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Surprise your guests

Surprise your guests with the presence of a magician at your wedding ! Make the most beautiful day of your life a unique moment in the presence of an illusionist, who will entertain all your guests, whether adults or children.

The conjurer awakens in each spectator his child’s soul. It will amaze young and old with card tricks naturally, developing a great dexterity that will surprise the greatest number.

Member of the Magic Circle of London, the most famous British club and certainly in the world, the magician will pay great attention to personalize his best tours. Whether in close-up magic or on stage, he can offer you various formulas to brighten up your wedding and make your wedding a unique moment.

The ring of your wedding levitate !

Imagine rather : you will see your wedding ring that you exchanged a little bit during the ceremony at levitate church. Yes you read well: a ring fly only a few inches from your eyes ! A miracle that will be remembered for years all your family and friends, and your parents.

Magic has the advantage of being both discreet and spectacular. It’s a clever mix between amazing and poetic effects.

Mentalism for your wedding

Having the presence of a mentalist magician in London for your wedding is the ultimate guarantee of offering adults and children alike the power of magic!

The mentalist magician in London does not forget the children and their reserve many surprises with magic tricks specially dedicated to the youngest, playful illusions with rabbits, bullets and other characters like the Queen of snow.

In addition to the magic tricks of dexterity, this professional also offers mentalism experiences. Here again your guests will remember for a long time the reading of thoughts, predictions or even mental calculation operations performed in a spectacular way.

Having a mentalist magician in London for his wedding is the assurance of standing out from the crowd and proposing an original animation.

Contact a magician mentalist for your wedding in London

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The magician also offers corporate services for companies !