Magician iPad in London for Gucci

Magician iPad in London for Gucci

After Balmain, Armani, Hermès, Clarins and Chanel, it’s the turn of the Gucci brand to recruit me.  The latter presented its new range of lipsticks.

With this in mind, I designed, as an iPad magician in London, new illusions highlighting this new product.  Since her arrival, Michele has made things happen in the beauty department of Gucci.

In particular, he has recruited Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto for the Gucci Guilty fragrance campaigns and this year oversaw the launch of a new fragrance family, ‘The Alchemist’s Garden’.

As a member of the Magic Circle, I also proposed a mentalism experience.

Mentalism for Gucci : Frequent users

Two volunteers are mentally connected to each others thought-frequency, allowing them to share thoughts, although unknowingly.

One of them selects a card (free choice) from a ordinary deck and without looking reverses it in the deck.
The other volunteer simply writes down a freely chosen card.

The written card and the reversed card appear to be the same. Possible patter and presentation:

Everybody has his own mental frequency.
This way thoughts and feelings are secured and unique to only one person. As long as this frequency is different from the mental frequency of someone else, we can speak of individual thoughts and feelings.

But as soon as the mental part of our brain is tuned in on a frequency that’s already in use with someone else, thoughts and feelings could be shared, willingly or unwillingly.

I would like to conduct a little experiment, based on the sharing of mental frequencies.

I would like two volunteers please, to help me with this.
And since women are more sensitive then men in general, I would like to ask you and you to assist me tonight, ladies.

First of all, we will try to get your mental frequencies on one and the same level, like tuning two radio’s to one specific station.

May I ask you [lady on left] to stretch your right arm with your hand up straight. For you [lady on right] the same, but with your left arm.

Now, put your hands together and close your eyes for a moment.
If you feel any warmth between the hands, please don’t panic. This is a good sign.

Here we go…
[soft new age-music sets in]
Ladies… please lower your arms.
Everything all right? Good.
Please be seated and relax. [ one lady left, one lady on the right, facing each other]

The rules are simple.
I will give you [lady right] a deck of cards. Please take them out of the case and look through them. Now give the deck a shuffle.
Keep the deck face down en take one card out. Don’t look at the picture side of the card and put it unseen on the table in front of you.
Now turn over the deck, face up, en put your card back in the deck, still unseen or showing the picture side of the card.
Put the deck back in its case and close it.
At this moment you selected a card and reversed it in the deck.

[Take the deck back from the lady]

Now it’s your turn [lady on left]
When I snap my fingers I want you to think of one card in the deck and keep that thought. Any card you like.
[Snap fingers]
Keep that card in mind.

To make sure you won’t change your mind I want to ask you to write down the name of the card for yourself.

-For the suit you can write down the first letter. H for Hearts, D for diamonds and so on. Followed by either a digit for the value or the first letter in case of a Jack, Queen ,King or Ace. Let no one see what you write down. I won’t look either.

Let’s see if we succeeded in letting you share mental frequencies.

In this deck of cards, you [lady on the tight] turned over one card, that now is reversed in the deck. And here it is. Please take it out and hold it close. Don’t look at it, yet.

. Which one was it? Please show us what you wrote down.

It’s the [name of the card]

Here we go….
Please, turn over your card [lady on the right].

Is it the [name of the card] ? Yes, it is! Unbelievable!!

Give the ladies a nice round of applause.

Mentalist in London : tailor-made effects

Looking for a mentalist magician in London ? Innovative and tailor-made effects? As an illusionist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I propose to accompany you step by step in your approach.

Magic in your image ! Whatever your sector of activity, I can adapt to your requests and your specifications to create towers highlighting your logo and your know-how.

As a first step, simply send me your contact details by e-mail, specifying the context of your event and the number of guests :

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