Close-up magic this Saturday for a young couple, Jenifer and Chris Hetherington. They had recruited me as a mentalist magician in London to host their wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room.

I took care to distract their guests with a maximum of varied turns, employing notions of diversion of attention, dexterity but also mentalism.

Prediction with a watch

Close-up party for a wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room in London

Close-up party for a wedding at The Sir Roger Moore Room in London

Tricks were suitable for both the wine of honor and the meal. I realized a routine using the watch of the spectators. With humor I pointed out that both watches were showing the same time. Then I said that I was going to change the time on the watch of the spectator. I then simply turned his watch 180 ° so that the hands indicate a different time. It was again humor !  Then I put the watch of the spectator face down on the table and I said that I was going to make a prediction. I then left the game and asked the viewer to choose one and sign it on the face. I then wrote the prediction on the back of the chosen card. The latter has been set aside. Then I drew attention to my watch and moved my finger around the dial, while asking the audience to say stop when they wanted.  Once he told me stop I returned the production, but unfortunately it turned out to be wrong. I then returned the viewer’s watch and the hands indicated the time chosen by the viewer. I then booked a surprising final by taking the card on which was the bad prediction and tapped on the watch.  When I returned the production had also changed to match the chosen time.

Bottle through the table

Subsequently I realized a great classic of magic, the bottle found at the table. I put a borrowed coin on the table and put a bottle of wine on it. I surrounded the bottle with a towel leaving the pellet visible. After two failed attempts, it was finally the bottle that completely crossed the table, much to the surprise of the spectators  Love fusion  Finally, I realized a routine that is perfectly appropriate for the bride and groom. I had Chris sign a card. Then this card was lost in the game. I then had Jenifer choose our card and I asked her to sign it as well and write on it a kind word for her new husband. His card was lost again in the game.  I then showed one of the cards facing the air in the play show that she was right next to the second card chosen. The two lovers were found.  I then took out both cards of the game, I showed them on both sides and then asked the two lovers to hold them against each other, between their fingers.  The two cards then merged to form one. I then leave to the lovers this proof of their absolute fusion.

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