Mentalist in London, a member of the Magic Circle, I was hired by a famous coffee brand, Nespresso, as part of an evening in the city center of the capital city of London. On the program: close magic, and experience of mentalism.

Mentalisme : Liar’s Twenty Questions

Mentalist in London for Nespresso

Mentalist in London for Nespresso

I’d like to try an experiment. Things like this don’t always work, but they are interesting even when they fail. I need a volunteer. Great. Do you consider yourself a good liar? Well, we’ll see. Did you ever see the program ‘Lie to Me”? (Doesn’t matter if they have or not) Did you know
it was based on the real life research of Dr. Paul Ekman? Dr. Ekman studies micro expressions. When someone is trying to deceive or conceal their emotions, a very brief, 1/15 to 1/25 of a second, facial expression occurs which is virtually undetected by anyone who is not trained to notice it. That micro expression briefly shows what they are so desperately trying to hide, their true emotion. I’ve been studying this stuff and I’d like to try it with you.

Do you remember playing “Twenty Questions” when you were a kid. Let’s play now, but with a twist. Every time I ask you a question I want you to answer no. My job will be to figure out when no is the correct answer and when no is a lie. I’m going to turn around (or leave the room) I want you to think of an object. Write it down on this piece of paper. When you are done show everyone else. Fold up the paper and put it in your pocket. When you are done, let me know and we can see how good I am at this, OK?”

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