Magician mentalist in London for a wedding at Skylon restaurant

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding at Skylon restaurant

Magic for a wedding this Saturday in London.  Laurie and Franck have joined forces at Skylon Restaurant. Mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle, I was asked by this young couple to animate their evening.  I made sure to maintain a good balance between turns using dexterity and diversion of attention, and then mentalism.

Telepathy experiment with a phone

Mentalism uses various techniques such as neurolinguistic programming, influence or precognition. It allows to offer to the audience a different approach and assistance to live new experiences. I thus proposed to the guests to realize a telepathy experiment. To do this I used a phone.

It was an opportunity to check if information could be transmitted distance without visual contact. Every human being has already experienced telepathy, for example by guessing a state of mind or a nervousness of his children, while they were doing everything to let nothing appear.  Hear mentalist in London so I made a demonstration on this theme.

I managed to perceive what the viewer felt without him saying a word. The latter has drawn a geometric shape on a piece of paper lost among three papers. While the spectator put his hands on the papers, without any indication, I managed to feel if the drawing was under or not. As a final, I identified precisely on the paper was the geometric shape and I even began to describe as if I saw it with my own eyes.

Subsequently I proposed another experience of mentalism. I delivered a sealed envelope that contained a bank note. I asked the audience to randomly choose numbers.

A spectator dialed this series of numbers and my phone rang. Highlight of the show: the envelope contained a bank note with a serial number that corresponded to the series of numbers stated rather by random spectators.  Illusionist for over 20 years I work for many brands like Rolex, Ferrari, Porsche, Chanel.

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