Magician mentalist in London for a wedding in a castle

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding in a castle

The good weather is back and it is synonymous with weddings. What a pleasure once more to animate a union under a beautiful sun and in a superb setting, a castle in the outskirts of London.

It was in this sumptuous setting that Rebecca and Wilson decided to reunite their friends and loved ones. Happy guests to celebrate their wedding. They were gathered in the garden adjoining the castle, for the reception.

In order to give a poetic tone then wedding, the young couple had decided to appeal to mentalist magician in London to distract their guests at the reception.

Nearly a hundred adults and a dozen children were gathered to taste the petits fours and glasses of champagne. In this context, I wandered groups in groups to distract the guests with magic close-up.

The tours take place only a few centimeters from the spectators who can thus benefit from illusions in a very close manner.

I have been careful enough to perform magic tricks such as cards but also to vary my effects with impromptu magic. To this end, I borrowed a number of items from the public, including pens and rings that I made disappear and reappear in unlikely places.

Mentalism at a wedding in London

After this friendly moment, I chained with mentalism experiences. On the program: divination, suggestions, reading thoughts and predictions.

As a mentalist in London, i guessed the number of blue card of several spectators but also their place of birth and the first name of their children. The guests were so amazed that they talked about it a long time after I left the couple. What a beauty to end the evening before the guests enter the dance floor. Member of the Magic Circle, I animate nearly thirty weddings each year.

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