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Mentalism show in London for a corporate event

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Benefit this Monday in London for a banking company. For an hour I am directed at the request of leaders a show of mentalism. On the program : reading thoughts, predictions and mental calculation operations.

To reinforce the impact of my routines I rely on small details that make the difference or complete effects, based on clever concepts.

Mentalism for corporate

As a former journalist, the mentalism that I practice relies heavily on the turn of precise sentences, a double language and linguistic or cultural particularities. I also use a certain name of psychological forcing. The popularity, the predictable response frequency given by the viewer are related to his native language and culture.

However, these tools should be handled with care, as items such as the most frequently named cards or the most popular colors may vary slightly from country to country. This approach is a basis of work that I adjust with experience, my audience, its language and culture. We must distinguish magic from mentalism. No because the viewer sees a cabbage magic is art.

Momentary deception. We know that the woman is not cut in half, that at the end of the show becomes a mother again. At the bottom of us we know that we are looking at an illusion.

Which is not the case when we go to see a show of mentalism, because sometimes we go back to ask if we have seen a show or a science class.

Theodore Annemann said about mentalism that this is a more adult phase of magic and mystery. In this sense, mentalism is what comes closest to the true magic of true thought reading. A good mentalist is using every opportunity to improve his presentation. During this corporate evening, I did the square test. I asked a public number that I did not know a strange question, to choose a form. The person had chosen the square. I invited him to teach them the paper under his chair to reveal my prediction.

If you’re looking for a mentalist in London for a show, just send an email to


Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

New wedding Saturday in London. Amy and Ben got married in the English capital. A ceremony in two stages: at the church and then at a reception, with their friends in a restaurant. It was in this context that they wished to appeal to a mentalist magician in London.

I started my service with a personalized trick for the young couple, referring to their honeymoon. An experiment of mentalism, punctuated by an improbable prediction and coincidence.

Love Fusion

I realized a great classic: love fusion. I took the couple as participants I made them choose and sign a card in the first person. This card was lost then in the card game. Then I did either choose a second card to the bride. I asked to sign it too and write a sweet word on it for her new husband. This card was in turn lost in the game. I then showed one of the spectacular cards in the game and show that it was right next to the second card chosen. The lovers found each other.

As a mentalist magician in London, I took out both cards of the game, and showed both sides, then asked the two lovers to hold them tight against each other back to back between their fingers. The two cards then merged to form only one. I would have left it then this proof of the absolute fusion. Once again I put a lot of emphasis on the presentation and creation of a light and fun atmosphere that allowed me to communicate my personality and interact with the audience in a charming and friendly way.

My French accent has allowed me to accentuate my seduction with female members, it’s something that makes everyone comfortable – because I do not take myself too seriously. If you too are looking for a mentalist magician in London to host your wedding, a member of the Magic Circle, you can contact me by email at


Wedding Magician Mentalist London

Wedding Magician Mentalist London

Wedding Magician Mentalist London

It is rare for couples to get married on a Friday. Except that the wedding period has begun, and that the reception halls are being stormed. Faced with this success, young couples are forced to show flexibility and find alternatives. So the couple Liam and Abbie had gathered all their friends on a Friday in a chic restaurant in the center of the English capital. A great way to gather all their loved ones, in a very nice place: Whole Venue. St Bart’s Brewery is available for full exclusive hire. The couple have benefit from use of the main bar area, lounge, upper level mezzanine and the Balfour Bar with it’s additional bar space.

This unique venue will bring you industrial chic teamed with first class service, great food, wine and an extensive list of local beers.

It is therefore in this very pleasant establishment that the young couple had to decide to bring in a mentalist magician in London. Their goal: to entertain and entertain their guests with close-up magic tricks. As a conjurer, I had met Liam and Abbie three months before their union to get to know them and prepare them personalized magic tricks. A real interaction with the guests, with rounds of coins, cards, but also pens and banknotes. The guests are often used to seeing an illusionist on television, less closely.

Close-up magic and mentalism for a wedding

Therefore, the relationship is different and the interactivity of bet ! Member of Magic Castle in Hollywood and Magic Circle, I took time to get acquainted with the hundreds of people present. Some children followed me because they were very intrigued! Far from confining myself to magic tricks using manipulation, I proposed at the luncheon experiences of mentalism. A full-fledged discipline in the field of illusionism, which consists in making believe in impressive abilities of readings of thoughts and prediction.

I thus guessed the serial number of banknotes of several guests, but also their phone number, the name of their pet and their favorite perfume; The guests were impressed that I can guess at so much personal information known to them alone !

Mentalist in London, I also proposed great classics in terms of mentalism, including the book test and the magic square. If you also want to bring a poetic touch to your wedding, send a quote request by email to !


iPad magician in London for a motor show

iPad magician in London for a motor show

iPad magician in London for a motor show

The city of London hosted this Tuesday and for three days a motor show. An event gathering the most beautiful models of cars. Difficult in this context to differentiate in the competition. To stand out, a famous car brand had therefore recruited a mentalist magician to propose on its stand animations magic close up and magic iPad. Digital magic is indeed a great way to intrigue visitors to the show, while highlighting the company. This intervention had been prepared several weeks in advance with the leader of the company who had provided me with many keychains and miniature cars to customize my intervention.

IPad magician in London for a trade show

Mentalist magician in London, I was able to offer innovative solutions and offer visitors many tastes say to the effigy of the car manufacturer. This set of animation and magic trick can generate emotions, an activity, and especially very positive concepts with the brand, which remains seated more anchored in the head of the consumer.

The set allowed to stand out from the competition and thus generate an influx of visitors to the stand. These magic tricks appealed to the tablet but also to dexterity with tricks of cards with the image of the brand, as well as pure manipulation and diversion of attention.

The magic close-up is a great tool to make people laugh and enjoy, create a friendly atmosphere. As a result, the manufacturer’s sales at the show were increased by 25%!

If you are also looking for an iPad magician in London, send an email specifying the date of your event, the number of people expected to elaborate a precise estimate together:


Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician in London for a surprise party

Change of register this Tuesday. In addition to corporate events, I regularly host birthdays. It was the case again this Tuesday on Tuesday at the occasion of a surprise party organized by Kate for the 30 years of his husband Jordan.

This year was not aware of this surprise. His wife had a great idea to group together in one place, a posh restaurant in central London, his parents but also friends. What was not so surprised when he entered the establishment and discover all his relatives together !

Jordan does not have his emotion between laughter and tears.

Kate wanted to offer another surprise to her husband : the arrival of a mentalist magician in London. She had contacted me to prepare this birthday.

As a loan lover, I therefore have a very rich toolbox to customize magic tricks. So it’s done several divisions but uncle we have the name of Jordan is but also the number 30. Kate had also stipulated that Jordan was an aviation enthusiast and so I realized at the end is special alluding to the exciting world of planes, predictions to support.

Jordan did not fail to say then anise current to thank all the guests for their presence.

Close-up magic tricks

Intimate context look I had suggested to Kate to realize close-up magic tricks, more appropriate to the context. A real interaction with the guests, so I will turn banknotes into larger values ​​but also by removing rings belonging to them or guessing the serial number of their tickets.

A very natural proposition is all found towards experiences of mentalism.

But running were intrigued by predictions, reading thinking and mental calculation operations such as the magic square.

To end this evening in style, I realized as a mentalist magician in London a finale where I dramatically revealed the drawing of Jordan’s favorite star, Michael Jackson.

Whether for a birthday or a wedding or a corporate event, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address for more and more information:


Mentalist in London for a corporate event

Mentalist in London for a corporate event

Mentalist in London for a corporate event

Manipulation, diversion of attention, psychology, physiognom y: all tools used on Monday as part of an office operation in the heart of London. Mentalist magician in the English capital, I had been asked by a real estate company that inaugurated his new premises. This company builds each year more than a hundred homes in London, but also in Britain.

This company is careful to offer quality habitats, well isolated phonetically. It therefore remains very pleasant to work for this type of company which ensures to offer real estate quality. On the occasion of the inauguration of their new premises, the leader had gathered his best customers but also various trades such as painters, masons, or tilers. The opportunity to present their know-how and their particularity.

The evening began with the presentation by the boss of the balance sheet of the year 2017 and outlook for the year 2018. These are very encouraging with a rise in loan sales of 20%. This is the end of the global crisis. To support his remarks, the director decided to project on the sidelines of his speech is a small film presenting the various constructions of apartment and houses.

Mentalist for a corporate event in London

It was at the end of the projection of the film that I intervened. Indeed, the leader wanted the intervention of the mentalist in London to offer an unprecedented experience highlighting their company. Nearly five clients came on stage to participate in a mentalism experiment. Interactivity was in order! After various blends of card packs, the spectators revealed despite the random mix the first card of their package which turned out to be the name of the real estate company. A very effective way to disturb the audience.

iPad magician in London

This mentalism experience was complemented by another digital magic experiment using an iPad. A modern and innovative tool to highlight the company logo. Digital magic is a great success because it gives a modern image to a corporate party! The evening continued with a series of close-up magic tricks, more conducive to the cocktail and intimate atmosphere that reigned during this evening. If you are looking for an illusionist in London for a corporate party, a product launch or a cocktail party, simply send your quote request by email to the following address:

Mentalist magician in London, I also speak for other events such as weddings.


Magician mentalist in London for a wedding in a Castle

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding in a castle

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding in a castle

The good weather is back and it is synonymous with weddings. What a pleasure once more to animate a union under a beautiful sun and in a superb setting, a castle in the outskirts of London.

It was in this sumptuous setting that Rebecca and Wilson decided to reunite their friends and loved ones. Happy guests to celebrate their wedding. They were gathered in the garden adjoining the castle, for the reception.

In order to give a poetic tone then wedding, the young couple had decided to appeal to mentalist magician in London to distract their guests at the reception.

Nearly a hundred adults and a dozen children were gathered to taste the petits fours and glasses of champagne. In this context, I wandered groups in groups to distract the guests with magic close-up.

The tours take place only a few centimeters from the spectators who can thus benefit from illusions in a very close manner.

I have been careful enough to perform magic tricks such as cards but also to vary my effects with impromptu magic. To this end, I borrowed a number of items from the public, including pens and rings that I made disappear and reappear in unlikely places.

Mentalism at a wedding in London

After this friendly moment, I chained with mentalism experiences. On the program: divination, suggestions, reading thoughts and predictions.

As a mentalist in London, i guessed the number of blue card of several spectators but also their place of birth and the first name of their children. The guests were so amazed that they talked about it a long time after I left the couple. What a beauty to end the evening before the guests enter the dance floor. Member of the Magic Circle, I animate nearly thirty weddings each year.

You can of course contact me for any quote request by sending an email to


iPad magician in London for the launch of a travel website

iPad magician in London for the launch of a travel website

iPad magician in London for the launch of a travel website

Corporate digital magic

To offer a playful approach, to give a modern image to your company: this is the goal of digital magic. A new way to approach the art of conjuring. It is precisely this new approach that seduces societies. It allows them to attract new customers, to offer a great impact during a business seminar bringing together all employees, but also on a trade show or for a product launch. It was precisely for the launch of a travel agency that I was recruited as an iPad magician in London, for the launch of an online travel platform.

The latter is under the sign of innovation with many new and improved services. The objective is to highlight new features and in particular the implementation of a dedicated application to compare prices between the various hotels.

A new approach to travel truly unique, which also includes the consideration of specificities such as respect for local interlocutors. An authentic approach took into account the design of your opinion and the creation of a personalized division. On the occasion of this launch, many journalists gathered in London.

iPad magician in London

After a series of speeches and the screening of a short film, I was invited as an iPad magician in London to highlight the brand’s logo via digital magic.

As an iPad magician, I created a series of illusions on a tablet dedicated to the world of travel. Experience of mentalism Always in the register of tailor-made, the company asked me as a mentalist in London. A tailor-made design, made many months before this great evening !

Mentalism  interactive stage experience

I had designed a totally interactive stage experience. A dozen people present in the audience and go on stage and participated in a synchronicity experiment. The latter was once again under the sign of the trip. So who did not know each other, the ten or so spectators thought of one and the same destination. All the spectators, and the journalists present, have mentally chosen a country, Canada! An experience that has generated many applause ! IPad magician in London, but also mentalist, I propose many solutions to answer all your requests.

Do not hesitate to send an email to

We will develop innovative solutions together according to your expectations !


Mentalist magician in London for the birthday of a bank

Mentalist magician in London for the birthday of a bank

Mentalist magician in London for the birthday of a bank

An English bank organized this Tuesday a great corporate event on the occasion of its 50 years. More than a hundred employees but also privileged customers were gathered in the city center of the English capital.

In order to celebrate the event, the institution decided to hire a mentalist magician in London. The goal was to distract the audience, while marking the spirits by effects of illusionism very strong.

The service had been prepared many months in advance. So, anticipating enough upstream, I could customize several rounds, so that they decline the theme of the bank.

The leaders delivered numerous speeches, succeeding each other on the scene, in order to take stock of these 50 years of existence. The ensemble was punctuated by numerous anecdotes about the life of the company and the highlights of its history.

Unsurprisingly, this succession of speeches ended with the projection of a documentary film retracing the different stages and evolution of the bank over time.

Show on stage

After this introduction, I proposed a show on stage highlighting the values ​​of society.

Several employees were invited to go on stage to join me. Aimed at all participants, this little show was prepared beforehand with the team and more particularly Brian. The opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and especially to get messages. In particular, I had been asked to design a mentalism experiment to highlight the word bank.

Another mental computing experience was also an opportunity to value the name of the company.

This intervention was based on various techniques: psychology, physiognomy, NLP, telepathy and body language. Tools of mentalists very effective!

After this stage show, I went down to the public to continue the evening with close-up magic tricks. The program: laughter and astonishment with card tricks, but also coins, with jewels borrowed in the audience.

Once again this experience proved the relevance of having recourse to an illusionist to celebrate a company birthday.

Whether it’s a roadshow, a product launch, or more simply a corporate birthday, the mentalist magician in London will meet all your expectations. To contact him, it’s very simple, send an email to !


Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Surprise-party for a birthday

After a trade show for a luxury brand and a wedding, animate a birthday ! Alison celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. What she did not know was that her boyfriend Mark had organized a surprise party to gather all her friends. Besides, they had recruited a mentalist magician in London to give a magical side to the event.

All of the guests were gathered in a restaurant in downtown London. Alison has already had for first surprise to find all her relatives and her best friends in this wonderful setting in the city center of the English capital.

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Strong reactions

As a mentalist magician in London I arrived at the aperitif and surprised the audience by having a wallet on fire. What generate strong reactions ! A good introduction to a party under the sign of friendliness.

It’s no coincidence that Mark recruited me because Alison is a real passionate about magic. I did not miss to bring a touch of romance to the set by showing roses especially for the queen of the evening.

During the cocktail, I made card manipulations, but also tours with bottles of wine and borrowed objects.

Close-up magic is a great way to break the ice and generate laughter and strong reactions.

Then during the second part of the evening, the guests came to the table. In this context a little more intimate, I did not fail to perform experiments of mentalism. At the same time, I have noticed the interest of the general public in this discipline, a performing art consists in making believe that I am able to read the thoughts of the spectators. Readings of thoughts, predictions, mental arithmetic … so many experiences that upset the certainties of the guests!

In addition to birthdays I also offer my services for corporate parties, product launches or simply weddings. Feel free to email me at for more and more informations !