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Mentalist in London for a bank

Mentalist in London for a bank

Mentalist in London for a bank

Mentalism corporate party this Monday in London for a bank.

As a mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle, I am often asked the following question: if you have so much power, you should know in advance winners of tiercé or lotto !  I then explained that for many years I have been applying the laws of parapsychology to demonstrate all that was possible and conceivable to predict the future. To make a prediction, it is essential to have the collaboration of a suitable subject. It takes a sensitive person who is on the same wavelength a bit like twins. I then proposed to try a simple experiment, a test; by writing a number on a slate and asking the audience in the assembly to choose the first number that came to mind.

The spectators then chose the name seven and I showed the other side of the slate on which was written in large the number seven.  Then I tried an even harder experience by entrusting a lotto grid to a spectator and choosing if number between 1 and 50 that I ticked on the grid.

The exclamations were increasing !

Then I draw attention to an envelope in sight from the beginning on the stage, fixed to the slate. This envelope contained another grid that I had filled the day before.

All the numbers matched perfectly. Whenever the spectator announced a number, the spectator announced the same. The exclamations were increasing. Subsequently I proposed another series of rounds also use money. I asked a spectator for a five-pound note that I turned on their eyes in a 20-pound note.

And for showcasing the money always gets a very big success ! They exert a great fascination on the public.

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Mentalism magic performance for a wedding in downtown London

Mentalism magic performance this Saturday in downtown London for the wedding of Bill and Vanessa.

Photographic memory experiment

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

On the program: manipulations of cards, coins but also mentalism.  I thus proposed a photographic memory experiment. I was in front of a painting alone and I asked the audience to take a bank note out of their wallet and hold it in the air. I invited the spectators and wedding guests to announce the ticket number he had in hand and describe at the same time on the board. Then I asked the audience to give their initials.

I repeated the same operations with another spectator, then a third, then a fourth, until a second spectator. So I had a pretty impressive list of names on the board. I love evoked the notion of photography memory.

I stared at the board for a few seconds, as if I took a picture of it and then turned my back. I then surprised the guests by reminding them both their ticket number and their initials.  Then I reviewed all 12 guests, giving each time the ticket number and its initials.

Mentalist in London, I am convinced that the best mentalist baggage is his knowledge. There is more imagination in the mind of the human being than in all the catalogs of the stuff merchants. Then I chained with a prediction. I had enclosed the name of a country in an envelope. I then asked the grooms to freely choose on a world map a country where they would both like to travel. To reinforce the chance we used a dart, which the bride add on the map and the globe. The dart landed on Brazil.

What was then not the surprise when the guest to whom I had entrusted envelope opened the sealed object and discovered a flag with the effigy of Brazil.

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Mentalist in central London, corporate party for a major aircraft manufacturer

Performing magic in central London this Thursday for a major aircraft manufacturer. Given that the audience was mostly engineers and scientists I said decided to propose something different in this context with an experience highlighting my skills in terms of quick calculation.

Square experience

Mentalist in central London, corporate party for a major aircraft manufacturer

Mentalist in central London, corporate party for a major aircraft manufacturer

I proposed a magic square experience. Its construction of this effect has been known for a very long time, almost since ancient times. So much so that a number of cabalistic properties are attributed. Their name is quite evocative and one can attribute to them supernatural virtues.  This speech is all the more convincing as the numbers are ubiquitous in our society, on the bank note, our credit card, our date of birth, our salary.

The numbers sometimes make sense and we certainly have each of us a preferred number. Let us recall briefly the magic square principle, which consists of filling 25 bounded boxes with numbers so that all the columns, diagonals and rows ending in the same total.

A very strong effect and highly appreciated by Cartesian people, especially as for a little more complicate things the viewer imposes me this number that I do not know.

He notes it on a notebook and I am then able to quickly fill the 25 pieces of the square with numbers, to arrive at the total.  I draw a square and I divide it into 25 identical columns at the rate of five per column and 5 per row.

I continued with other fast mental computing experiments, including calculating the square, extracting the square root of a number.  If you too are interested in the magic square there is abundant literature in the field, made by mathematicians or magicians. Thus John Northern Hilliard devoted a long chapter in his book “The Prestidigitation of the Twentieth Century” published in 1960 by Editions Payot.

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Corporate Magic in London for a newspaper

Corporate Magic in London for a newspaper

Corporate Magic in London for a newspaper

Magic performance this Tuesday in London for a big newspaper. The editor had brought together journalists and influential people from the English capital. In this context, I first proposed magic tricks highlighting the logo of the newspaper, but also magic tricks on iPad to enhance the digital transition that the publication operates.

Mnemonic effect of mentalism

Then I chained with a mnemonic effect of mentalism. The mnemonic systems are indispensable to the mentalist, because they are part of his repertoire and allow me to make impressive demonstration in any circumstance.

Moreover, these experiments are an ideal resource – because they do not require any equipment to transport or device, while being a training of the mind, in its conditioning for a maximum output. This know-how is acquired for life, it is always ready to be implemented.  Everyone or almost able to use a mnemonic system because it is based on a very simple principle: learn new methods to use its natural abilities.

Fortunately not everyone is familiar with mnemonics, and as they are purely mental, it is difficult to detect their implementation.  The demonstration is still impressive.  The word mnemonics is derived from the Greek word “meaning this memory“. It is necessary to know that the mnemonic science which was already known since Antiquity because the Greeks who transmit their savoisr to the oral. Some mentalists have also developed their knowledge in this area, like Gregor von Feinaigle of Baden.

So, as a mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle, I suggested to the many people attending this evening in London to memorize words, dates and objects in the newspaper. It allowed me to play with them and to reveal the many facets of my personality. I chained learning by heart a list of 20 words in the order that the audience gave me, while performing only mental calculations. Another concrete application of the technical word system is to bluff the viewers. These have announced twenty items that I have memorized as and when in the order in which they are proposed.

I gave a list of spectators who were responsible for recording my score by checking each of the correct answers.

I finished by reciting the list of objects beginning at the end and also asking to announce an object, while being able to immediately give its position in the list. I was able to mount the demonstration with a hint of humor so as not to spoil anything.

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Close-up and mentalism for a wedding in London

Close-up and mentalism for a wedding in London

Close-up and mentalism for a wedding in London

Magic performance this Saturday for the wedding of William and Mary.  This young couple had gathered their friends in a restaurant and in this context, had wanted to bring a mentalist magician in London for their union. Illusionist for more than 20 years, I realized a series of illusions and magic tricks during the reception and meal.

The guests were very surprised to see digital magic.  I actually made the bride’s ring appear on the tablet. An apparition that provoked strong reactions.

Mentalism experience of reading of thought by muscular contact

Subsequently I chained with a mentalism experience of reading of thought by muscular contact. I asked a guest to use me as a guinea pig. While I was out of the room, I asked him to hide a coin where he wanted, provided it was in an easily accessible place and not on him. Once this operation was completed, he stood near the door and called me back. Needless to say, I did not look through the keyhole!  I then returned to the room.

So I was able to find the coin by my mentalist talents in London.  When I came back into the room, I put my left arm on the viewer with my hand flat on mine. I supported the weight of her arm and asked the guest to relax, and let the full weight of his arm. Then I took his grip with his right hand, but without squeezing it.

To succeed the experience I needed his full cooperation, the success of experience depends entirely on his desire to lead to the place where he hid the room.  All the success of the experiment is based on the ability of spectators to resist or let go. It is not a conscious movement on his part, it is the result of autosuggestion.

By experience, I was able to determine the direction of hiding the coin without having to push it to test it. For the experiment to succeed, the viewer must do what I dictate to them. Some viewers are so sensitive that I can find the object at incredible speed, while others are less cooperative. The worst are those who try to misguide me voluntarily.

Then after this mentalism experience, I continued with a series of close-up magic tricks. If you too are looking for a mentalist magician for your wedding in London, do not hesitate to contact me at the following

As far as I am member of the Magic Circle, club of prestigious magic based in the English capital.



Corporate Magic for a company specialized in luxury pens

Corporate party this Thursday in London for a company specialized in luxury pens.

I started my performance with digital magic, showing the latest model of the brand from the tablet. This provoked very important reactions among employees, very surprised to see their products valued.

An amazing coincidence experience

Then I continued with a mentalism experience. Since the beginning of the evening a mysterious box was placed on a table. It contained a deck of cards. I asked two spectators to join me on stage.

The spectator then took the card game in hand and unfastened the cards one by one, until the spectator told him to stop. The card corresponding to the moment he said “stop” was the eight of spades.

I then asked the spectator to imagine in her head a large transparent ball, a bit like the lottery draw.

The spectator mixed the balls in her head and when the spectator told her “stop”, she revealed the number she had in mind, that is to say the 22.

The spectator then took a black pouch in the trunk, which contained a package. She counted exactly 22 cards, the 22nd card was the eight of spades thought by the spectator. An amazing coincidence experience!

This effect is well known in magic and is called the “card number”. It’s about finding a thought or chosen map in a specific location.

Various methods are used but I wanted to add in this case a touch of mystery, with a chest as we find them in pirate movies. My experience involves more spectators.

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Corporate Magic for a furniture company.

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Show of magic and mentalism this Thursday in London for a furniture company.

A deck of cards were mixed and I want a spectator to pick a card from the red deck and lose it from the blacks. Then the summer cartons equalize and I took a piece of paper by performing some math calculations to determine the position of the map. The viewer has indeed count until the 15th card that turned out to be his.

Mentalism experiences

Can I go around the princess ? I took some cards out of the game: weary of spades, that of tiles, that of heart, and the eight of hearts. I have fan and it’s four cards and ask a spectator to choose one mentally Can I perform the tour of the princess. I removed from the game four cards: weary of spades, that of tiles, that of heart, and the eight of heart. I have fan and his four cards and ask a spectator to pick one mentally.

Then I handed four cards is invited to mix them before making them equalize in a small stack face down.  I asked to respect someone’s time if he had thought and while recapping what had happened so far, I put the four cards in a handkerchief.  Light it was natural and the hands were always shown empty at the important moment.

The spectator staring at the handkerchief, to discover that it contained only three cards, the one they had thought was no longer in the package !

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Mentalist in London for a big bookstore

Mentalist in London for a big bookstore

Mentalist in London for a big bookstore

Magic show in London this Wednesday for a big bookstore. Naturally I proposed several experiences of mentalism with books.  As a mentalist, I borrowed a deck of cards that I mixed. A spectator said stop during the mixing and I showed him the map on which he had stopped. As soon as the viewer saw his card, he memorized it and mixed it up before handing the game back to the employee.

Experiences of mentalism with books

The latter distributed the cards one had one to, in a row facing down on the table. When he distributed these 7 cards, I told him that it would do the trick. Then I gave him a pencil and turned his back on the whole assembly. The spectator tapped the cards successively with the tip of the pencil, starting at either end of the row, and giving two or three little hits on this card. I then asked her why and patted on one of the cards and asked to put her pencil precisely on this card, to distinguish it.

Returning to them, I first eliminated the cards on both sides of his, and finally asked him to identify the card he had been thinking about. It turns out that it was the one on which he had put his pencil. I continued with another experience of mental isthmus with a large chart, five cards bearing the symbols ESP, a white chalk and a table on which the table was laid during the course of the experiment.

Spectators joined me on stage. The first person held the painting, placed on a bridge table, so that the public saw only the profile. He held the painting close man so that one could write simultaneously on both sides. Then I took drawing because this symbol that I show them to the public as being all different, before handing them to the second spectator with a stick of chalk. The viewer stood next to the board while I placed myself on the other.

So the audience could see us both at the same time. I asked the audience to choose one of the five neighborhoods, to draw the symbol represented in the middle of the table. Then he took another and draw this new symbol above the first one. He is continued the operation by drawing the third and fourth symbol.

When he arrived at the last, I knew the symbol before he even reproduced it. I was able to reveal the five symbols, geometric figures of extreme complexity. If you also want to offer mentalism experiences in London, astonish your employees at a corporate event, do not hesitate to send an email to and I will answer you in less than 24 hours.


Mentalist in London for a company specializing in the world of baby

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Magic and mentalism this Tuesday in London, for a company specializing in the world of baby. About a hundred employees gathered in the seminar.

To wrap up this day, I proposed mentalism and thought-reading experiences.  So the viewer had a card game in hand. He was thinking of one of these cards from a multiple choice of 52 different values. He therefore thought of any of these cards. I then focused on the subject, as if I was counting the neurons of his brain.

I then removed a card and only one of the game, which I held at the end of my raised hand. The rest of the game was on the table, so there was no cheating possible.

I then asked employees for the first time to reveal the card he was thinking about.  When the viewer announced the name of the card, the two of the heart, I returned the one I had in front of him and it was good on his. I then chained with another tour, a mentalism experience with a slate, involving two spectators.

Thought-reading experiences

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

The first thought of a geometric figure the other has a color. The figure was drawn on a slate in the chosen color, then shown to the public, but not to me. Once this operation was completed, a sponge was placed on the slate, the spectators were asked to check that there was no trace of the drawing. I wore a blindfold and the slate was handed to me. I then reconstructed the drawing that was done on the slate, just passing the end of my fingers on it, to try to detect the traces of the original drawing, its shape and its color. Finally, I named the drawing that had been done.

Mentalist magician in London, I propose many other experiences of mentalism to animate your evenings of companies, your seminars and launches of products.

Feel free to send an email to to request a free quote !  Note that I also intervene for individuals and especially for weddings.


Magician mentalist in London for an office automation company

Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

Magic and mentalism on Thursday in London for an office automation company. I realized a mentalism experience in this context. In particular, I took out a small pack of cards explaining that it was used during the psychology test or during some work seminar, in order to develop particular hidden skills. I then have the faces of the cards, which are either completely red or completely black.

To scramble the tracks, the employee shuffled the cards before handing them back to me. I then held the cards holding my eyes closed and positioning my open apple close to the end of the pack. So no one could see the colors of the face card.

By actively concentrating I announced the color card, which turned out to be a red card. Even though I could not see, I completely guessed the right color of the card. Faced with this success, I did not intend to stop in such a good way, and I started the experiment of mentalism with some other cards.  Here again I guessed the color of the following cards. To enhance the effect and make the experience more difficult, I gave the remaining cards to mix. This has made my task considerably more difficult.

Experience of mentalism

As a mentalist magician in London, I asked the audience to hold the cards on the table. Holding my palm on the table, just above the place where the cards were, I announced one by one the colors of the cards from the front. Employees were impressed by this experience of mentalism, especially since the conditions were particularly difficult!  I finished the experiment with remaining cards and I managed to correctly guess the color of each card. I find this experience really interesting and captivating. It allows me to approach as subject the five senses. It is a secret exercise often practiced in certain working groups in order to concretely show the power of intuition.

With this experience of mentalism, I was able to demonstrate that there were some hidden meanings.  In addition to corporate events, I also present many experiences of mentalism in the context of weddings. Do not hesitate to contact me for any quote request :