Mentalist in London for Hermès

Mentalist in London for Hermès

After Chanel, it was another luxury brand that had recruited me as a mentalist in London.

World famous, the square Hermes is more than a trend accessory. It has become, over the years, a real signature of the brand.

The luxury house has today decided to invite those feeling creative to add their personal touch to the square Hermes. For this, it is necessary to propose a motive to Hermes which, if it is chosen, will be bought by the brand for the price of 5 000 euros.

In order to launch this contest, the brand had asked me to design magic tricks and mentalism experiences. I did not miss to put forward innovative effects with magic iPad.

Then I chained with a mentalism experience

Mentalism : Remote Viewing

Hand out to an audience member a sealed envelope.
 Invite a spectator up on stage and hand them the pad and pen. I take another pen and pad for yourself.

I tell the audience all about the technique of remote viewing.
 I explained that you’ve studied this work and i feel that i’ve now developed your own skills to recreate this gift.
Explain how i am going to try and demonstrate how this works, using paranormal, unexplainable means.

The spectator is asked to take the pen and asked to write name of someone they love or have loved on the pad. While this is happening i turned away.

While I still look away you begin frantically writing something on your pad. The spectator now reveals the name they were thinking of.
 I slowly turn your pad around to reveal a match.

I explain that there must be at least one person who thinks you have somehow wrote the name on the pad after the spectator told me what name they were thinking of.
So, this time I will reveal what I think you are receiving first.
 Repeat process above – maybe naming a country they have visited this time.

Again I scribble something on your pad but this time i turn it around to show the audience first.

The spectator now turns their pad around and reveals a match.
As a conclusion, I now ask the spectator to try some remote viewing.

Have your spectator draw an animal and then ask them to name the animal by writing it’s name in the bottom right corner.

Iu now ask for your target envelope back from the audience. Remove the picture inside. Ask the spectator to reveal to the audience what they have drawn (a horse named NED)

I now slowly turn your prediction around to show it’s a drawing of a horse……and it is also named NED!

Mentalist in London : tailor-made effects

Looking for a mentalist magician in London ? Innovative and tailor-made effects? As an illusionist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I propose to accompany you step by step in your approach.

Magic in your image ! Whatever your sector of activity, I can adapt to your requests and your specifications to create towers highlighting your logo and your know-how.

As a first step, simply send me your contact details by e-mail, specifying the context of your event and the number of guests :

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I animate every year about twenty marriages. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.