Close-up and mentalism for a wedding in London this Saturday. Richard and Christina have joined forces at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. In this context they wished the intervention of an illusionist.

Close-up and mentalism in London for a wedding at the Ivy Chelsea Garden

Close-up and mentalism in London for a wedding at the Ivy Chelsea Garden

Materialize future choices

Mentalist magician in London, I wandered from groups to groups, to propose various experiences of magic and mentalism.  So I took out of my pocket a pack of blue backpacks, while announcing that this game was going to materialize future choices.  This game has the particularity of not having a printed face: this six have been replaced by the identities of handwritten cards. Each card has a different card name.  A spectator was asked to freely announce the identity of a playing card. Note that there is no forcing, no ambiguous choice and no restriction of any kind. The viewer chose the eight of hearts, which he named aloud. I pulled out the card on which was written the eight of hearts and put it in front of the spectators. Then I asked another member of the audience and asked him to think of a card to play any, as long as it was not the eight of hearts. The game was held in the position of the deal, faces in the air.

I then distributed the cards on the table one after the other, counting them aloud. I asked the audience to tell me stop as soon as I put on the chart table he had in mind. His card allowed us to choose a number between 1 and 52 at random. The cards were in turn distributed one after the other on the carpet. The spectators said stop at the 16th card which is so that was put on the carpet. The game was then assembled without any suspicious movement, stored in its case and inserted into the inside pocket of my jacket. I then pulled out of my jacket outer pocket a set of red cards. Sir this package was the inscription “prediction” on both sides. This game was taken out of the case, spread out in ribbon, revealing a real card game printed. This one was equalized and the cards were distributed on the table. The 18th card was the eight of hearts !

Mentalism experience with a voodoo doll

I chained with another mentalism experience. I gave the spectators a voodoo doll with needles. In the end, there was only a red cross left on the leg. I then opened an envelope that contained a prediction, revealing a picture of a doll with the red cross on the leg.

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