Magician mentalist for a wedding at Devonshire Terrace

Magician mentalist for a wedding at Devonshire Terrace

Sam and Sarah got married this Saturday in London. A very nice union with more than a hundred guests!  The young couple had privatized a restaurant, Devonshire Terrace. In this context, they had sought a mentalist magician in London to animate their union.

They found my details on the Magic Circle website, of which I am a member.  This very private club brings together the best illusionists worldwide.

I started my performance with a series of card magic tricks but also manipulation of coins and rings.

Book and cards

Then during the meal I proposed several experiences of mentalism. I asked the guests to choose a word. To prevent my mind and language from influencing them, I used a random method with maps and a book.  I then presented two slates. On the first I wrote on it a prediction. I then took the second and put it on what I had just written to hide it. I then handed a spectator a book and a deck of cards. The spectator cut the game twice before cutting it into two piles. He then took the top and bottom cards of each stack. I then pointed out that the choice was made at four different places in the deck.

Once the four cards in hand, the viewer added their values ​​to obtain a total that indicated a book page. Once he had viewed the page, he put the cards back in the game. When I turned to him, I then asked him to add up the numbers that make up the page number and look for the word that occupied that page. rank.  The word was read aloud. It was the word phone. I then took slates shown my prediction: on the slate was written the word phone.

Prédictions with magazines

I then showed three different magazines and had one selected by a spectator and another by another. I then said that I wanted a page to be chosen for the test. So that there is no doubt about the honesty of the procedure, I asked various members of the public to whisper to me a series of numbers that I wrote on a notebook. The latter was given to the spectators who held the magazine.  The viewer in question added the numbers and opened the page corresponding to the total obtained. He then chose a word from his mood on this page, 77. I then took a slate I wrote a series of letters, which surprisingly ended up forming the chosen word. The second viewer opened his magazine a page chosen by a member of the public and counted up to position a figure chosen by someone else. I revealed this word.

Magic is a wonderful animation for the wedding, because it will seduce all your guests, whatever their age! Mentalist magician in London, I invite you to write me an email to make your request: