Mentalist in London for a big bookstore

Mentalist in London for a big bookstore

Magic show in London this Wednesday for a big bookstore. Naturally I proposed several experiences of mentalism with books.  As a mentalist, I borrowed a deck of cards that I mixed. A spectator said stop during the mixing and I showed him the map on which he had stopped. As soon as the viewer saw his card, he memorized it and mixed it up before handing the game back to the employee.

Experiences of mentalism with books

The latter distributed the cards one had one to, in a row facing down on the table. When he distributed these 7 cards, I told him that it would do the trick. Then I gave him a pencil and turned his back on the whole assembly. The spectator tapped the cards successively with the tip of the pencil, starting at either end of the row, and giving two or three little hits on this card. I then asked her why and patted on one of the cards and asked to put her pencil precisely on this card, to distinguish it.

Returning to them, I first eliminated the cards on both sides of his, and finally asked him to identify the card he had been thinking about. It turns out that it was the one on which he had put his pencil. I continued with another experience of mental isthmus with a large chart, five cards bearing the symbols ESP, a white chalk and a table on which the table was laid during the course of the experiment.

Spectators joined me on stage. The first person held the painting, placed on a bridge table, so that the public saw only the profile. He held the painting close man so that one could write simultaneously on both sides. Then I took drawing because this symbol that I show them to the public as being all different, before handing them to the second spectator with a stick of chalk. The viewer stood next to the board while I placed myself on the other.

So the audience could see us both at the same time. I asked the audience to choose one of the five neighborhoods, to draw the symbol represented in the middle of the table. Then he took another and draw this new symbol above the first one. He is continued the operation by drawing the third and fourth symbol.

When he arrived at the last, I knew the symbol before he even reproduced it. I was able to reveal the five symbols, geometric figures of extreme complexity. If you also want to offer mentalism experiences in London, astonish your employees at a corporate event, do not hesitate to send an email to and I will answer you in less than 24 hours.