Corporate magic this Friday in downtown London for a brand of French champagne. The latter had gathered its best customers in the capital to present its new vintage. In this context, I presented a series of close-up magic tricks and mentalism.

Mentalism Experience: ad a number

Corporate magic in downtown London for a brand of French champagne

Corporate magic in downtown London for a brand of French champagne

The mentalist hands out 4 papers to 4 different spectators.
“Please take one of these billets, and hand the rest to the person on your right...” “First, I will write a prediction on this page…

I want to make something related to numbers, have you ever seen weird coincidences occurring in your life? Some think that 7 is a lucky number, while others never want to go to a 13th floor because they think that it gives bad luck, I even read once about the enigma of number 23.

But I don’t want to influence your choices… I want each one of you to select a number that does mean something to you… for example I would choose 22 because on the 22nd day of December is My Birthday, or I could choose 50 because that’s the number of girlfriends I’ve had in my life… I’m just kidding, just think of a significant number from 1 to 100 and write it down in your papers please”.

Great, now you… collect all the papers and give them to the lady over there… are you an engineer? Do you know how to sum numbers? I’m just kidding, please take the slips and write down in each line each of the numbers that they have just written I won’t look” (He turns around).

When you finish writing the 4 numbers, please add them and write the result on a new line”. “Perfect… I have a prediction inside this envelope…

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