Corporate Magic this Monday in London for a company, a famous telephone operator !

Mentalism with magazines


Corporate Magic in London for a famous operator

Corporate Magic in London for a famous telephone operator

Mentalist in London and a member of the Magic Circle, I proposed an experience with magazines.  So I took six publications and put it in a pile on the table. I asked that the spectators come to join me to make the mental experiment. He had to follow my instructions with a lot of attention. I explained to them that on the table there were various magazines and that they could choose one. He set aside in such a way that I could not see what he was going to do. While speaking, and I took the magazines in hand and I spread them in fan to show the various covers.

The public was able to see that all these magazines were different. When the viewer made his choice and he moved away from me, I also took a magazine that remained on the table, and I spoke to him. I asked him to think of a number and open the magazine on the corresponding page.

When he found the right page, I asked him to read a first name on this page, the title for example. I also told him that if there was an illustration on the page he had to remember it, just like the last word on the page.  I put my magazine on the table and then a slate. I asked the audience not to forget this information, to memorize it, to close the magazine but to keep a finger on the page that he had chosen, possibly to check a detail. I asked him to send me this information mentally, to visualize it as if it were projected on a movie screen. I then made a sketch on my slate.  I told them that I had captured the impression of this form, which resembled the design of a tree.

I showed them on the basis of the elements I was talking about. Then, after having communicated a detail to make spectators understand that I was on the right track, I asked him what represented the illustration he had seen. When he said it was a photo of Madison Square Garden, all the audience understood that I was right.  To continue the experience I concentrated on the title and asked the audience to visualize it mentally.  I wrote words on the slate and showed what I had written on it. This was indeed the effect of the title chosen.

Finally I asked the audience to check the last two words on the page, to focus on fragmentation, nothing more. I wrote something on my slate and I gave it to the viewer, asking him first what word he had thought: car.  The spectator returned the slate, and the public could see this same word “CAR” written on the whole width in large letters.

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