Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Show of magic and mentalism for a luxury car brand. A famous luxury car brand had gathered its best customers at a great party. The latter took place in the city center of London, in a prestigious place in London.

Nearly 300 people were handpicked and invited to preview this model. It is a limo whose finishes and robustness have amazed all guests. Privileged customers who could thus discover before all the world this new model which comes to enrich a wide range.

Given the number of guests, the famous car brand had recruited several magicians to distract the entire audience. Members of Magic Circle, I had used the services of another colleague to assist me, to perform magic tricks close up during the first part. The guests were able to enjoy magic tricks including card tricks with several objects and goodies with the effigy of the famous company. So many gifts that have been greatly appreciated, because the logo of the brand has been enhanced with a communication tool as playful as powerful, the magic iPad. A new modern way to reach the general public and thus anchor the brand to the consumer.

These positive effects were reinforced by the fact that it was about proximity magic, thus offering a great interaction with the guests.

Corporate magic and promotional magic for a luxury car brand

After this first part spent under the sign of conviviality, all the guests gathered in front of the podium. During this second part, we made a show of nearly half an hour to promote once again the famous brand of luxury car. On the program: magic of course, with visual effects but also mentalism with readings of thoughts and predictions.

The highlight of the evening was the revelation on stage and the appearance of the new model of the car in a setting that was previously empty. What generate a lot of applause.

This new experience of corporate magic and promotional magic has once again proven that conjuring is a powerful and effective communication tool for delivering messages. If you are looking for a mentalist magician in London for a corporate party, a roadshow, a product launch or you are an individual and want to bring a magical touch to your wedding, do not hesitate to send an email to