iPad magician in London for a motor show

iPad magician in London for a motor show

The city of London hosted this Tuesday and for three days a motor show. An event gathering the most beautiful models of cars. Difficult in this context to differentiate in the competition. To stand out, a famous car brand had therefore recruited a mentalist magician to propose on its stand animations magic close up and magic iPad. Digital magic is indeed a great way to intrigue visitors to the show, while highlighting the company. This intervention had been prepared several weeks in advance with the leader of the company who had provided me with many keychains and miniature cars to customize my intervention.

IPad magician in London for a trade show

Mentalist magician in London, I was able to offer innovative solutions and offer visitors many tastes say to the effigy of the car manufacturer. This set of animation and magic trick can generate emotions, an activity, and especially very positive concepts with the brand, which remains seated more anchored in the head of the consumer.

The set allowed to stand out from the competition and thus generate an influx of visitors to the stand. These magic tricks appealed to the tablet but also to dexterity with tricks of cards with the image of the brand, as well as pure manipulation and diversion of attention.

The magic close-up is a great tool to make people laugh and enjoy, create a friendly atmosphere. As a result, the manufacturer’s sales at the show were increased by 25%!

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