Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magic this Saturday in London for a wedding. I alternated experiences of mentalism and close-up magic.  Nathalie and Kevin had gathered their guests in central London to celebrate their union.

Experience of mentalism with a piano

A member of the Magic Circle, I spoke on the phone with them to better prepare this service and offer personalized magic tricks around the passion and interests. I booked a surprise Nathalie, who is a professional pianist.  On the stage was installed a grand piano. On the piano stool sits the pianist telepath, my partner, able to play excerpts from a number of pieces of music. I went down to the public with a big slate, and I asked various spectators to whisper in the ear the name of a composer, preferably someone known.

No sooner had they pronounced the name of the composer than the pianist began to play a piece composed by this musician. Meanwhile, I quickly wrote the name of the composer on my slate.

After a few bars, the pianist stopped and showed the slate to all the audience. Most of the audience recognized the piece playing the piano and identified the composer. Seeing the name on the slate, they wondered how the pianist could find the name of Mozart. The same experience was repeated with a dozen composers.  Then I borrowed a deck of cards that I had mixed. When I picked it up, I spread it out in a long ribbon way on the table, making sure that the indexes all cases were clearly visible in the sprawl. I explained with a little practice, it is possible to learn by heart on all the cards of the game, so as to know the position of each of the 52 cards that compose it.

I said that when I was in shape, it took me less than 15 seconds to memorize the game by heart, so as to know the position of each of the 52 cards that compose it. Joining the gesture to the word, I then passed my index to the edge of the sprawl and progressively. That done, I collected the cards, returned, and asked a spectator to name a number between one and two.

When I heard numbers, I thought a little and then announced the identity of the card occupied at this position in the game.  It was the 34th. I love to say that it was the lady at heart who was in that position.

We checked by counting up to the 34th card from the top I returned the card as it was actually the lady of the heart. Other viewers may name other numbers.

Mentalist magician in London, I am at your disposal for any quote, if you also want to appeal to an illusionist to animate your wedding in the English capital !

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