First performance of the year this Saturday in London, for a wedding. The wedding of S and B .took place at Rumpus Room (20 Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PD)

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Rumpus Room

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Rumpus Room

Mentalism : A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

As a mentalist in London, and member of the Magic Circle, i invited a committee of volunteers onto the stage, where they proceed to cover his eyes with gauze, tape, and finally, a blindfold. They then lead him to a chair which he sits
in, with his back to the audience. Before the committee is dismissed, they are asked to silently choose among themselves one individual to stay on the stage, with the others returning to their seats.

The spectator who remains is then asked to take a deck of playing cards left on the floor of
the stage, and open and examine the packet. Once they are satisfied that the cards are above board, they are then asked to take the deck in their hands, and throw them in the air, attempt- ing to catch a single card as it falls. They do so, and they show the card to the crowd. The Men- talist asks whether the spectator would like to trade their card with one of those on the floor around them. Regardless of whether a change takes place or not, the Mentalist correctly divines the playing card chosen and shown to the audience. The spectator is then asked to leave the stage and proceed to any row in the audience, and, once there, to just stand in the aisle next
to it. The Mentalist then announces the makeup of the row: male, female (Dazzling necklace!), female, male (Nice tie – LOVE the color green on you!), male, male, small child (presumed male), female, empty seat (YOURS, I think!), female, male.

I then then asks the spectator standing in the aisle to point to another audience mem- ber, who is asked to stand. I then described them exactly along with a reading of their personality. They are asked to remain standing, and to point to another member of the audience, who is asked to stand and point to a third audience member. These three are asked to reach into their pockets and take out something that may be there and to hold it high above their heads for everyone to see. Then I proceed to reveal what each person is holding.

Finally, all are asked to sit down with the exception of one, who is chosen by the committee
by playing rock, paper, scissors or some other random means of selection. The lone spectator who remains standing is asked to point to a final audience member and then sit down. The person pointed to is asked not to identify themselves by speaking in any way, and to proceed to a whiteboard on the stage, where they are asked to either draw a picture, or to write any word they would like. After they do so, the spectator is asked to erase what they have just done and to try again. I asked for complete silence, and then listens closely to the sound of the marker on the whiteboard. After a brief pause, the Mentalist reveals what was just written or drawn on the chalkboard, what color marker was used, gives a description of the spectator, and hesitantly but accurately also describes the first word or drawing that they spectator wrote on the whiteboard.

This effect seems all the more incredible because a blindfold is employed – one that has been inspected and applied by the audience themselves and because a strict silence is imposed at all times!

And finally, let me take a moment to point out that nothing at all seems suspicious about a con- federate in the audience taking notes if they have introduced themselves to those around them as a member of a local newspaper who is here to review the show.

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