iPad magician in London for the launch of a travel website

iPad magician in London for the launch of a travel website

Corporate digital magic

To offer a playful approach, to give a modern image to your company: this is the goal of digital magic. A new way to approach the art of conjuring. It is precisely this new approach that seduces societies. It allows them to attract new customers, to offer a great impact during a business seminar bringing together all employees, but also on a trade show or for a product launch. It was precisely for the launch of a travel agency that I was recruited as an iPad magician in London, for the launch of an online travel platform.

The latter is under the sign of innovation with many new and improved services. The objective is to highlight new features and in particular the implementation of a dedicated application to compare prices between the various hotels.

A new approach to travel truly unique, which also includes the consideration of specificities such as respect for local interlocutors. An authentic approach took into account the design of your opinion and the creation of a personalized division. On the occasion of this launch, many journalists gathered in London.

iPad magician in London

After a series of speeches and the screening of a short film, I was invited as an iPad magician in London to highlight the brand’s logo via digital magic.

As an iPad magician, I created a series of illusions on a tablet dedicated to the world of travel. Experience of mentalism Always in the register of tailor-made, the company asked me as a mentalist in London. A tailor-made design, made many months before this great evening !

Mentalism  interactive stage experience

I had designed a totally interactive stage experience. A dozen people present in the audience and go on stage and participated in a synchronicity experiment. The latter was once again under the sign of the trip. So who did not know each other, the ten or so spectators thought of one and the same destination. All the spectators, and the journalists present, have mentally chosen a country, Canada! An experience that has generated many applause ! IPad magician in London, but also mentalist, I propose many solutions to answer all your requests.

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We will develop innovative solutions together according to your expectations !