Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Magic performance this Tuesday in London on behalf of a computer company. With regard to the sector of activity, I decided to mix digital magic and mentalism. The use of the iPad has put forward the company’s logo is that these latest innovations.

As a mentalist in London, I had also conceived a series of experiences of reading thoughts, predictions around the subject of computer science.

As a conjurer, I make sure I avoid waiting too long. Sometimes the procedures used take a lot of time either because the illusionist is talking too much. Be that as it may, the public risks losing the thread and not knowing what is supposed to happen. It is the emotional memory that dissipates over time. Moreover a long wait can also cause a dissipation of intellectual memory, and a decrease in concentration, a dispersion of attention.

Different phases of the magic trick

This is detrimental to the ability of the overall view of the situation and the overall appreciation of the tour de maie. Thus, when I make a magic square, I take care not to complicate the task with long waits between the different phases of the mentalism experience.

So much time that makes things harder to connect with each other in their minds. This interruption can completely lose the thread of the effect, even if the turn is good and the wizard of his fingers agile. Showing humor is commendable, as is making frills, but do not make a gag to the audience when they have to stay focused on a key element of the turn, which the magician is performing.

So doing a Greek while the wizard makes choosing a card will not hurt and can even relax the atmosphere, fill a dead time. On the other hand making a gag during a revelation can completely ruin the success of the trick, which distracted the spectators by preventing them from realizing that the card was not only in the wallet, but also in a closed compartment with a zipper .

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