Giorgio Armani enters the high jewelery segment. The collection “Haute Joaillerie Giorgio Armani Privé” is composed of twenty pieces, all handmade in Italy by masters of goldsmith under the supervision of the couturier.

The famous brand book me for a mentalism show. As a member of the Magic Circle and mentalist in London, I proposed a newthought-reading experience.


Mentalist in London for Armani, the high jewelery segment

Mentalist in London for Armani, the high jewelery segment

Mentalism in London : Bold Vacation

The performer introduces the topic of influence and explains how some of our decisions really aren’t our own. He asks a lady in the front row to stand up and asks for her name.
(Let’s call her Jennifer)

„Congratulations, Mary. You’ve just won an imaginary trip.
You get to choose everything: Where you want to go, in which hotel room you want to stay and best of all – this won’t cost you anything! Are you excited?“

„Sure“, Jennifer replies.

-“I thought so. Mary, please close you eyes for a moment. I want you to imagine a world globe right in front of you. Give it a spin so that it rotates really fast. Now imagine that you take your index finger and touch the globe anywhere. The globe stops rotating and your finger should now be positioned at a random place somewhere in the world. Right next to your finger there’s a place that you recognise. A big, famous city. Can you imagine that?“

Jennifer nodds.

„Fabulous. Whatever place you’ve seen there, this is where we’re going to book you a room. You can open your eyes again.“

The performer hands Mary a note pad and a pen.

„Could you please fill this out and write down the name of the city you’ve just seen?
We might need that later… When you’re done, close the pad and hold onto it for a minute.“

„Do you remember what I told you earlier about how people can be influenced into making cer- tain decisions?“

The performer smiles and produces a sealed envelope from his pocket. He turns the envelope around. It reads: Booking Confirmation

The performer opens the envelope, removes a letter and asks a spectator in the front row to hold onto the envelope for a minute.

He unfolds the letter and starts reading out loud:

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for doing your booking with Mental Voyages.We have reserved a room for you and are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. Our hotel is situated in the city centre and is a great starting point to explore the many sights Sydney has to offer.“

The performer stops reading and looks at Jennifer : „Which city did you choose“

„Sydney“, she replies.

The performer continues reading:

„Together with this confirmation letter, we send you the key to your room. We thank you again for your valued custom and look forward to serving you.“

„Have you already chosen a certain room number? One that you’d like best?“

„Room Nr. 37“, Jennifer replies.

„Please take a look inside the envelope!“

Jennifer reaches inside the envelope and takes out a key. The number 37 is engraved in the key tag.

Mentalism in London for corporate events

You are also a famous company in London and you want to propose a new and resolutely innovative experience to your customers ?

Mentalism intrigues and creates a mood tinged with mystery. Your guests will wonder how the mentalist in London can read their thoughts, guess their bank note number or hometown !

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I am also a specialist in iPad magic.