Mentalist in London for a bank

Mentalist in London for a bank

Corporate party this Tuesday, special evening, for a bank. The President gave a summary of the past year as well as the outlook for 2019. The bank will continue to open new branches in London. To stick better to the theme of the evening, I did not fail to make several magic tricks on the theme of money. So, I asked a guest to name me randomly the name of a currency. He named me the yen. The banknote that I had since departure in the hands has thus transformed into the Japanese currency.


Mentalism :  I Know You So Well

This one would be great for one on one or small group situations. Say you are at a restaurant with a group of friends and we haven’t ordered yet. A great way to get a pad into play would be to use branching anagram routine to divine someone’s astrological sign. There are lot’s of method’s out there. I use Doug Dyment’s Sign Language. During this routine I bring out my im- pression pad to take notes. I don’t ask them to write anything down so the heat is off the pad. I simply use it to keep up with the letters I have “seen” and once I have announced what their sign is it seems perfectly natural to tear off the page, hand the pad to them and say “Let’s try something else.” Here’s how this routine goes.

“Let’s try another experiment. I am going to the “little mentalists” room for a minute. While I’m gone each of you write down what you would like to drink. When you are done, tear off the page and someone stick it in your pocket or purse.. We’ll do something fun when I get back”

If it’s a small group sitting in a row, I would hand the pad to someone on either end of the row assuming they will simply pass it down the row. In a larger group it might be a good idea to jot down each person’s name and leave a space for them to write. While you are gone simply make a note of each persons’ drink of preference, stop by the bar, order the drinks and show up with everyone’s choice. As you present each person’s drink do a bit of coldreading or talk a little about what you know about their personality to indicate why you think they might like what you are offering. This of course works best in a larger restaurant where the bar is not in eyeshot of the table you are sitting at.

Another alternative I would like to try is a bit more complicated but would work in a similar way. It would probably work better one on one. When your server comes over for the first time make sure you take note of their name. When you excuse yourself instead of asking for drink pref- erences ask your guest to write what they would like to eat. Instruct them that if the waitstaff comes by to take your order, please ask them come back later as you haven’t decided what you want. Once you have the info, call the restaurant, ask for your waitress or waiter. Explain that you are pulling a prank, go ahead and place an order but ask the waitress or waiter to come over and pretend to take an order, and whatever you say just play along. When you get back to the table and the waiter or waitress comes by to take your order, announce that you are going to try something you have never tried before.

“Are you feeling a little adventurous? I believe everyone has some psychic abilities but most of us don’t know how to access them. I’ve worked for a long time to hone my skills. Let’s see if I can help you two (speaking to the waitperson and my guest) bring out some of yours. Depend- ing on the situation, I might take both their hands explaining I am going to be a conduit for their thoughts to pass through. My psychic powers will serve as an amplifier to take what might nor- mally not get through and make the signal stronger and clearer. (Looking at my guest). “I’d like you to imagine what you would like to eat as vividly as you can. See it in your mind’s eye. Imag- ine it is on the table right in front of you. See what it would look like, smell how good it would smell . Imagine taking a taste. Mmm, imagine how good it will be. Activate as many different parts of your brain as you possibly can and make the experience as real as you can. Can you see it, smell it, taste it, good”

Looking at the waitperson, give them a little wink and say “Now you. I want you to take a big breath, relax, clear you mind of all your worries and stress. That’s good, take another deep breath. Now don’t intellectualize this, go only on instinct, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t tell us what it is just put the order in. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for whatever it is and order something else if it isn’t what my friend would like.” I would then simply order whatever I wanted and wait for the gasps of wonder when the exact thing my friend wished for is brought out.


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