Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Trade show in London for a luxury car brand

Mentalist magician in London, I was asked to animate the launch of a new luxury car in the city center of the English capital. Member of the Magic Circle in London, I had designed special illusions by showing the logo of the brand from my iPad. I also proposed a stage mentalism experience.

Mentalism : Esp MindReading

The mentalist asks a spectator to freely shuffle a deck.

After shuffling, the mentalist takes the deck and starts walking throughout the stage, offering to 10 different spectators, 5 different cards from the deck. Each spectator is asked to look at his respective card.

“Perfect, now I’m going to blindfold myself, I want to read the thoughts from every spectator that’s present today… I want the 5 of you to look at your card and then come up here and make an organized row, please.”

Have someone help you with the logistics of coming up stage, making the row, etc. “Please give them a nice and big round of applause…”

The mentalist is really blindfolded and looking towards another place. An alternative to using a blindfold could be a curtain that gets positioned in between the spectators and the Mentalist.

He invites every spectator to make an organized row, first he explains himself physically how the ideal route should be followed and how they should only show their card when they are at the front of the row.


At the beginning of the experiment, the Mentalist pretends to make a mistake when trying to reveal the card that the spectator is showing to the public, for Example the card is the Ace of Clubs, yet he is not sure about it and says it’s the Ace of Spades, but he finally shows he is cor- rect. This helps to build more suspense into the trick.

“Ok we are going to begin now… I warn you all that this experiment doesn’t always work but if at least I get an 80 % or more correct, I would still consider it amazing…!”

“Spectator 1, please show your card to the audience…” “Everyone of you, just try to send this image mentally…”

“This is not easy at all… I’m not sure… I think it’s a black card…” – he starts to draw something on a pad.

“I’m not really sure… I’m going for this one… my mind is getting a lot of images right now…” “Please put the card inside your pocket, I’m going over there…”

The mentalist takes off his blindfold or opens the curtain and goes to the right side of the spectator.

First he shows his drawing more to the spectator than to the audience: Then he shows it to the spectator, saying:

Is it this card…? Just answer YES or NO” – The mentalist points to a drawing of card:

– No.
“Ok, which was your card?” – The Ace of Clubs.

– OK, that’s perfect… IN FACT my First Option really was the ACE OF CLUBS…” – The mentalist immediately shows the drawing again, now removing his hand from and calling attention to his perfect prediction:

“Thank you Spectator No. 1 please take a seat…”


“ I want Spectator No. 2 to get to the front of the row… please show the card to everyone in the public… it is important that they see it so I will be able to concentrate easier into various thoughts of the same object…”

“Ok, now please visualize it yourself… see the color of this card in your mind… I’m seeing red… now visualize the number… ok, I’m seeing a 1… then a 0… is it the 10… of Hearts? “ –

Yes!!! – PERFECT! (Applauses)

“Spectator No. 3, come to the front of the row, show your card to everyone.”

“Please everyone; including you… think of the sound of your card…”

“Fine… every time you hear my fingers click… think of the sound of that number… (click, click, click…), ok I’m hearing a Three… Three… Three… I think it’s a Black Card… Is it the

Three of Clubs?” – Yes!!!! “Outstanding!!! “ (Applauses)

“Spectator No. 4,get in the front and show the card, I’m going to take a card from the deck… I have a feeling about this… I don’t know if it’s ok or not, but I’ll think I’ll choose this one…”

“Please turn the face of the cards towards you… I’m going over there…

The mentalist picks up a “wrong” card and shows it to the audience, not to the spectator.

Then he stands at his side, and gets ready for the revelation.

“Please concentrate on your card…you’re going to turn it over to the audience on the count on three, and I’m going to do the same, ok?”

“1… 2… 3…!” The mentalist turns over the card as well as the spectator … it perfectly matches! (Applauses)

“Ok, now, for the final spectator… please don’t show your card to anyone… I want to make this one harder than the others… just stare at the card in front of you… try to say it mentally… but don’t speak a word please…”

“…Is it the Ace of Hearts?” – Yes!!!
“Thank you all very much; you have done a great job…” (Big Applauses)

Magician in London for your Upcoming events

If I work mainly in London, I am also asked by big companies like Porsche or Armani to intervene in cities like Monaco and Paris. For further information, just send me an email to the following address:  It’s the easiest and fastest way to contact me. I will call you back without fail in less than 24 hours upon receipt of your email! Looking forward to reading you and exchanging live with you !