Mentalist in London for Chanel

Mentalist in London for Chanel

Corporate party this Tuesday for Chanel. The brand introduced its new model of ceramic watch whose success was not announced.

Whatever some say, brands that have changed the game in luxury watchmaking can be counted on the fingers of the hand. Against all odds, the claw of the rue Cambon is one of them. In 2000, the launch of the J12, the first timepiece in history entirely made of black ceramic, amazes the entire industry

As a mentalist and close-up magician in London, I proposed various experiences of mentalism and close-up magic. The goal was to surprise the guests with strong and amazing moments!


Mentalism : Celebrity Guess

I walk on stage.

I’ve recently developed a habit of drawing the faces of celebrities I see on T.V. In a moment I will try and make a picture based on one of your choices

I took the pad off the table and approach a lady in the first row.

“Miss will you help me? In a moment I will ask you to make a mental picture of a celebrity. You will have a free choice, but don’t choose one yet. First I want you to imagine you are at a red carpet event full of celebrities. You are standing at the bar when suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and see one celebrity and one alone. I do not wish to know who you choose and I don’t want anyone else to know either so please take this pad and pen, go to the side so no one will see, write down whatever celebrity you choose and join me back on stage

I then go back to the stage and as she comes back also, you take out a bigger pad and a marker from your suitcase.

“Please set the pad on the table, look inside my suitcase, lift the brick and take the yellow envelope from under it. Put the brick down and now I will attempt to draw the celebrity you are thinking of”

I draw something without showing it to anyone and set the marker aside.

 “For the first time, out loud, who is the celebrity you are thinking of ?”

She says “Brad Pitt”.

“Ladies and gentleman, I give you, Brad Pitt!

You turn over your pad to show a stick-man drawing. Everybody laugh.

“What? No? I’m just kidding of course (you turn to the participant) but I will ask you this; to be fair, it didn’t just say on the pad “be a good sport, choose Brad Pitt” right? You did have a free choice and could as well have chosen for example “Adam Sandler”, “Harrison Ford” and so on, right? And you were holding on that envelope since you came back to the stage, even before you told us which celebrity you were thinking off correct? Please open the envelope and show everybody what is in it”

She shows everybody that inside the envelope there is a big folded sheet of paper with the name “Brad Pitt” printed on it.

Corporate Magic In London

Member of the Magic Circle in London, I worked for many companies like Chanel, but also Louis Vuitton and Armani. If you want to trust me like these brands, do not hesitate to contact me by mail :

As an illusionist, I also host weddings and birthdays.