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Mentalist in London for a rental car company


Mentalist in London for a transport company

Mentalist in London for a transport company

Corporate magic this Friday in London for a rental car company.  A mentalist magician in London, I proposed a mix between iPad magic and mentalism, as the customer wanted.  Here is an example of a performance that I realized during this evening.

Mentalism experience :  Wolf

As mentalist in London, I invited a committee of volunteers onto the stage, where they proceed to cover his eyes with gauze, tape, and finally, a blindfold. They then lead him to a chair which he sits
in, with his back to the audience. Before the committee is dismissed, they are asked to silently choose among themselves one individual to stay on the stage, with the others returning to their seats.

The spectator who remains is then asked to take a deck of playing cards left on the floor of
the stage, and open and examine the packet. Once they are satisfied that the cards are above board, they are then asked to take the deck in their hands, and throw them in the air, attempt- ing to catch a single card as it falls. They do so, and they show the card to the crowd. I asked whether the spectator would like to trade their card with one of those on the floor around them. Regardless of whether a change takes place or not, the Mentalist correctly divines the playing card chosen and shown to the audience. The spectator is then asked to leave the stage and proceed to any row in the audience, and, once there, to just stand in the aisle next
to it. I  then announces the makeup of the row: male, female (Dazzling necklace!), female, male (Nice tie – LOVE the color green on you!), male, male, small child (presumed male), female, empty seat (YOURS, I think!), female, male.

I then asks the spectator standing in the aisle to point to another audience mem- ber, who is asked to stand. The Mentalist then describes them exactly along with a reading of their personality. They are asked to remain standing, and to point to another member of the audience, who is asked to stand and point to a third audience member. These three are asked to reach into their pockets and take out something that may be there and to hold it high above their heads for everyone to see. The Mentalist then proceeds to reveal what each person is holding.

Finally, all are asked to sit down with the exception of one, who is chosen by the committee
by playing rock, paper, scissors or some other random means of selection. The lone spectator who remains standing is asked to point to a final audience member and then sit down. The person pointed to is asked not to identify themselves by speaking in any way, and to proceed to a whiteboard on the stage, where they are asked to either draw a picture, or to write any word they would like. After they do so, the spectator is asked to erase what they have just done and to try again. I asked for complete silence, and then listens closely to the sound of the marker on the whiteboard. After a brief pause, the Mentalist reveals what was just written or drawn on the chalkboard, what color marker was used, gives a description of the spectator, and hesitantly but accurately also describes the first word or drawing that they spectator wrote on the whiteboard.

Whether it’s a corporate party, a product launch, or a wedding, I can adapt to all your requests! Member of Magic Circle London and Magic Castle in Hollywood, I will be happy to answer all your questions.  Contact me by email for a very precise quote:


Magician mentalist in London for a wedding at Skylon restaurant

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding at Skylon restaurant

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding at Skylon restaurant

Magic for a wedding this Saturday in London.  Laurie and Franck have joined forces at Skylon Restaurant. Mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle, I was asked by this young couple to animate their evening.  I made sure to maintain a good balance between turns using dexterity and diversion of attention, and then mentalism.

Telepathy experiment with a phone

Mentalism uses various techniques such as neurolinguistic programming, influence or precognition. It allows to offer to the audience a different approach and assistance to live new experiences. I thus proposed to the guests to realize a telepathy experiment. To do this I used a phone.

It was an opportunity to check if information could be transmitted distance without visual contact. Every human being has already experienced telepathy, for example by guessing a state of mind or a nervousness of his children, while they were doing everything to let nothing appear.  Hear mentalist in London so I made a demonstration on this theme.

I managed to perceive what the viewer felt without him saying a word. The latter has drawn a geometric shape on a piece of paper lost among three papers. While the spectator put his hands on the papers, without any indication, I managed to feel if the drawing was under or not. As a final, I identified precisely on the paper was the geometric shape and I even began to describe as if I saw it with my own eyes.

Subsequently I proposed another experience of mentalism. I delivered a sealed envelope that contained a bank note. I asked the audience to randomly choose numbers.

A spectator dialed this series of numbers and my phone rang. Highlight of the show: the envelope contained a bank note with a serial number that corresponded to the series of numbers stated rather by random spectators.  Illusionist for over 20 years I work for many brands like Rolex, Ferrari, Porsche, Chanel.

You can ask me for various events such as product launches, weddings, corporate parties, whatever your type of event. It is very easy to contact me either by phone at +44 7413 350479 or by email




Mentalist in London for a wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin

The lovely couple, Monica and Ben recruited me this Saturday to host their wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin.

At the time of dessert, guests to evoke his strange passion for mentalism. He asked me to do a demonstration.  Mentalism: the lie detector  I then proposed a small lie detection experiment using three covers: a fork, a spoon, and a knife. After asking to choose mentally under cover or chance, I asked a few questions that I could choose to answer each time by lying or telling the truth. Without turning, I managed to quickly identify the cover that the viewer had chosen. Whenever the experience was renewed, I found the cover even more easily, as if I understood better and better the functioning of the mind of the spectator.


Three cards, one chance

I then turned my back on the participants and asked him to put three playing cards in front of him online. I then pointed out to him that he was the only one to know the order. I then asked him to mentally choose one of the three cards and memorize it. Once he had chosen his card, I was able to attack the heart of the experience. I asked him to focus on the three cards. Each time I found his map and his position.

Mental focus

Then I made the viewer work on his mental focus and I showed him how to use deduction techniques. While my back was turned, the viewer made a drawing on a piece of paper. This drawing was his original design, the one he had to imbibe for my experience. The spectator had drawn a tree. Subsequently he drew two other drawings related to his original drawing on two other pieces of paper. He then drew a sheet and a blank. Then as a mentalist in London and member of the Magic Circle, I did a little test of lie detector and I managed to guess without ever looking at what was his original design. I used it for that but faculty of analysis and deduction.

Subsequently perform card tricks and coins using manipulation and diversion of attention. My mentalism tricks and magic tricks have added real value to the wedding. If you too are looking for an illusionist in London for your wedding do not hesitate to contact me to get to know you better, that I better prepare this service in a personalized way. Indeed, I particularly want to offer a tailored service for all unions.

Imagine the heads of your guests when they see a ring fly for the eyes or when I say in their thoughts.

Are you tempted by experience ? Contact me by email at


Mentalist in London for a law firm

This Tuesday, and a famous law firm had recruited me to animate a corporate evening.

Magic trick: time travel

Mentalist in London for a law firm

Mentalist in London for a law firm

I presented a tour on the theme of time passing and time travel. A chosen card but not watched, representing the future, was slipped into the compartment of my wallet. A second card, representing the present, was chosen and signed by the spectator. The cards were inserted into the middle of the game, and then as a mentalist magician in London, I went back in time to show the card on the top of the game, twice in a row. I then proposed to go back even further, before the spectator signs the map. His signature disappeared. Then even before the viewer has chosen his card, the latter has disappeared on sight. I then proposed to replay all the routine on a frenzied rhythm. Once again, the spectator has chosen the card, on which his signature reappears. Finally, I took out the map of the future of my wallet: it was the signed card, thus realizing the future in the present.

Interior Exterior

Then I presented a trick that does not use a playing card or play. Two business cards are used. The inner word is written on one end of each card. I have already marked my initials on one, and the spectator has marked his on the other. The two cards are stapled together, so that the faces marked “inside” are outward. In an instant, the words “inside” are found in their logical place, inward. The cards are returned so that the words “inside” are outward again. Then a flame went below. When the viewer looked at the cards, he discovered that they had merged into one with the inner word on both sides, as well as my initials and the viewer’s.

Card found in the pocket

The viewer chose a map that he signed by joining us. I then asked viewers to determine in which position he wanted these four to appear: the top, middle or bottom. The spectator made his choice and the game was placed on his hand. When he looked at the map in the chosen position, it was the signed map. It makes repeat the operation more, the card appearing in the other positions according to the choice desired by the spectator.

Finally, I expressed my own wish to find the signed card in his pocket, which happened immediately.

As magician for two decades, a member of Magic Circle London, I will be delighted to host your corporate party, your wedding or your private event as a birthday. Just contact me at the following address:



Close-up party for a wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room in London

Close-up magic this Saturday for a young couple, Jenifer and Chris Hetherington. They had recruited me as a mentalist magician in London to host their wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room.

I took care to distract their guests with a maximum of varied turns, employing notions of diversion of attention, dexterity but also mentalism.

Prediction with a watch

Close-up party for a wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room in London

Close-up party for a wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room in London

Tricks were suitable for both the wine of honor and the meal. I realized a routine using the watch of the spectators. With humor I pointed out that both watches were showing the same time. Then I said that I was going to change the time on the watch of the spectator. I then simply turned his watch 180 ° so that the hands indicate a different time. It was again humor !  Then I put the watch of the spectator face down on the table and I said that I was going to make a prediction. I then left the game and asked the viewer to choose one and sign it on the face. I then wrote the prediction on the back of the chosen card. The latter has been set aside. Then I drew attention to my watch and moved my finger around the dial, while asking the audience to say stop when they wanted.  Once he told me stop I returned the production, but unfortunately it turned out to be wrong. I then returned the viewer’s watch and the hands indicated the time chosen by the viewer. I then booked a surprising final by taking the card on which was the bad prediction and tapped on the watch.  When I returned the production had also changed to match the chosen time.

Bottle through the table

Subsequently I realized a great classic of magic, the bottle found at the table. I put a borrowed coin on the table and put a bottle of wine on it. I surrounded the bottle with a towel leaving the pellet visible. After two failed attempts, it was finally the bottle that completely crossed the table, much to the surprise of the spectators  Love fusion  Finally, I realized a routine that is perfectly appropriate for the bride and groom. I had Chris sign a card. Then this card was lost in the game. I then had Jenifer choose our card and I asked her to sign it as well and write on it a kind word for her new husband. His card was lost again in the game.  I then showed one of the cards facing the air in the play show that she was right next to the second card chosen. The two lovers were found.  I then took out both cards of the game, I showed them on both sides and then asked the two lovers to hold them against each other, between their fingers.  The two cards then merged to form one. I then leave to the lovers this proof of their absolute fusion.

If you too are looking to entertain your friends and family in an original way during your wedding, call a mentalist magician in London ! Just ask for a quote at


Close-up and mentalism in London for a wedding at the Ivy Chelsea Garden

Close-up and mentalism for a wedding in London this Saturday. Richard and Christina have joined forces at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. In this context they wished the intervention of an illusionist.

Close-up and mentalism in London for a wedding at the Ivy Chelsea Garden

Close-up and mentalism in London for a wedding at the Ivy Chelsea Garden

Materialize future choices

Mentalist magician in London, I wandered from groups to groups, to propose various experiences of magic and mentalism.  So I took out of my pocket a pack of blue backpacks, while announcing that this game was going to materialize future choices.  This game has the particularity of not having a printed face: this six have been replaced by the identities of handwritten cards. Each card has a different card name.  A spectator was asked to freely announce the identity of a playing card. Note that there is no forcing, no ambiguous choice and no restriction of any kind. The viewer chose the eight of hearts, which he named aloud. I pulled out the card on which was written the eight of hearts and put it in front of the spectators. Then I asked another member of the audience and asked him to think of a card to play any, as long as it was not the eight of hearts. The game was held in the position of the deal, faces in the air.

I then distributed the cards on the table one after the other, counting them aloud. I asked the audience to tell me stop as soon as I put on the chart table he had in mind. His card allowed us to choose a number between 1 and 52 at random. The cards were in turn distributed one after the other on the carpet. The spectators said stop at the 16th card which is so that was put on the carpet. The game was then assembled without any suspicious movement, stored in its case and inserted into the inside pocket of my jacket. I then pulled out of my jacket outer pocket a set of red cards. Sir this package was the inscription “prediction” on both sides. This game was taken out of the case, spread out in ribbon, revealing a real card game printed. This one was equalized and the cards were distributed on the table. The 18th card was the eight of hearts !

Mentalism experience with a voodoo doll

I chained with another mentalism experience. I gave the spectators a voodoo doll with needles. In the end, there was only a red cross left on the leg. I then opened an envelope that contained a prediction, revealing a picture of a doll with the red cross on the leg.

Magician but also mentalist in London, I propose very varied experiences whatever your event, whether it is a corporate event or a wedding.

Mobile all over Europe, I invite you to contact me by email at the following address:

Think about specifying your request, your specifications and present me your event so that I can write at best a quote most appropriate to your request.



Corporate magic and mentalism in downtown London for a major luxury car brand

Corporate magic and mentalism in downtown London for a major luxury car brand.

Mentalism, prodigious memory effect

Corporate magic and mentalism in downtown London for a major luxury car brand. 

Corporate magic and mentalism in downtown London for a major luxury car brand.

I realized a prodigious memory effect. A game was mixed, cut and spread face up on the carpet. I learned the game by heart. Then a spectator was asked to take the picture from different angles using his own mobile phone. A spectator opened the game and took the cut card, the 8 of heart. The game has been restored without the chosen card. This same spectator inserted the card, after having watched it, in the center of the game, and the latter was equalized. Mentalist magician in London, I then indicated that there were now two solutions to know the identity of the chosen card. I spread the game face up, indicating that it was missing a card at a specific place and that there was an extra card in one place.  As magician in London, I then analyzed the game of eyes and after a few seconds, I took the 8 of heart and I inserted it in the right place. This effect has been realized once again, with the difference that the viewer cuts the game, restores it and takes the top map. The card was hidden in the box and the game cut again. There is only one solution to know the identity of this card.  The game was spread up. I once again scanned the game and discarded two cards, indicating that there was one missing in one place. After a few seconds of concentration, I announced the identity of the card in the case.

The game was mixed, allowing to destroy the order I had memorized.  This 52 card deck has been distributed in two packs of 26 cards each. The wizard tried to memorize the cards in one of the packs.  While the illusionist looks away, a spectator takes a card from the unstamped bundle and pushes it into the memorized bundle. This package can be mixed by the viewer.

The magician takes the memorized game and looks at the faces of the cards, before pulling out one. This card has been revealed to the general public: it is the chosen card.

The illusionist, a member of the Magic Circle, says that he remembers the card that was next to the card chosen during the first memorization of the entire game. He announces a playing card.

The spectator having taken some photos, is asked to consult it and perceives that the card of the magician has just announced is right next to that chosen.

If you also want to offer a magic and mentalism show in London to your employees or loyal customers, contact me by email:


Magic and mentalism in London for an insurance company

Magic and mentalism this Monday in London for an insurance company. Member of the Magic Circle, I was recruited to host a corporate evening in the city center of the English capital for selected guests.

Book test, like a labyrinth

Magic and mentalism in London for an insurance company

Magic and mentalism in London for an insurance company

I propose a book test, like a labyrinth.

Each book is a labyrinth. We can consider each book as such in any case ! Each page is a corridor, and each word an access door.

Once you see a novel as the plan of a labyrinth and not a linear story, then it is possible to locate anywhere, as a mentalist in London, in a book using any word as access door. Thus, I invited a spectator to freely name a lot of the English language. He chose the word “wedding“.

As a mentalist, I scanned the novel’s plan in my mind and was able to tell which page, what line on that page, and what position on that line was the word that the viewer named .

After this first magic trick, I went on with another mentalism experiment. I gave a spectator a deck of cards, which he mixed. The game was then rested on the table, turned face up and spread out in a pretty ribbon, on the carpet of cards. I removed two jokers from the game while watching the first spectator.

I then put the two jokers aside. Then I distributed the cards one by one. The viewer told me stop as soon as he saw his card on the table. I asked the second spectator to stop me hard when I distributed the same number of cards as he had in mind.

I then guessed the values ​​of the two cards.

If you too are looking for a discreet and spectacular animation at once, contact me ! Mentalist magician in London, I will be happy to answer all your questions in less than 24 hours! :


Magician mentalist for a wedding at Devonshire Terrace

Magician mentalist for a wedding at Devonshire Terrace

Magician mentalist for a wedding at Devonshire Terrace

Sam and Sarah got married this Saturday in London. A very nice union with more than a hundred guests!  The young couple had privatized a restaurant, Devonshire Terrace. In this context, they had sought a mentalist magician in London to animate their union.

They found my details on the Magic Circle website, of which I am a member.  This very private club brings together the best illusionists worldwide.

I started my performance with a series of card magic tricks but also manipulation of coins and rings.

Book and cards

Then during the meal I proposed several experiences of mentalism. I asked the guests to choose a word. To prevent my mind and language from influencing them, I used a random method with maps and a book.  I then presented two slates. On the first I wrote on it a prediction. I then took the second and put it on what I had just written to hide it. I then handed a spectator a book and a deck of cards. The spectator cut the game twice before cutting it into two piles. He then took the top and bottom cards of each stack. I then pointed out that the choice was made at four different places in the deck.

Once the four cards in hand, the viewer added their values ​​to obtain a total that indicated a book page. Once he had viewed the page, he put the cards back in the game. When I turned to him, I then asked him to add up the numbers that make up the page number and look for the word that occupied that page. rank.  The word was read aloud. It was the word phone. I then took slates shown my prediction: on the slate was written the word phone.

Prédictions with magazines

I then showed three different magazines and had one selected by a spectator and another by another. I then said that I wanted a page to be chosen for the test. So that there is no doubt about the honesty of the procedure, I asked various members of the public to whisper to me a series of numbers that I wrote on a notebook. The latter was given to the spectators who held the magazine.  The viewer in question added the numbers and opened the page corresponding to the total obtained. He then chose a word from his mood on this page, 77. I then took a slate I wrote a series of letters, which surprisingly ended up forming the chosen word. The second viewer opened his magazine a page chosen by a member of the public and counted up to position a figure chosen by someone else. I revealed this word.

Magic is a wonderful animation for the wedding, because it will seduce all your guests, whatever their age! Mentalist magician in London, I invite you to write me an email to make your request:


Mentalist in London for general meeting of a telephone operator

Mentalist magician in London, I proposed a mentalism experience on Monday as part of a general meeting of a telephone operator.

Mentalism with stacks of envelopes of three different sizes

Mentalist for general meeting of a telephone operator

Mentalist for general meeting of a telephone operator

I showed three books and one of them was chosen. I also had three stacks of envelopes of three different sizes, so that I could introduce the moods of others.

I then handed a small piece of blank paper that he enclosed in a smaller envelope. The latter has been sealed. Then it was inserted into the medium-sized envelope that was signed on the flap.

Finally these two envelopes were placed in the third widest. While holding the envelope in hand, I addressed a group of spectators to which I asked various figures.  These figures in question were placed in column,

A line was drawn below and the envelope was given to the spectators who signed the second envelope. He made the total of the numbers in the column. The result gave the figure 69. I then asked, as a mentalist magician in London, the audience to open the magazines on page 69. To the surprise of everyone it was torn.

The viewer who gave the envelopes opened the first st acknowledged his writing on the flap of the second envelope.

The second envelope was turned over and on its face is found scribbled in pencil a large number, 69.  The envelope has been opened and its contents are extracted. Inside the third envelope find the torn and missing log page.

Wanting to vary the effects, I finished my service with magic close up and manipulations of pieces and cards.

If you too would like to offer a memorable souvenir to your employees or invite part of an evening, call a mentalist magician in London, simply by sending your request to the following address:  I can be present as well for weddings as corporate parties or birthdays.