This Tuesday, and a famous law firm had recruited me to animate a corporate evening.

Magic trick: time travel

Mentalist in London for a law firm

Mentalist in London for a law firm

I presented a tour on the theme of time passing and time travel. A chosen card but not watched, representing the future, was slipped into the compartment of my wallet. A second card, representing the present, was chosen and signed by the spectator. The cards were inserted into the middle of the game, and then as a mentalist magician in London, I went back in time to show the card on the top of the game, twice in a row. I then proposed to go back even further, before the spectator signs the map. His signature disappeared. Then even before the viewer has chosen his card, the latter has disappeared on sight. I then proposed to replay all the routine on a frenzied rhythm. Once again, the spectator has chosen the card, on which his signature reappears. Finally, I took out the map of the future of my wallet: it was the signed card, thus realizing the future in the present.

Interior Exterior

Then I presented a trick that does not use a playing card or play. Two business cards are used. The inner word is written on one end of each card. I have already marked my initials on one, and the spectator has marked his on the other. The two cards are stapled together, so that the faces marked “inside” are outward. In an instant, the words “inside” are found in their logical place, inward. The cards are returned so that the words “inside” are outward again. Then a flame went below. When the viewer looked at the cards, he discovered that they had merged into one with the inner word on both sides, as well as my initials and the viewer’s.

Card found in the pocket

The viewer chose a map that he signed by joining us. I then asked viewers to determine in which position he wanted these four to appear: the top, middle or bottom. The spectator made his choice and the game was placed on his hand. When he looked at the map in the chosen position, it was the signed map. It makes repeat the operation more, the card appearing in the other positions according to the choice desired by the spectator.

Finally, I expressed my own wish to find the signed card in his pocket, which happened immediately.

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