Mentalist in London for a wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin

Mentalist in London for a wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin

The lovely couple, Monica and Ben recruited me this Saturday to host their wedding at Searcys at the Gherkin.

At the time of dessert, guests to evoke his strange passion for mentalism. He asked me to do a demonstration.  Mentalism: the lie detector  I then proposed a small lie detection experiment using three covers: a fork, a spoon, and a knife. After asking to choose mentally under cover or chance, I asked a few questions that I could choose to answer each time by lying or telling the truth. Without turning, I managed to quickly identify the cover that the viewer had chosen. Whenever the experience was renewed, I found the cover even more easily, as if I understood better and better the functioning of the mind of the spectator.


Three cards, one chance

I then turned my back on the participants and asked him to put three playing cards in front of him online. I then pointed out to him that he was the only one to know the order. I then asked him to mentally choose one of the three cards and memorize it. Once he had chosen his card, I was able to attack the heart of the experience. I asked him to focus on the three cards. Each time I found his map and his position.

Mental focus

Then I made the viewer work on his mental focus and I showed him how to use deduction techniques. While my back was turned, the viewer made a drawing on a piece of paper. This drawing was his original design, the one he had to imbibe for my experience. The spectator had drawn a tree. Subsequently he drew two other drawings related to his original drawing on two other pieces of paper. He then drew a sheet and a blank. Then as a mentalist in London and member of the Magic Circle, I did a little test of lie detector and I managed to guess without ever looking at what was his original design. I used it for that but faculty of analysis and deduction.

Subsequently perform card tricks and coins using manipulation and diversion of attention. My mentalism tricks and magic tricks have added real value to the wedding. If you too are looking for an illusionist in London for your wedding do not hesitate to contact me to get to know you better, that I better prepare this service in a personalized way. Indeed, I particularly want to offer a tailored service for all unions.

Imagine the heads of your guests when they see a ring fly for the eyes or when I say in their thoughts.

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