Mentalist magician in London for the birthday of a bank

Mentalist magician in London for the birthday of a bank

An English bank organized this Tuesday a great corporate event on the occasion of its 50 years. More than a hundred employees but also privileged customers were gathered in the city center of the English capital.

In order to celebrate the event, the institution decided to hire a mentalist magician in London. The goal was to distract the audience, while marking the spirits by effects of illusionism very strong.

The service had been prepared many months in advance. So, anticipating enough upstream, I could customize several rounds, so that they decline the theme of the bank.

The leaders delivered numerous speeches, succeeding each other on the scene, in order to take stock of these 50 years of existence. The ensemble was punctuated by numerous anecdotes about the life of the company and the highlights of its history.

Unsurprisingly, this succession of speeches ended with the projection of a documentary film retracing the different stages and evolution of the bank over time.

Show on stage

After this introduction, I proposed a show on stage highlighting the values ​​of society.

Several employees were invited to go on stage to join me. Aimed at all participants, this little show was prepared beforehand with the team and more particularly Brian. The opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and especially to get messages. In particular, I had been asked to design a mentalism experiment to highlight the word bank.

Another mental computing experience was also an opportunity to value the name of the company.

This intervention was based on various techniques: psychology, physiognomy, NLP, telepathy and body language. Tools of mentalists very effective!

After this stage show, I went down to the public to continue the evening with close-up magic tricks. The program: laughter and astonishment with card tricks, but also coins, with jewels borrowed in the audience.

Once again this experience proved the relevance of having recourse to an illusionist to celebrate a company birthday.

Whether it’s a roadshow, a product launch, or more simply a corporate birthday, the mentalist magician in London will meet all your expectations. To contact him, it’s very simple, send an email to !