Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

New wedding this Saturday in London. The couple Barbara and Stephan joined two steps away from Big Ben, in a sublime church.  They had gathered their guests in a very nice restaurant. In order to bring a little conviviality to their evening, he wanted to use the services of a mentalist magician in London. They found my details on the Magic Circle‘s official website, “Find a magician”.  During this evening, I proposed impossible effects, using manipulation and mentalism experiences.

Mentalism with a pendant

So I proposed the following experience: a beautiful crystal pendant was placed on the table, a beautiful object that I showed to the audience. These are pendants hanging on a chain that can be opened, then where you can put a piece of paper. Remember that most pendants are designed to hold a photograph.  Then I tore a first sheet in notebook measuring 8 cm by 12.

After torn off this sheet, I took a pair of scissors and cut the sheet along five lines thus forming six strips of paper.  These six tips were given to six people and each one was invited to write the name of a friend. The name was to fill the entire space of the three divisions.  I had to explain to them the reason for such an approach later. I looked away while spectators were running.

Still without looking at them, I asked everyone to take the scissors and cut their strip into three pieces along the two vertical lines. Once this operation carried out, I asked them to put all their pieces together, their writings being not visible, and to mix them. Once all these operations were done, I turned back to them.

I then took the pendant and spoke of the virtues of the pendulum to determine, for example the sex of the people. I use the pendulum of the pendulum to show that it is silent to indicate a male, is in a straight line to indicate a female. I stood 5 cm above 18 pieces of paper littering the table, until they produced a reaction: the pendant began to oscillate in a straight line over a particular piece.  I picked up this piece, folded it without looking at what was written, and I put it in the pendant explaining that thanks to this first piece, the pendant could now find two other pieces of which it is the complement.  I then ironed the pendant over the pieces on the table until it oscillated again in the same way over one piece and then into the other.

That done, I put the third piece back in the pendant and added it to the other two, to form a complete paper tape, but so that what is written on it is still not visible. I spent the pendant above two pieces, he reacted immediately, proving that the name was written by a woman. All the ladies who had participated in the experiment were asked to raise their hands, and I passed the clock over the palm of the hand, in turn.

The clock oscillated over one of the hands, and I asked the audience in question if she had written the name of a friend on her piece of paper, which she confirmed.  This same spectator spread the three pieces of paper on the table, and we realized that the pendant did indeed contain the others, identical pieces that form the band on which is written the name of a friend.

Mentalist magician in London, I have many weddings all year long in England but also in France, Paris Lyon or Geneva. Do you want to appeal to an illusionist for your wedding? Just send an email to the following address: