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Amaze your guests !

Wedding Magician Mentalist London

Wedding Magician Mentalist London

A wedding is a unique opportunity to reunite family and friends. If you want to surprise your parents and your childhood friends, the intervention of a mentalist magician in London is an ideal opportunity to offer them an animation both discreet and spectacular. The illusionist will walk from group to group during the cocktail or meal. This is an opportunity to create a friendly atmosphere with card tricks, ropes or coins.

The magician does not hesitate to borrow some objects from the audience like banknotes to turn them into larger values.

Imagine the heads of your guests when they see a 10-pound bill see its value multiplied by 10!

Magic Tricks for kids

Close-up magician in London

Close-up magician in London

The conjurer also borrows rings from the guests to make them disappear and reappear or even sometimes fly them, levitate.  The magician also offers many distractions for children and magic tricks for kids. On the program: appearance of sweets, banana multiplication, appearances of comic characters.

Your guests have certainly seen a magician on TV but rarely up close. The world of magic goes perfectly with that of wedding, because it brings a lot of magic to your union and will leave a memorable memory to your guests.  In addition, this professional offers a wide range of effects, from the disappearance of objects to a bottle that crosses the table through several experiences of mentalism such as reading thoughts or predictions.

Whether for the reception or your meal do not hesitate to call a mentalist magician in London to propose a unique animation, which will be the icing on the cake of your wedding !

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