to the art of conjuring. A salesgirl then joined me on stage to participate in a mentalism experiment.

Mentalism : The detective

I approach the table and after introducing myself and being invited to sit (I prefer sitting to standing in close-up, when the option exists, as I creates a much more intimate atmosphere).

I start off by doing my first routine (let’s say it was some mentalism with cards piece) and when I finish it, and i write their chosen playing card. Again, I put no emphasis on the matter. I continue to do my next routine and when I finish it, again, I write something in the pad (something that correlates with the routine I have just finished).

The routine (my text is in bold letters, the rest is the directions):

By this time someone will ask what and why am I writing.

You probably all noticed by now that I am writing stuff down as we go.
Let me explain, I am not really a mind reader. I have a unique set of skills that enable me, very much like a detective, to perceive small detail that other simply disregard. And much like a good detective, I am able to take those observations and make deductions that are based upon them. Let me show you”.

I open the pad, and write the numbers 1-4 on the pad, making a line under the 2. You then had the spectator the pad and the pen and turn around with your back facing the table.

I will ask you to circle one number; it can be any one you want”

(the number one is given vocal emphasis). Then I ask the specta- tor to close the pad turn back around and explain:

 “I am employing here a technique used usually by fake psychics which is called ‘fishing’, at first I tried to psychologically limit your options by making a line under the number two and then putting an emphasis on the number “one” when I was talking. Now I can see by the way that you reacted to me naming those two numbers that you actually chose…

And you name their number.

“I now want to try something a bit harder”

You turn around again.

“I want you to write the name of someone close to you who is not present here at the mo- ment, show it to everybody and close the pad, tell me when I can turn back around”

 “I want you to imagine that person you’re thinking about was approaching this table. You would probably introduce me. You would have said something like ‘(your mane), I want you to meet…’ and you would have said his or her name. I want you now to say that sentence but don’t say that person’s name out laud, o.k.? Go

 “I do not know that person you are thinking of, I never met them is that correct? Please say it again

As the spectator is saying the word “meet” you continue their sentence and say the name they wrote. It doesn’t get any stronger then this…


You want to surprise your guests ? offer them the présence of a mentalist magician in London, member of the Magic CircleiPad Magicmentalism or close-up magic : my varied repertoire allows me to answer all your requests : corporate partiesweddings etc.


Mentalist in London for a bank


Mentalist in London for a bank

Mentalist in London for a bank

Corporate party this Tuesday, special evening, for a bank. The President gave a summary of the past year as well as the outlook for 2019. The bank will continue to open new branches in London. To stick better to the theme of the evening, I did not fail to make several magic tricks on the theme of money. So, I asked a guest to name me randomly the name of a currency. He named me the yen. The banknote that I had since departure in the hands has thus transformed into the Japanese currency.


Mentalism :  I Know You So Well

This one would be great for one on one or small group situations. Say you are at a restaurant with a group of friends and we haven’t ordered yet. A great way to get a pad into play would be to use branching anagram routine to divine someone’s astrological sign. There are lot’s of method’s out there. I use Doug Dyment’s Sign Language. During this routine I bring out my im- pression pad to take notes. I don’t ask them to write anything down so the heat is off the pad. I simply use it to keep up with the letters I have “seen” and once I have announced what their sign is it seems perfectly natural to tear off the page, hand the pad to them and say “Let’s try something else.” Here’s how this routine goes.

“Let’s try another experiment. I am going to the “little mentalists” room for a minute. While I’m gone each of you write down what you would like to drink. When you are done, tear off the page and someone stick it in your pocket or purse.. We’ll do something fun when I get back”

If it’s a small group sitting in a row, I would hand the pad to someone on either end of the row assuming they will simply pass it down the row. In a larger group it might be a good idea to jot down each person’s name and leave a space for them to write. While you are gone simply make a note of each persons’ drink of preference, stop by the bar, order the drinks and show up with everyone’s choice. As you present each person’s drink do a bit of coldreading or talk a little about what you know about their personality to indicate why you think they might like what you are offering. This of course works best in a larger restaurant where the bar is not in eyeshot of the table you are sitting at.

Another alternative I would like to try is a bit more complicated but would work in a similar way. It would probably work better one on one. When your server comes over for the first time make sure you take note of their name. When you excuse yourself instead of asking for drink pref- erences ask your guest to write what they would like to eat. Instruct them that if the waitstaff comes by to take your order, please ask them come back later as you haven’t decided what you want. Once you have the info, call the restaurant, ask for your waitress or waiter. Explain that you are pulling a prank, go ahead and place an order but ask the waitress or waiter to come over and pretend to take an order, and whatever you say just play along. When you get back to the table and the waiter or waitress comes by to take your order, announce that you are going to try something you have never tried before.

“Are you feeling a little adventurous? I believe everyone has some psychic abilities but most of us don’t know how to access them. I’ve worked for a long time to hone my skills. Let’s see if I can help you two (speaking to the waitperson and my guest) bring out some of yours. Depend- ing on the situation, I might take both their hands explaining I am going to be a conduit for their thoughts to pass through. My psychic powers will serve as an amplifier to take what might nor- mally not get through and make the signal stronger and clearer. (Looking at my guest). “I’d like you to imagine what you would like to eat as vividly as you can. See it in your mind’s eye. Imag- ine it is on the table right in front of you. See what it would look like, smell how good it would smell . Imagine taking a taste. Mmm, imagine how good it will be. Activate as many different parts of your brain as you possibly can and make the experience as real as you can. Can you see it, smell it, taste it, good”

Looking at the waitperson, give them a little wink and say “Now you. I want you to take a big breath, relax, clear you mind of all your worries and stress. That’s good, take another deep breath. Now don’t intellectualize this, go only on instinct, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t tell us what it is just put the order in. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for whatever it is and order something else if it isn’t what my friend would like.” I would then simply order whatever I wanted and wait for the gasps of wonder when the exact thing my friend wished for is brought out.


Magic close-up, mentalism, magic Ipad: as a professional illusionist and member of the Magic Circle, I have many tools to answer all your requests, even the most pointed.

Whether it’s a business night, a wedding or a birthday, do not hesitate to contact me for any request for a quote:



Mentalist in London for Nespresso

Mentalist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I was hired by a famous coffee brand, Nespresso, as part of an evening in the city center of the capital city of London. On the program: close magic, and experience of mentalism.

Mentalisme : Liar’s Twenty Questions

Mentalist in London for Nespresso

Mentalist in London for Nespresso

I’d like to try an experiment. Things like this don’t always work, but they are interesting even when they fail. I need a volunteer. Great. Do you consider yourself a good liar? Well, we’ll see. Did you ever see the program ‘Lie to Me”? (Doesn’t matter if they have or not) Did you know
it was based on the real life research of Dr. Paul Ekman? Dr. Ekman studies micro expressions. When someone is trying to deceive or conceal their emotions, a very brief, 1/15 to 1/25 of a second, facial expression occurs which is virtually undetected by anyone who is not trained to notice it. That micro expression briefly shows what they are so desperately trying to hide, their true emotion. I’ve been studying this stuff and I’d like to try it with you.

Do you remember playing “Twenty Questions” when you were a kid. Let’s play now, but with a twist. Every time I ask you a question I want you to answer no. My job will be to figure out when no is the correct answer and when no is a lie. I’m going to turn around (or leave the room) I want you to think of an object. Write it down on this piece of paper. When you are done show everyone else. Fold up the paper and put it in your pocket. When you are done, let me know and we can see how good I am at this, OK?”

If you want to propose an original and striking experience to your customers, offer them the présence of a mentalist magician in London. iPad Magic, mentalism or close-up magic : my varied repertoire allows me to answer all your requests : corporate parties, weddings etc.



Mentalist in London for a law firm

As a mentalist in London, I was hired by a law firm to lead a corporate evening. In this context, I proposed several experiences of transmissions of thoughts, telepathy and predictions.

Mentalist in London : Noughts and Crosses

Mentalist in London for a law firm

Mentalist in London for a law firm

As a Mentalist, i informed the audience that he is going to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with an audi-ence member. I invited one onto the stage, hands him a pen and pad of paper, and then plays a quick game with them on it.

The Mentalist smiles, and then says “Excellent. Now that I am familiar with your personal ten-dencies while you play the game, I am ready to play this again, but from across the room.” The Mentalist asks the spectator to go to one side of the room, and then proceeds to the other side of the room, where the Mentalist takes a seat in a chair with its back facing the audience and his Tic-Tac-Toe opponent.

The Mentalist then asks the spectator to draw another game board. This done, the Mentalist explains the new rules, saying “The audience may not be aware of this, but there are roughly 300,000 possible outcomes to this game. Because this time, I will be playing blind, I require total silence from the audience, as immense concentration is involved. I would also like to go first.

As we play, I will conjecture on possible moves aloud to myself. If I ask you a question, please feel free to either answer honestly or to attempt to deceive me. You may also opt not to answer at all. I may conjecture aloud as to the move I would like to make, but please do not mark any move on the paper until I announce that it is my final decision. If I end up taking a spot that has already been taken, whether by you or by myself, I have made an illegal move and will lose. Additionally, it is up to you whether I will be represented by Noughts or Crosses for the duration of the game. Let’s begin. I will take the bottom left space.”
The Mentalist then proceeds to play a game with the Spectator, occasionally hemming and haw-ing about a choice, but either winning or drawing at the end of the game. The Mentalist then finishes by correctly announcing which symbol the spectator choose to represent each party and the result of the game.

This routine allows the Mentalist to present a fantastic real time sort of remote viewing tech-nique, though in practice.

You need a magician for corporate parties, weddings ? Member of the Magic Circle, I could answer to all your questions :


Mentalist in London for a wedding at Rumpus Room

First performance of the year this Saturday in London, for a wedding. The wedding of S and B .took place at Rumpus Room (20 Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PD)

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Rumpus Room

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Rumpus Room

Mentalism : A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

As a mentalist in London, and member of the Magic Circle, i invited a committee of volunteers onto the stage, where they proceed to cover his eyes with gauze, tape, and finally, a blindfold. They then lead him to a chair which he sits
in, with his back to the audience. Before the committee is dismissed, they are asked to silently choose among themselves one individual to stay on the stage, with the others returning to their seats.

The spectator who remains is then asked to take a deck of playing cards left on the floor of
the stage, and open and examine the packet. Once they are satisfied that the cards are above board, they are then asked to take the deck in their hands, and throw them in the air, attempt- ing to catch a single card as it falls. They do so, and they show the card to the crowd. The Men- talist asks whether the spectator would like to trade their card with one of those on the floor around them. Regardless of whether a change takes place or not, the Mentalist correctly divines the playing card chosen and shown to the audience. The spectator is then asked to leave the stage and proceed to any row in the audience, and, once there, to just stand in the aisle next
to it. The Mentalist then announces the makeup of the row: male, female (Dazzling necklace!), female, male (Nice tie – LOVE the color green on you!), male, male, small child (presumed male), female, empty seat (YOURS, I think!), female, male.

I then then asks the spectator standing in the aisle to point to another audience mem- ber, who is asked to stand. I then described them exactly along with a reading of their personality. They are asked to remain standing, and to point to another member of the audience, who is asked to stand and point to a third audience member. These three are asked to reach into their pockets and take out something that may be there and to hold it high above their heads for everyone to see. Then I proceed to reveal what each person is holding.

Finally, all are asked to sit down with the exception of one, who is chosen by the committee
by playing rock, paper, scissors or some other random means of selection. The lone spectator who remains standing is asked to point to a final audience member and then sit down. The person pointed to is asked not to identify themselves by speaking in any way, and to proceed to a whiteboard on the stage, where they are asked to either draw a picture, or to write any word they would like. After they do so, the spectator is asked to erase what they have just done and to try again. I asked for complete silence, and then listens closely to the sound of the marker on the whiteboard. After a brief pause, the Mentalist reveals what was just written or drawn on the chalkboard, what color marker was used, gives a description of the spectator, and hesitantly but accurately also describes the first word or drawing that they spectator wrote on the whiteboard.

This effect seems all the more incredible because a blindfold is employed – one that has been inspected and applied by the audience themselves and because a strict silence is imposed at all times!

And finally, let me take a moment to point out that nothing at all seems suspicious about a con- federate in the audience taking notes if they have introduced themselves to those around them as a member of a local newspaper who is here to review the show.

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