Mentalist in London for a wedding

Mentalist in London for a wedding

New wedding Saturday in London. Amy and Ben got married in the English capital. A ceremony in two stages: at the church and then at a reception, with their friends in a restaurant. It was in this context that they wished to appeal to a mentalist magician in London.

I started my service with a personalized trick for the young couple, referring to their honeymoon. An experiment of mentalism, punctuated by an improbable prediction and coincidence.

Love Fusion

I realized a great classic: love fusion. I took the couple as participants I made them choose and sign a card in the first person. This card was lost then in the card game. Then I did either choose a second card to the bride. I asked to sign it too and write a sweet word on it for her new husband. This card was in turn lost in the game. I then showed one of the spectacular cards in the game and show that it was right next to the second card chosen. The lovers found each other.

As a mentalist magician in London, I took out both cards of the game, and showed both sides, then asked the two lovers to hold them tight against each other back to back between their fingers. The two cards then merged to form only one. I would have left it then this proof of the absolute fusion. Once again I put a lot of emphasis on the presentation and creation of a light and fun atmosphere that allowed me to communicate my personality and interact with the audience in a charming and friendly way.

My French accent has allowed me to accentuate my seduction with female members, it’s something that makes everyone comfortable – because I do not take myself too seriously. If you too are looking for a mentalist magician in London to host your wedding, a member of the Magic Circle, you can contact me by email at