Wedding Magician Mentalist London

Wedding Magician Mentalist London

It is rare for couples to get married on a Friday. Except that the wedding period has begun, and that the reception halls are being stormed. Faced with this success, young couples are forced to show flexibility and find alternatives. So the couple Liam and Abbie had gathered all their friends on a Friday in a chic restaurant in the center of the English capital. A great way to gather all their loved ones, in a very nice place: Whole Venue. St Bart’s Brewery is available for full exclusive hire. The couple have benefit from use of the main bar area, lounge, upper level mezzanine and the Balfour Bar with it’s additional bar space.

This unique venue will bring you industrial chic teamed with first class service, great food, wine and an extensive list of local beers.

It is therefore in this very pleasant establishment that the young couple had to decide to bring in a mentalist magician in London. Their goal: to entertain and entertain their guests with close-up magic tricks. As a conjurer, I had met Liam and Abbie three months before their union to get to know them and prepare them personalized magic tricks. A real interaction with the guests, with rounds of coins, cards, but also pens and banknotes. The guests are often used to seeing an illusionist on television, less closely.

Close-up magic and mentalism for a wedding

Therefore, the relationship is different and the interactivity of bet ! Member of Magic Castle in Hollywood and Magic Circle, I took time to get acquainted with the hundreds of people present. Some children followed me because they were very intrigued! Far from confining myself to magic tricks using manipulation, I proposed at the luncheon experiences of mentalism. A full-fledged discipline in the field of illusionism, which consists in making believe in impressive abilities of readings of thoughts and prediction.

I thus guessed the serial number of banknotes of several guests, but also their phone number, the name of their pet and their favorite perfume; The guests were impressed that I can guess at so much personal information known to them alone !

Mentalist in London, I also proposed great classics in terms of mentalism, including the book test and the magic square. If you also want to bring a poetic touch to your wedding, send a quote request by email to !