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Mentalist in London

Looking for a mentalist in London ? Mentalism is a branch in the field of illusionism. It can be like real magic, because the illusionist can guess very personal thoughts, secret information such as birthplace, blue card number or a phone number. The facts are very disturbing for the public, who can for example choose a word freely in a book before the mentalist guesses letter by letter. It is a fascinating and exciting discipline for the general public. In general, spectators are, to say the least, intrigued. It must be said that experiences in this area mark the spirits. We can categorize various effects in the field of mentalism: predictions, mental arithmetic, telekinesis, telepathy. Far from confining itself to its sole discipline, the mentalist in London employs various techniques to deceive the viewer and extract information from him. Among these mentalist tools are body language, NLP, micro-expressions.

Create psychological illusions

Mentalism is the power to create psychological illusions such as decrypting secret information, making predictions, transmitting information telepathically, creating impossible coincidences, or simply reading the minds of viewers. These experiences of mentalism can be realized either in small committee or during a big event. Whether for a corporate, a wedding, a private event, the mentalist magician in London has only one goal: to surprise entertain and also to question the general public. By amusing the spirits, he leaves a memorable memory tinged with emotion. there is no fundamental difference between mental magic and mentalism. The isthmus mind is a branch apart from magic and more and more illusionist now includes a number of mental magic in their number. The isthmus mind produces the same effects as illusionism because it defies all rational explanations. The difference this measure public correction and the quality of the benefit. The strength of the mentalist in London is to bring the public to believe transcendental powers. His talent lies in his presentation and his ease in transporting assistance to another dimension. Member of Magic CircleThe mentalist in London invites you to discover this exciting discipline during a close-up session or outright during a show on the theme of symbols. What to intrigue and lastingly mark the spirits ! The mentalist magician in London can intervene as well for business seminars as weddings or birthdays. The conjurer is at your disposal by email at