Corporate party in London for the company Balmain

Corporate party in London for the company Balmain

Corporate party this Friday for the company Balmain. The latter launches a new product that will make furious women: a straightener wireless. This high tech tool creates perfect smoothing as well as pretty loops.

A valuable asset therefore for all the followers of sophisticated hairstyles which are in constant displacement.  Without cable, it is everywhere. As a bonus, once loaded and the set temperature (from 160 to 200 °), it creates the choice, pretty well-defined loops or smoothing more-than-perfect thanks to its titanium plates and its diffusion of uniform heat.

A product very well thought and also very light.  The brand had therefore recruited me as a magician in London, a member of the Magic Circle, to perform close-up magic tricks and mentalism experiences !


Mentalism experience : First Impressions

Divining characteristics of your subject and unravel his way of decision making, based on first impressions and intuition.

For the next presentation I will need a volunteer…
[Selection of a volunteer and proper introduction. Let’s call the volunteer “Jessica”] Jessica, do you believe in the 6th sense?
-Yes? Great, so do I. / – No? Well, I do.

It is my strong believe that the 6th sense is nothing fancy or supernatural.
We all have it and use it:
to my opinion the 6th sense is simply: Intuition. And we all use that every day of our lives.

Could you do me a favour? Please be seated and take this pen and paper. I would like you to write down a two-digit number below fifty. Do not show it to anyone, but please write readable, so afterwards we can show it to the audience and even the cheap seats in the back will be able to see it.

[to the audience]

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, you probably all know the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. 
First impressions guide us to judge someone. They tell us –on the spot- to like someone or not. But they also give some insight in the character and possible habits of the other person.

Jessica made his first impression on me, when he approached the stage to join me in this experiment.

And based on the first impressions he made on me, and with the help of my 6th sense, my intuition, I would like to try something.


Jessica, did you manage to write down a two-digit number below fifty ?
I will now try to discover the way you think and decide on things. It may happen that I mention certain characteristics I believe belong to you. But that’s just how I perceive you. So please keep a poker face and don’t be insulted if a remark can not be tied in with your real character. It is only how I see you.

OK, here we go.
It is a two-digit number below fifty. So the lowest number possible is 10, and the highest is 49. Right in the middle is the number 30.

I perceive Jessica to be a modest person. And to my opinion that translates into a number lower then 30.

I see Bert as being rather chaotic to himself. Starting of one thing and before finishing it, his head is already busy with something else. That gives me the impression that the number Jessica choose will end on an odd digit. So that’s, 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9.

Jessica is not extremely chaotic, and tries to find harmony. In both personal and professional life. In my optics that means that the first digit of Jessica’s number is even. And since the number is lower then 30, the only possible even digit to start with is the 2. That means we have left: 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29.

I already mentioned Jessica was a modest woman. Once again he shows this, by choosing a lower number: 21, 23 or 25.

And because Jessica always tries to maintain peace and happiness he goes for the safety zone, which in most cases is in the middle.

So in this particular case, based on first impressions and intuition I belief that Jessica has choosen for the number 23.

Please Jessica, keep your poker face, step forward and join me centre-stage. Now, for the first time, out loud: Which number did you choose? 
[Jessica : 23!]

Thank you so much Jessica !

Mentalist in London for your events

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