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Magician mentalist London for a wedding in downtown London

Magician mentalist London for a wedding in downtown London

Magician mentalist London for a wedding in downtown London

This Saturday Barbara and Ben got married in downtown London.  In order to bring some poetry to this evening they asked me to intervene as a mental magician in London.

Mental challenge

I began my performance at the reception with a series of close-up magic tricks, close magic for the greatest number. I thus made disappear and reappear rings borrowed from the spectators.  Then during the meal I proposed several experiences of mentalism. I then presented a mental challenge, which was realized in an impromptu way, and which can be assimilated to an authentic reading of thought. I did write the name of a star on a piece of paper, and a date related to the star on a paper. I then took a blank note, writing something on it, which later turned out to be the date written by the viewers. The ticket bearing the name of the star being passed against my forehead, and I revealed a letter by letter the name of the star, David Beckham.

Subsequently, I distributed three pieces of paper on which the spectators wrote the names of three living persons and one deceased person. The bills were folded in four with the nuts inside. I took the notes, tore them up, and put them in an ashtray, separately. Each time, I burned papers with a match held on each separate pile. Suddenly, while burning the third battery, I announced it was the name of the deceased who was burning now. I even revealed that name. The fourth person in torn containing the name of the living remained on the table.

Magic Square

Mentalist in London, I also realized a trick with figures, the magic square. Then a thought reading. I used five or six blank cards and a small envelope. Four spectators have written their favorite food and the fifth a food he hates. The cards were collected by the participants and mixed.  The pronouns, write down, I mix them up a bit too and then place the deck of cards in the envelope. Then I put the envelope against my forehead and slowly revealed the name of the dish hated by the viewer. The pieces of paper were placed in front of the table. I passed, and found the one that bore the name of the food hate. I also guessed the name of the favorite dishes of the other spectators.

Of French origin, member of the Magic Circle, I took great pleasure to realize this tour on the theme of gastronomy.  If you are also looking for a mentalist magician in London for a wedding but also for a corporate event, just ask:



Corporate Events for a shop selling sneakers

Magician Mentalist London : magic cube

Magician Mentalist London : magic cube

A shop selling sneakers recruited me this Friday to host their business night in downtown London just outside Big Ben.

Experience of mentalism with bodice needle

Member of the Magic Circle, I proposed in this context a mentalism experience.  I passed some small squares of paper through the assembly. Meanwhile, I borrowed a bodice needle from a lady present. I then asked the person holding the pieces of paper to pick one and write a short question on it.

This person then crumpled the piece of paper into a small dumpling which I had “lashed” on the needle. Once the pellet isolated this way, he was given to hold a member of the public until the end of the experiment.  I am then shown a small notebook on which I scribbled one or two answers to the question asked using automatic writing. After careful reflection, I interpreted this scribble by giving an elaborate answer to the question asked. The dumpling was removed from the needle, open, to check that I had given the correct answer.

Then I invited a spectator into the clairvoyance room of the medium. The spectator sits behind a table. I then asked the viewer to write an important question on a business card.  Then I took out a crystal ball. I plunged my gaze into the realm of mysteries, shaking my head, and then asking the consultants to throw their card, hidden writing, into an empty box. The box was closed, remained in full view of the viewer.

Then, without opening the desk drawer to access the spirits, without making any suspicious or irrelevant gesture, I began to answer questions, one after the other.

After answering everyone, I opened the box, looked for the business card and handed it to the amazed consultants.  At this point in the experience, the viewer is out of the room.

He who was initially skeptical was absolutely amazed by this experience!  Corporate evening, cocktails, but also weddings : the opportunities do not fail to appeal to a mentalist magician ! Request a free quotation from


Corporate magic and mentalism for a famous make-up brand



Corporate magic and mentalism for a famous make-up brand

Corporate magic and mentalism for a famous make-up brand

Corporate magic and mentalism today in downtown London for employees of a famous make-up brand.

Member of the Magic Circle, mentalist in London, I proposed several experiences of mentalism to employees, including this one …

I used three tickets. Their format was about 6 by 9 cm.  I announced that I was going to write a prophecy about what someone will think in the near future. I took one of the papers and wrote a prediction in three words.  The prophecy was laid on the table. I said I was certain of what was going to happen.

The second unfolded paper was given to the viewer. I asked them to write anything their any number between a 99 and the name of any city in the world.  The spectator took up his paper, and I took his ticket.

I gave it immediately to sign another spectator, and this person in turn returned to the first participant, the one who filled the information, who kept the paper in full view, n over his head .  I then recapitulated the facts : I announced that I was going to try a prophetic experience and try to pierce the veil that covers the vision of the future. I pointed out that only a few minutes had passed. I wrote in black and white what I felt the viewer was going to write.

While folding the ticket, I went to another person located a few distances. This person got up and I told him the prophecy. The first spectator always has a piece of paper, his own.

The last person approached holds my prophecy in his fist. From the point of view of the public the procedure is direct and clear.

So I took the papers from the hands of the first person, my hand was empty. I said aloud the contents of the paper. And I turned to the viewer and asked him if it was possible to predict what he was going to write.

Finally, I asked the third person to read, the prophecy, a prediction that turned out to be totally accurate in relation to what wrote the first viewer.

If you too are not too much of a business and want to give your employees a great time, contact the mentalist magician in London at:



Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magic this Saturday in London for a wedding. I alternated experiences of mentalism and close-up magic.  Nathalie and Kevin had gathered their guests in central London to celebrate their union.

Experience of mentalism with a piano

A member of the Magic Circle, I spoke on the phone with them to better prepare this service and offer personalized magic tricks around the passion and interests. I booked a surprise Nathalie, who is a professional pianist.  On the stage was installed a grand piano. On the piano stool sits the pianist telepath, my partner, able to play excerpts from a number of pieces of music. I went down to the public with a big slate, and I asked various spectators to whisper in the ear the name of a composer, preferably someone known.

No sooner had they pronounced the name of the composer than the pianist began to play a piece composed by this musician. Meanwhile, I quickly wrote the name of the composer on my slate.

After a few bars, the pianist stopped and showed the slate to all the audience. Most of the audience recognized the piece playing the piano and identified the composer. Seeing the name on the slate, they wondered how the pianist could find the name of Mozart. The same experience was repeated with a dozen composers.  Then I borrowed a deck of cards that I had mixed. When I picked it up, I spread it out in a long ribbon way on the table, making sure that the indexes all cases were clearly visible in the sprawl. I explained with a little practice, it is possible to learn by heart on all the cards of the game, so as to know the position of each of the 52 cards that compose it.

I said that when I was in shape, it took me less than 15 seconds to memorize the game by heart, so as to know the position of each of the 52 cards that compose it. Joining the gesture to the word, I then passed my index to the edge of the sprawl and progressively. That done, I collected the cards, returned, and asked a spectator to name a number between one and two.

When I heard numbers, I thought a little and then announced the identity of the card occupied at this position in the game.  It was the 34th. I love to say that it was the lady at heart who was in that position.

We checked by counting up to the 34th card from the top I returned the card as it was actually the lady of the heart. Other viewers may name other numbers.

Mentalist magician in London, I am at your disposal for any quote, if you also want to appeal to an illusionist to animate your wedding in the English capital !

Simply send an email to the following address:


Corporate mentalism in London for a bicycle manufacturer


Corporate mentalism in London for a bicycle manufacturer

Corporate mentalism in London for a bicycle manufacturer

Corporate mentalism this Thursday in London for a bicycle manufacturer. The latter had gathered his best customers in the London capital. Member of the Magic Circle, mentalist in London, I proposed in this framework several experiences of mentalism.

It is a word divination in a book presented as a prediction. These books are presented and the spectator chooses one.

The lady he chooses pulls out a page and gives it another viewer. The latter determines a word that he emphasizes. For good measure, he also writes this word across the page, and the lady writes his name on the cover of the book. While all these operations take place, one can see a tape recorder, isolated on a table, at best the stage.

Prediction with a tape recorder

I then explained that I was going to turn on the tape recorder and that they would hear something that would surprise them. But before that, a person chose a card among thirty that I proposed to him, and on each of them was written a piece of famous music.

This is the song Let it be the Beatles titles that was chosen. I then removed the tape recorder cover, turned it on, and walked away. We then heard clearly the famous piece Let it be Beatles.

The audience then confirmed that this is the piece that appeared on the map. No sooner had he had the time to answer in the affirmative than the music dropped, to leave room for a voice that said to you this: “No, but you have heard! Ask him if it’s good music! As if to happen to deceive me! Can you put yourself aside so that I see the audience ?” I then walked away.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen ! You listen to the only tape recorder thinking. I will start with the book. Madam, yes ma’am, I am speaking to you … You have chosen a book among six, have not you? I’m sorry I did not hear your answer. Yes ? Very good. Well, you asked to take the first one that you would like, but you’ve changed your mind a few times! Rest assured, it does not matter. You made the right decision by choosing how to become a pickpocket, is that it? The spectator confirmed. I hope this book will teach you useful things. As for you sir, you have received a page. I would like you to think about the number of this page. Look at me and hold the page in front of you. I do not see much of where I was and you’re far enough away … I think you’re on page 23 of “How to become a pickpocket”, is that correct? The spectator confirmed it. And of all the pages printed on this page, you have highlighted one, the word “astronaut”, that’s it? Well, I do not seem to have forgotten anything. Ladies and gentlemen, before leaving you, I would like to ask you to applaud my assistant, Madam – by the way, do you call yourself Mrs Bertrand? And Monsieur Nicolas is fine now is not it?”

This is what you hear the viewer.

These are some of the experiences I proposed during the evening.

You can also recruit me for a show of magic and mentalism for your evening in London !

Simply send your request to the following address:  As a close-up man, I also speak for birthdays and weddings !


Corporate Magic in London for famous telephone operator

Corporate Magic this Monday in London for a company, a famous telephone operator !

Mentalism with magazines


Corporate Magic in London for a famous operator

Corporate Magic in London for a famous telephone operator

Mentalist in London and a member of the Magic Circle, I proposed an experience with magazines.  So I took six publications and put it in a pile on the table. I asked that the spectators come to join me to make the mental experiment. He had to follow my instructions with a lot of attention. I explained to them that on the table there were various magazines and that they could choose one. He set aside in such a way that I could not see what he was going to do. While speaking, and I took the magazines in hand and I spread them in fan to show the various covers.

The public was able to see that all these magazines were different. When the viewer made his choice and he moved away from me, I also took a magazine that remained on the table, and I spoke to him. I asked him to think of a number and open the magazine on the corresponding page.

When he found the right page, I asked him to read a first name on this page, the title for example. I also told him that if there was an illustration on the page he had to remember it, just like the last word on the page.  I put my magazine on the table and then a slate. I asked the audience not to forget this information, to memorize it, to close the magazine but to keep a finger on the page that he had chosen, possibly to check a detail. I asked him to send me this information mentally, to visualize it as if it were projected on a movie screen. I then made a sketch on my slate.  I told them that I had captured the impression of this form, which resembled the design of a tree.

I showed them on the basis of the elements I was talking about. Then, after having communicated a detail to make spectators understand that I was on the right track, I asked him what represented the illustration he had seen. When he said it was a photo of Madison Square Garden, all the audience understood that I was right.  To continue the experience I concentrated on the title and asked the audience to visualize it mentally.  I wrote words on the slate and showed what I had written on it. This was indeed the effect of the title chosen.

Finally I asked the audience to check the last two words on the page, to focus on fragmentation, nothing more. I wrote something on my slate and I gave it to the viewer, asking him first what word he had thought: car.  The spectator returned the slate, and the public could see this same word “CAR” written on the whole width in large letters.

Do you want to distract your employees or your customers during a business event ? Remember to recruit a mentalist magician in London ! The latter will surprise your guests with predictions and readings of thoughts. Request a quote for free at:



Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

New wedding this Saturday in London. The couple Barbara and Stephan joined two steps away from Big Ben, in a sublime church.  They had gathered their guests in a very nice restaurant. In order to bring a little conviviality to their evening, he wanted to use the services of a mentalist magician in London. They found my details on the Magic Circle‘s official website, “Find a magician”.  During this evening, I proposed impossible effects, using manipulation and mentalism experiences.

Mentalism with a pendant

So I proposed the following experience: a beautiful crystal pendant was placed on the table, a beautiful object that I showed to the audience. These are pendants hanging on a chain that can be opened, then where you can put a piece of paper. Remember that most pendants are designed to hold a photograph.  Then I tore a first sheet in notebook measuring 8 cm by 12.

After torn off this sheet, I took a pair of scissors and cut the sheet along five lines thus forming six strips of paper.  These six tips were given to six people and each one was invited to write the name of a friend. The name was to fill the entire space of the three divisions.  I had to explain to them the reason for such an approach later. I looked away while spectators were running.

Still without looking at them, I asked everyone to take the scissors and cut their strip into three pieces along the two vertical lines. Once this operation carried out, I asked them to put all their pieces together, their writings being not visible, and to mix them. Once all these operations were done, I turned back to them.

I then took the pendant and spoke of the virtues of the pendulum to determine, for example the sex of the people. I use the pendulum of the pendulum to show that it is silent to indicate a male, is in a straight line to indicate a female. I stood 5 cm above 18 pieces of paper littering the table, until they produced a reaction: the pendant began to oscillate in a straight line over a particular piece.  I picked up this piece, folded it without looking at what was written, and I put it in the pendant explaining that thanks to this first piece, the pendant could now find two other pieces of which it is the complement.  I then ironed the pendant over the pieces on the table until it oscillated again in the same way over one piece and then into the other.

That done, I put the third piece back in the pendant and added it to the other two, to form a complete paper tape, but so that what is written on it is still not visible. I spent the pendant above two pieces, he reacted immediately, proving that the name was written by a woman. All the ladies who had participated in the experiment were asked to raise their hands, and I passed the clock over the palm of the hand, in turn.

The clock oscillated over one of the hands, and I asked the audience in question if she had written the name of a friend on her piece of paper, which she confirmed.  This same spectator spread the three pieces of paper on the table, and we realized that the pendant did indeed contain the others, identical pieces that form the band on which is written the name of a friend.

Mentalist magician in London, I have many weddings all year long in England but also in France, Paris Lyon or Geneva. Do you want to appeal to an illusionist for your wedding? Just send an email to the following address:



Magic and mentalism for a wedding in London

Magic and mentalism for a wedding in London

Magic and mentalism for a wedding in London

Magic and mentalism this Saturday for a wedding in London.  Bill and Stephanie are united in the English capital. This is a lovely couple, he is English and she is French.

They met in London and since then they have never left.  They had gathered this Saturday their best friends and loved ones for a friendly evening. In order to create a poetic atmosphere, he recruited me as a mentalist magician in London.  This setting, I proposed a mentalism experience at the restaurant where I exercised my mentalist magician skills in London.

Member of the Magic Circle, I presented a tour at the bar, while guests enjoy excellent cocktails. I blindfolded myself with a handkerchief and asked the bartender to take a bank note from his pocket and crumple it into a ball, then give it to me. I took it and held it on my forehead before returning it immediately. Always blindfolded, I put my hand in my pocket and I removed a business card and a pencil. I wrote three numbers on the business card. I took off my coat and asked the bartender to straighten the ticket and read the last three digits of his serial number. When he did, I gave him a card so that he could verify that these were the three numbers I had written.

Subsequently I chained with another experience of mentalism. A small black cassette was placed on a table, it contained a sum of money. A spectator was invited to participate in the experiment. I had a blindfold and stood about 3 meters from the tape. The viewer turned the tapes and we took out as much money as he wanted. In other words, he could take all of the money that it contained or nothing.

Then he closed the cassette and he came back to me. Without ever approaching the spectator’s cassette and without asking any questions, I announced not only at that moment the sum he had taken in the cassette, but also the exact dates appearing on the plays they had taken. .

The effect is so incredible that the audience thought I had an accomplice in the room. Which was clearly not the case!  Finally, I did close-up magic tricks while walking around in groups, including levitating the bride’s ring.

If you are looking for a mentalist magician in London for your wedding or corporate party, send an email to the following address:



Mentalist in London for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee

Mentalist in London for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee

Mentalist in London for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee

Mentalist in London, I was recruited this Tuesday for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee, which is diversified by launching a new product: tea capsules, whose aroma is reinforced by a new exclusive and highly technological system.  The service took place close to Big Ben in a very nice restaurant.

In this context I proposed an experience of mentalisms.

I mixed a deck of cards before handing him a spectator who was invited to hand out twenty in two rows of 10 cards each. The cards were distributed on the table, facing down. I then evoked the art of cartomancy, as practiced by the gypsy. I also explained that one of my gypsy friends made a prediction about an event that would happen that night. A black haired man will choose a card from among those he has distributed, and this card will be in the envelope, I have shown and placed on the table.

The spectator therefore chose a card and put it in his pocket, without however knowing it. Once this operation completed, I opened the envelope and read the prophecy of my gypsy friend: “the man with the black hair will choose a red card bearing the number 7 which is the number that governs his destiny. The family of the card says he must expect a cash flow in the week, it’s a heart. His card and so the 7 of heart.

I showed the map on which this prediction is written in front of the audience and then ask the spectators to take the card he put out of his pocket and show it to the public for the first time, while announcing his identity to aloud. He showed it and indeed it was the 7th of heart. The game was then examined.  I then followed with another effect of quick mentalism that allowed me to finish my performance on a light note.

Mentalism: the joker

Mentalist magician in London, member of the Magic Circle, I had a card chosen by a spectator, in this case the 7 of spades. The viewer has read about it so I have to mix the game in question. I took the game and looked for the joker, while telling the audience that the joker sees everything, knows everything and says everything. When I found the joker, I held it close to my ear and listen to what he said: “He tells me you have 7 spades!”

While waving the joker in front of the viewer. I asked him if it was true. The viewer confirmed with a smile.  If you are a company in London and you are looking for an original and spectacular animation for a corporate party, do not hesitate to call my mentalist magician services in the English capital by sending your quote request to the following address :


Corporate party in London for a major brand of cosmetics

Corporate Magic on Monday in London in a department store, for a party privatized for a major brand of cosmetics.  In the middle of the stage is a painting placed on an easel, back to the public.

A spectator goes on stage to help me. As a mentalist magician in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I invited them to pass in front of the board and follow my instructions. I took a deck of cards, which I mixed, then I put it face down on a tray and I invited the spectator to take any card of his choice. The viewer then concentrates on his card trying to send his image to the viewer placed in front of the board.

I then asked the second spectator to draw the image of a playing card on the board. Once this operation was completed, I asked the spectators who chose the card to announce the identity of the card and to show it to the public as a whole. It was the 7 of spades. I then turned the picture in front of the public: the spectator who drew the chosen card!  Then I chained with a second effect: a card game was mixed before distributing on the table so as to form a large square.

I wrote, as a mentalist in London, a prediction on a small piece of paper with which I made a ball that I entrusted a spectator. The latter placed the dumpling on any card of his choice. Once this operation performed the chosen card was returned way, and the piece of paper unfolded: the viewer read the name of the card he had just returned. Note that all cards were different and the game was distributed.

Page, line and position

Mentalist magician in London, I finally proposed a last experience of mentalism. I gave a sheet to the spectators, on which was written three words: page, line and position. I asked the audience to imagine that he had a book in his hand and that he opened a page of some kind. I gave him a pencil to write the number of the page where the book was opened next to the page. Then the viewer was asked to imagine that he would run up and down the lines that make up the page, while counting them, and stop how he looked. He recorded the number of the line on which he stopped himself by the word line. Finally he counted up to one word in this line, and filled in the heading heading.  Recall that for this phase we simply solicited the imagination of the viewer. While the latter was busy I handed another book a second viewer, telling him to wait.

When the first spectator finished, I took the sheet on which he wrote down the three numbers and gave it to the spectators who had the book in his possession. The latter opened the book on the page named by the first viewer, counted to the indicated line and found the word corresponding to the given position. The second spectator announced this word aloud.

I returned a large slate that remained in view during the entire experience. And to the astonishment of everyone, the word that the spectator had just announced, namely car, was written in large letters on the slate!  If you are also looking for a mentalist magician in London for a business night, ask for your quote at