Mentalist in London for a famous makeup brand, Clarins

Mentalist in London for a famous makeup brand, Clarins

Corporate party this Thursday for a famous makeup brand: Clarins. The latter brought together some fifty department store sellers to present the new 2019/2020 collection.

A special venue to promote a new regenerating care. In order to bring a modern touch to this evening, I decided to promote the logo, as well as the product using the magic iPad. I have successively put my phone in the tablet, then regenerating care from my laptop. A resolutely modern approach to the art of conjuring. A salesgirl then joined me on stage to participate in a mentalism experiment.

Mentalism : The detective

I approach the table and after introducing myself and being invited to sit (I prefer sitting to standing in close-up, when the option exists, as I creates a much more intimate atmosphere).

I start off by doing my first routine (let’s say it was some mentalism with cards piece) and when I finish it, and i write their chosen playing card. Again, I put no emphasis on the matter. I continue to do my next routine and when I finish it, again, I write something in the pad (something that correlates with the routine I have just finished).

The routine (my text is in bold letters, the rest is the directions):

By this time someone will ask what and why am I writing.

You probably all noticed by now that I am writing stuff down as we go.
Let me explain, I am not really a mind reader. I have a unique set of skills that enable me, very much like a detective, to perceive small detail that other simply disregard. And much like a good detective, I am able to take those observations and make deductions that are based upon them. Let me show you”.

I open the pad, and write the numbers 1-4 on the pad, making a line under the 2. You then had the spectator the pad and the pen and turn around with your back facing the table.

I will ask you to circle one number; it can be any one you want”

(the number one is given vocal emphasis). Then I ask the specta- tor to close the pad turn back around and explain:

 “I am employing here a technique used usually by fake psychics which is called ‘fishing’, at first I tried to psychologically limit your options by making a line under the number two and then putting an emphasis on the number “one” when I was talking. Now I can see by the way that you reacted to me naming those two numbers that you actually chose…

And you name their number.

“I now want to try something a bit harder”

You turn around again.

“I want you to write the name of someone close to you who is not present here at the mo- ment, show it to everybody and close the pad, tell me when I can turn back around”

 “I want you to imagine that person you’re thinking about was approaching this table. You would probably introduce me. You would have said something like ‘(your mane), I want you to meet…’ and you would have said his or her name. I want you now to say that sentence but don’t say that person’s name out laud, o.k.? Go

 “I do not know that person you are thinking of, I never met them is that correct? Please say it again

As the spectator is saying the word “meet” you continue their sentence and say the name they wrote. It doesn’t get any stronger then this…


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