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Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Show of magic and mentalism for a luxury car brand. A famous luxury car brand had gathered its best customers at a great party. The latter took place in the city center of London, in a prestigious place in London.

Nearly 300 people were handpicked and invited to preview this model. It is a limo whose finishes and robustness have amazed all guests. Privileged customers who could thus discover before all the world this new model which comes to enrich a wide range.

Given the number of guests, the famous car brand had recruited several magicians to distract the entire audience. Members of Magic Circle, I had used the services of another colleague to assist me, to perform magic tricks close up during the first part. The guests were able to enjoy magic tricks including card tricks with several objects and goodies with the effigy of the famous company. So many gifts that have been greatly appreciated, because the logo of the brand has been enhanced with a communication tool as playful as powerful, the magic iPad. A new modern way to reach the general public and thus anchor the brand to the consumer.

These positive effects were reinforced by the fact that it was about proximity magic, thus offering a great interaction with the guests.

Corporate magic and promotional magic for a luxury car brand

After this first part spent under the sign of conviviality, all the guests gathered in front of the podium. During this second part, we made a show of nearly half an hour to promote once again the famous brand of luxury car. On the program: magic of course, with visual effects but also mentalism with readings of thoughts and predictions.

The highlight of the evening was the revelation on stage and the appearance of the new model of the car in a setting that was previously empty. What generate a lot of applause.

This new experience of corporate magic and promotional magic has once again proven that conjuring is a powerful and effective communication tool for delivering messages. If you are looking for a mentalist magician in London for a corporate party, a roadshow, a product launch or you are an individual and want to bring a magical touch to your wedding, do not hesitate to send an email to


Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

This April marks the beginning of the weddings season. After a night of business and luxury magic, this Saturday was marked by a new union.

Barbara and William decided to call the service of a mentalist magician in London to amaze all of his guests! The young couple had gathered their friends and relatives in the city center of the English capital. A cozy place, conducive to perform magic tricks.

My prestidigitator performance in London started right from the reception. In this context the young couple asked me to perform magic tricks for children. So I reserved illusions specifically for young people, showcasing Disney cartoon characters but also superheroes. These magic tricks have greatly appealed to children. I did not forget about adults !

Mentalist in London for a wedding

As a mentalist magician in London, I walked a group group to make card tricks but this one of pieces and ropes. I also borrowed items from viewers to make them disappear and make them reappear. This sparked many laughs and reactions, which created a friendly atmosphere.

Then all the guests came to the table. In an intimate dining room, I went on with mentalism experiments. For program: readings of thoughts, predictions. The guests really felt like I was guessing their thoughts and information known to them alone. I have noticed that mentalism intrigues and allows to obtain strong reactions because it addresses the most intimate part of the human being. It looks like “real” magic!

Before dessert and the inevitable mounted piece, I did not miss to perform a personalized magic trick for the couple. What leave them an unforgettable memory !

If you also want to punctuate your wedding in London with a magical animation, do not hesitate to send an email to

I’m also involved for birthdays and corporate parties.


Luxury Magician in London for a corporate party

Luxury Magician in London for a corporate party

Luxury Magician in London for a corporate party

After the wedding last week, I chained in this early April with a benefit of magic for business. A famous car brand indeed brings together all its employees for a business seminar. At the end of the day, all employees were gathered in downtown London for an evening of luxury and refinement..

This is not the first time I work for this famous car brand, whose s are known for their strength and longevity. As a mentalist magician in London I designed a set of personalized illusions to highlight the strengths that make the reputation of the brand.

iPad magician in London

IPad magician in London, I started my service with various illusions highlighting the logo of the car. I also showed on the tablet this new model of sedan in miniature. Enough to generate strong reactions among spectators with an unprecedented surprise effect. The personalization also continued with card tricks bearing the effigy of the car brand. Tricks of magic using dexterity and manipulation to only a few centimeters spectators. After this first part or all the staff were stand up, I chained with the second part of table to table. Nearly a hundred guests were seated and enjoying dinner. A moment a little more intimate than before that allowed me to perform experiments of my talisman.

Mentalist in London

Again the goal was to customize my best performance with experiences of reading thoughts, mental calculation to put forward the number of horses in the car, its power and design. These are assets that can be valorized by experiments of mentalism with predictions, telepathy but also telekinesis. Proximity magic allows true interaction and anchors the brand to the consumer and guest employees. If you are also looking for an illusionist for a product launch, an inauguration, a business seminar, a corporate party or a cocktail, ask for your free quote at

As an mental magician in London, member of the Magic Circle, I also speak for weddings and birthdays.

I have performed for many of the UK’s leading companies in the corporate sector and specializes in trade show magic, ideal for attracting visitors to the stand and building rapport at your next event.

Your brand name will be mentioned throughout and can be incorporated in many innovative ways throughout his performances. For more information on how this can be achieved please feel free to contact !


Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

A big English bank was organizing a corporate party on Thursday 4 April in the heart of London, at the County Hall Restaurant.

The opportunity to bring together their best customers and financial partners. For the occasion, the bank had rented a prestigious place.

It was in this magical setting that I was recruited as a mentalist magician in London.

Promotionnal magic

The establishment was seduced by my personal approach, promotional magic to highlight their novelties, their logo, their news. This is called promotional magic, a unique approach to the world of prestidigitation to offer tailored solutions. Naturally I had prepared this service beforehand with management to validate the messages to pass to employees, have created advertising messages to customers. Magic is a powerful communication tool for companies.

As an illusionist in London, I developed several magic tricks around money. Not to mention custom illusions, iPad magic to highlight the company.

The evening began with a cocktail where I was able to perform magic tricks using dexterity. The program includes cards, coins, but also bottles of wine and objects borrowed from the audience. Enough to generate strong emotions and laughter.

Mentalism experiences

Then I chained with a set of experiences of unprecedented mentalism, around the theme of the bank. On the program: operations of mental computation at speed V to carry out mathematical operations with figures, as they are handled in the banking field. Spectators were also able to enjoy moments such as readings of thoughts, predictions and telepathy. Mentalism is like “real” magic, without artifice. It leaves an unforgettable memory to the public. I also practiced telekinesis hearing objects with the effigy of society.

As part of the promotion of your company or your professional activities (seminars, trade fairs, conventions, receptions, commercial events) by its user-friendliness the presence of a magician brings a real added value.

Whether for a product launch, a business seminar, a press conference, another hot shop, do not hesitate to contact the mentalist magician in London for any quote request to


Show of mentalism in London

If the magician is a specialist in close-up magic, it is also a mentalist who offers a show of more than one hour. Mentalism is a very popular discipline, a branch in the field of conjuring! It is an art of the spectacle which consists in creating illusions of paranormal faculty, the control of human mental capacity like clairvoyance, hypermnesia or telepathy. The professional mentalist has no power, but has the sole purpose of entertaining in public Far from confining itself to mere magic, the mentalist uses various techniques such as NLP, hypnosis, psychology, body language, manipulation, or influence. A very wide range of tools, reinforced by statistics or lies by omission to surprise the audience. The biggest mentalist is the biggest Brittany probably remains Derren Brown

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle

Members of Magic Circle, the illusionist offers a unique show based on symbols. An hour of amazing isthmus, which invites us to question the place of symbols in our lives but also the notions of destiny. 60 minutes of total interaction where the audience is invited to go on stage. A playful and participative show with experiences of telekinesis, predictions, revelations and reading thoughts. The mentalist magician in London can intervene for a corporate show or a wedding and birthday. It will leave a memorable memory to your viewers by guessing their blue card number, a freely chosen number or the structure of a page in the book, as well as a word freely chosen by one of your collaborators in a book. The mentalist magician in London has worked for many companies like Louis Vuitton, Armani or Hermes. With over two decades experience in the field of events, it will surely distract your guests and invites them to question the notions of chance and coïncidences.

Customizable mentalism for corporate events

A high-end service, ideal for private or professional events. Mentalism is quite appropriate for prominent events, galas, sumptuous parties and sports nights. It helps to make a big impact on your customers and future prospects.
Like the magic iPad, any customization is possible!

Looking for a mentalist magician in London for a show of mentalism in the English capital? Send a free email to


Find the best magician mentalist in London

Do you want to hire a mentalist magician for a corporate event or wedding ? After discussing the history of magic, 5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician for a wedding and 5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician for a corporate party in a previous article, here are some tips and guarantees to gather before to hire and find the best magician mentalist in London.

The mentalist magician in London must have good references

As in other areas, experience is paramount in the success of your event. If the conjurer is accustomed to working with large companies, he will face the imponderables and meet especially your requests. A large-scale event requires experience and a deep sense of detail. The fact that the magician also speaks several languages ​​facilitates the organization of your event, especially if it has an international character and is a multi-national organization. The illusionist in London speaks both French and English, he is a member of Magic Circle. To make sure that this professional is a professional mentalist magician, you can browse his website but also view the Google reviews. This tool allows you to view the opinions of former customers who have used its service. So the mentalist magician in London has worked for big companies like Cartier, Ferrari or Hermes. You must also determine if the magician’s universe matches the theme of your party.

Determine your expectations for your event

You must define a specification and know if the mentalist magician in London should intervene rather in close-up magic or on stage. In the first case this animation is more appropriate for a cocktail party or a company meal. If on the other hand you pass messages or to address the greatest number, the magic on stage remains more adapted. In this context, the professional offers a show of magic and interactive mentalism where a few collaborators can go on stage.

The mentalist magician in London must edit you a contract

The mentalist magician in London is a professional, who owns a company. He is therefore able to edit a contract to reassure you and to stipulate all the details to make your event a success. The contract mentions the terms of payment, the price, the schedules of the service as well as a commitment on the quality. In exchange, the illusionist asks for a parking space and a place to put his stuff. Serious and courteous, this professional will ensure the smooth running of your evening.

Browse magician videos

The Internet is a great tool to determine if the magician universe fits perfectly with the event you want to organize. So if your evening turns out to be chic, the mentalist magician in London will have to wear a suit with a tie or bow tie. A website is generally a good reflection of the care that the professional gives to his appearance. His references too. Thus, if he is accustomed to officiating for big companies like Lexus or Mercedes he will be able to master the codes and to blend in the crowd, while entertaining in his of your guests with a certain place a certain elegance.

Know the number of your guests

Knowing the name of your guests remains paramount. Indeed the mentalist magician in London can not provide a service beyond 200 people. Indeed for the sake of quality and exchanges with guests, it takes a ratio of a magician for 150 people. Beyond that, you have to resort, according to your budget, to two wizards. This is not forced selling but simply the search for quality that predetermines the use or not of several illusionists. So avoid the magicians who promise you wonders and ensure you can ensure a show alone in front of more than 200 people.

To hire a magician mentalist in London, send an e-mail at


History of magic

The Conjurer

The Conjurer

Magic, along with its subgenres of, and sometimes referred to as illusion, stage magic or street magic is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by staged tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats using natural means. It is to be distinguished from paranormal magic which, it is claimed, are effects created through supernatural means. It is one of the oldest performing arts in the world.

Magic has always fascinated men. It exists almost since Prehistory. It must be said that our ancestors already dreamed of controlling the elements, manipulating the laws of nature. Already 50000 years before Christ prehistoric men practiced magic gestures in a religious setting. But the first concrete testimony of a magician goes back to Ancient Egypt. A document named Westcar’s Papyrus recounts the feat of an illusionist named Dedi of Dedsnefu. This slice the head of a duck and a pelican. In front of a dumbfounded audience, the animals find their heads. We can imagine the bewildered reactions of the spectators of the time !

A little later there was a fake Greek vase dating from the 16th century BC. One of them is also kept in the Louvre Museum and thus contains funds to empty the fill several times. In ancient times, magicians were regarded as prestige makers.

Magic during Middle Ages

Let’s go a little further back in time and stop in the Middle Ages. It was during this period that troubadours offered. It’s last employees including goblets, utensils that have since become a classic of the universe magic.

Modern stage magic

Then the first magicians to seduce the general public on the scenes made their appearance during the nineteenth century. It was during this time that the magic touched for the first time the general public. Among the most famous magicians of the time, Robert Houdin, Henri Anderson nicknamed “the greatest wizard of the North” or David Devant, the founder of Magic Circle.

During the 90s, many conjurers popularized magic. The first of them remains undoubtedly the most famous magician of all times, David Copperfield. He seduced thousands of spectators and viewers with illusions that marked the spirits like the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, crossing the wall of China or being the first man to fly.

In France, many close-up magicians also appeared on television, such as Sylvain Mirouf, Gérard Majax and Garcimore.

The television has revealed since many talents like David Blane, Derren Brown and Dynam. The latter panic counters and appealing broad public but also fill the rooms widely with their spectacle of mentalism and their magic shows.

Are you also looking for a mentalist magician in London for a business corporate, a wedding or birthday ? Ask a free quote at


5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician in London for his wedding

After seeing in our article five good reasons to hire a mentalist magician in London for a corporate party, let’s detail the same arguments but this time for a wedding. Indeed, having recourse to a mentalist magician for union remains an excellent idea. Let’s see why!

Magic matches perfectly with weddings

The happiest day of your life is often synonymous with princess dress, it takes place more often in a fairy place. Why not complete the whole thing by sprinkling your wedding with poetry, using the services of a mentalist magician in London? The world of magic fits perfectly with the world of marriage. The magician makes sure to customize his magic tricks and bring a romantic touch to your wine of honor or your meal.

It’s a discreet animation

Most often weddings are an opportunity to reunite loved ones and can sometimes look more than a hundred people. The mentalist magician in London walks groups in a discreet way, whether at the cocktail or at the meal. He will be able to blend into the crowd without making any noise while entertaining you. In this sense we recommend that you use a magician close-up. It will offer magic tricks without noise but nevertheless spectacular. The illusionist will interact with them without disturbing your program!

Magic is an animation that appeals to both small and large

Illusionism is a discipline that appeals to all generations. It attracts both adults and children, perhaps performing in front of an audience aged 7 to 77 years. Make sure to point out to the mentalist magician in London if your children are present among the audience. Thus it will provide turns specifically for the youngest, because you must know that their attention time is reduced. The magician will offer fun and colorful magic tricks with characters such as superheroes. On the other hand, he will book tours based on diversion of attention for adults.

It’s an original animation

The magic is widely broadcast on television but it is a little rarer to see a mentalist closely. The close-up magician will impress your guests, as the illusionist does not hesitate to borrow everyday objects such as bottles or scarves but also accessories to the guests, which are not faked. The goal, anyway, is to create a friendly and warm atmosphere so that guests remember your wedding for a long time!

It’s a personalized animation

The mentalist magician in London will take care to propose tricks of magic that we most to the universe is the theme of your wedding but also your personality. Before each wedding he meets the bride and groom and determines their desires, seeks to know what will be their honeymoon or the circumstances of the meeting. The illusionist can also levitate the bridal ring of course to give them back !


Mentalist magician in London: 5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician for a corporate party

The success of the magical and more generally broadcast programs devoted to conjuring, is a great success with the public. This phenomenon started in the 90s with the immense illusions of David Copperfield on television. The wizards are largely modernized and attract the general public through new approaches such as mentalism or iPad magic. Modern, innovative, the magic is now striking and seduces adults as well as children.

Since the beginning of mankind man has always wanted to surprise his fellow man. The first handwritten testimony about a magician was found in the text of ancient Egypt dating from around 2000 BC. It is the Westcart papyrus. This document relates the feat in which the magician cut the head of a duck and a pelican before reconstituting them. 2000 years later, the magicians offer amazing illusions that will seduce guests at your wedding as well as the guests for your corporate meal. Here are 5 good reasons to hire a magician mentalist in London for the evening of your company !

Magic is modern

For a long time the magic was confined to the appearance of rabbits in a hat. But for several years the illusions are absolutely spectacular. Now magicians know how to levitate a ring above the ground or guess a blue card number. Which lastingly mark the spirits.

It’s an animation that leaves a great memory

If you want to generate strong emotions, using a magician for your corporate event is the solution for you. The mentalist or the magician can for example reveal a wallet on fire or turn a card into a tea bag!

Corporate Magic is an opportunity to get messages across

The magic affects all generations, both young people and adults, which is why it is an excellent communication medium. It awakens in each of us our child’s soul. The mentalist magician in London can offer customized solutions to highlight your product or your company logo. It has various solutions like the magic iPad, a perfect innovative magic for example for a product launch. You can also use the services of the conjurer for a grand opening.

It’s a discreet animation

A magic trick is by definition spectacular. However, these animations that often take place a few inches from the eyes of the audience is not intrusive. The close-up wizard walks the groups in a group without disturbing the whole assembly.

Magic makes your employees dream

The mentalist magician in London often comes after a day of business or a seminar. It’s the perfect opportunity to end a day of work, making your employees dream. It is a striking and unique memory with expectations of mentalism or signed cards. What generate very positive values ​​around your company !



If we had to make an analogy between magic and cooking, we could say that there are as many types of magic as different cooking !

Indeed conjuring is an art so varied that both adults and children will find their account.

The magic on stage usually takes place in theaters and stages great shows, either with great illusions like the woman cut in half or spectacular illusions as David Copperfield knows so well.

Also note that mentalists like Derren Brown perform on stage to amaze crowds with thought readings and predictions.

On the other hand, if you want to bring a more intimate touch to your event, be it a corporate event, a wedding or a birthday, we can only advise you to use magic close-up . This discipline in its own right in the field of illusion comes from the United States.

Let’s take a closer look at this particular genre in the field of magic. It is subdivided into different subgenres:

The six forms of close-up

Close-up magic comes in six different forms:

The table top close-up

It takes place at a corporate dinner, a corporate party or in a restaurant. The magician, who is a member of Magic Circle, presents his tricks while the audience sits at the table and repeats his illusions at different tables.

The ambulatory close-up

It normally takes place during a cocktail party. This is an opportunity for the illusionist to present his magic tricks to small groups, most often with standing barges. And the magician repeated his group tour as a group at the rally or event in which he intervenes. The magician sometimes has the opportunity sometimes to perform a few laps on a table or to address the entire audience for a more formal show.

The formal close-up

This is a complete show of 20 minutes to an hour and a half. The latter takes place in a specific room and is aimed at the entire audience. The audience can be seated on the stands.

The informal close-up

The latter is presented for a small group and in a commercial situation. Spontaneity is in order.

The close-up for special occasions, trade events and trade shows

The magician is brought to intervene in a professional setting such as a showroom, a trade show, a roadshow, or even a reception area or even an advertisement intended to broadcast on television. The illusionist works at the service of the company to highlight its latest creations, the message to pass or the logo, especially, comes from the magic iPad.

The close-up on television

Popularized by magicians like Paul Daniels, David Blaine and Dynamo, the magician presents his creations to the greatest number and to the television viewers behind their screen. This approach requires proper language and attention because camera angles do not make the conjurer’s job easier.

Are you looking for a close-up mentalist magician in London for your event? Contact the illusionist at