Mentalist in London for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee

Mentalist in London for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee

Mentalist in London, I was recruited this Tuesday for the launch of a new machine of a great brand of coffee, which is diversified by launching a new product: tea capsules, whose aroma is reinforced by a new exclusive and highly technological system.  The service took place close to Big Ben in a very nice restaurant.

In this context I proposed an experience of mentalisms.

I mixed a deck of cards before handing him a spectator who was invited to hand out twenty in two rows of 10 cards each. The cards were distributed on the table, facing down. I then evoked the art of cartomancy, as practiced by the gypsy. I also explained that one of my gypsy friends made a prediction about an event that would happen that night. A black haired man will choose a card from among those he has distributed, and this card will be in the envelope, I have shown and placed on the table.

The spectator therefore chose a card and put it in his pocket, without however knowing it. Once this operation completed, I opened the envelope and read the prophecy of my gypsy friend: “the man with the black hair will choose a red card bearing the number 7 which is the number that governs his destiny. The family of the card says he must expect a cash flow in the week, it’s a heart. His card and so the 7 of heart.

I showed the map on which this prediction is written in front of the audience and then ask the spectators to take the card he put out of his pocket and show it to the public for the first time, while announcing his identity to aloud. He showed it and indeed it was the 7th of heart. The game was then examined.  I then followed with another effect of quick mentalism that allowed me to finish my performance on a light note.

Mentalism: the joker

Mentalist magician in London, member of the Magic Circle, I had a card chosen by a spectator, in this case the 7 of spades. The viewer has read about it so I have to mix the game in question. I took the game and looked for the joker, while telling the audience that the joker sees everything, knows everything and says everything. When I found the joker, I held it close to my ear and listen to what he said: “He tells me you have 7 spades!”

While waving the joker in front of the viewer. I asked him if it was true. The viewer confirmed with a smile.  If you are a company in London and you are looking for an original and spectacular animation for a corporate party, do not hesitate to call my mentalist magician services in the English capital by sending your quote request to the following address :