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Magician mentalist London for a luxury brand of perfume

Magician mentalist London for a luxury brand of perfume

Magician mentalist London for a luxury brand of perfume

A luxury brand of perfume presented its new creation, fine and pleasant flagrances. to the best customers of the brand.  The company decided to innovate and propose a magic animation. Mentalist magician in London, I decided to offer a mix of digital magic (iPad magic), sleight of hands and mentalism.

Experience of mentalism : the brain

I  first asks to the audience if they have ever forgotten about an object, leaving it at an unknown place.

Of course everyone agrees to this.

I continued, saying that the brain is like a very spectacular machine, which has two main “sectors”. The left sector is destined to analyze and criticize, yet the right sector is the one that constantly dreams and gives all the emotions to life.

As the greatest machine invented of all times, the brain has also a hidden truth or a dark secret which is its subconscious mind… it can remember things we don’t even know we remember, and it can also find objects even without consciously knowing where they are… that’s why you almost always find objects you have lost, only by following your INSTINCT…

Tonight, I will try to make something very special with you. Please, the sir in the front row, take this crumpled paper ball”.

From now on, I stayed BLINDFOLDED for a while… “I don’t want to look anything from now on until almost the end of this experiment, I will act based on my subconscious instinct…

Please, Sir, take the crumpled paper and throw it to anyone in the audience, please don’t aim to the face, we don’t want to call the paramedics…

Just throw it to the air it will fall to someone, if it doesn’t fall to someone just give it to a person you would like to come up stage, when you’re done just say ‘OK I’m Done’”.

A new spectator is selected. I invited him / her to come up to the stage with a round of applause.

So, your name is Sophie”.

Nice, I want you to take a personal object off of you, it can be a Ring, Wallet or your Cell phone, I would prefer a small but visible object”.

Please show it to everyone… this object is going to be hidden somewhere in this theater / room, YOU are going to pick a spectator from the public, someone you don’t know please”.

Walk now towards that person and hand the object to him / her, when you have done that just say OK”.

– Ok.

Perfect Sophie… now the new spectator that has been selected… please don’t say anything, just take the object, put it in your pocket for safe keeping and sit down NOW, please Maria touch my left shoulder whenever he has sat down”.

As soon as she touches his arm:
“I will uncover my eyes know… I need to look at your eyes in order to get a better reading…”

OK.. Just concentrate on your object… start to visualize it on your mind… I see a rectangular shape… it kind of slides towards the sides… is it a Sony Cell Phone?” – Yes!!! (Applauses).

Perfect, now concentrate on the face of the person you have just given your cell phone… think on his hair color… is it gray hair?” – Yes… “Great, I think it’s a man and not a woman… I see he’s dressed in a black t-shirt… brown eyes and he’s a tall guy…“ (Applauses).

Just keep concentrating, everyone of you also concentrate don’t say anything and don’t look at anyone in particular… I will start to walk over the stage with her, please give me your hand and just try to mentally give me directions... (After some seconds of concentration and walking over the stage… I stopped…)

Don’t say anything… your name is Patrick right?” – Yes (Applauses).

Patrick, I think you were chosen by Maria to hide her cell phone… please hand it out to me…” (Applauses).

I taked the cell phone and shows it to everyone with the background of a thunder- ousapplause, and hands it to Maria…

Thanks a lot to all of you… that is the reason why you should sometimes consider following your intuition and not always rely on your rational mind to take a decision… believe in yourselves and follow your instincts”.

Wedding, product launch, corporate party … I can answer all your customization requests. Mentalist magician in London for over 20 years, I worked for prestigious companies like Clarins, Hermes and Samsung. Member of the Magic Circle of London, I answer all your requests by mail or telephone.

Here are my contact details :


Mentalist in London for a rental car company


Mentalist in London for a transport company

Mentalist in London for a transport company

Corporate magic this Friday in London for a rental car company.  A mentalist magician in London, I proposed a mix between iPad magic and mentalism, as the customer wanted.  Here is an example of a performance that I realized during this evening.

Mentalism experience :  Wolf

As mentalist in London, I invited a committee of volunteers onto the stage, where they proceed to cover his eyes with gauze, tape, and finally, a blindfold. They then lead him to a chair which he sits
in, with his back to the audience. Before the committee is dismissed, they are asked to silently choose among themselves one individual to stay on the stage, with the others returning to their seats.

The spectator who remains is then asked to take a deck of playing cards left on the floor of
the stage, and open and examine the packet. Once they are satisfied that the cards are above board, they are then asked to take the deck in their hands, and throw them in the air, attempt- ing to catch a single card as it falls. They do so, and they show the card to the crowd. I asked whether the spectator would like to trade their card with one of those on the floor around them. Regardless of whether a change takes place or not, the Mentalist correctly divines the playing card chosen and shown to the audience. The spectator is then asked to leave the stage and proceed to any row in the audience, and, once there, to just stand in the aisle next
to it. I  then announces the makeup of the row: male, female (Dazzling necklace!), female, male (Nice tie – LOVE the color green on you!), male, male, small child (presumed male), female, empty seat (YOURS, I think!), female, male.

I then asks the spectator standing in the aisle to point to another audience mem- ber, who is asked to stand. The Mentalist then describes them exactly along with a reading of their personality. They are asked to remain standing, and to point to another member of the audience, who is asked to stand and point to a third audience member. These three are asked to reach into their pockets and take out something that may be there and to hold it high above their heads for everyone to see. The Mentalist then proceeds to reveal what each person is holding.

Finally, all are asked to sit down with the exception of one, who is chosen by the committee
by playing rock, paper, scissors or some other random means of selection. The lone spectator who remains standing is asked to point to a final audience member and then sit down. The person pointed to is asked not to identify themselves by speaking in any way, and to proceed to a whiteboard on the stage, where they are asked to either draw a picture, or to write any word they would like. After they do so, the spectator is asked to erase what they have just done and to try again. I asked for complete silence, and then listens closely to the sound of the marker on the whiteboard. After a brief pause, the Mentalist reveals what was just written or drawn on the chalkboard, what color marker was used, gives a description of the spectator, and hesitantly but accurately also describes the first word or drawing that they spectator wrote on the whiteboard.

Whether it’s a corporate party, a product launch, or a wedding, I can adapt to all your requests! Member of Magic Circle London and Magic Castle in Hollywood, I will be happy to answer all your questions.  Contact me by email for a very precise quote: