Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician in London for a surprise party

Change of register this Tuesday. In addition to corporate events, I regularly host birthdays. It was the case again this Tuesday on Tuesday at the occasion of a surprise party organized by Kate for the 30 years of his husband Jordan.

This year was not aware of this surprise. His wife had a great idea to group together in one place, a posh restaurant in central London, his parents but also friends. What was not so surprised when he entered the establishment and discover all his relatives together !

Jordan does not have his emotion between laughter and tears.

Kate wanted to offer another surprise to her husband : the arrival of a mentalist magician in London. She had contacted me to prepare this birthday.

As a loan lover, I therefore have a very rich toolbox to customize magic tricks. So it’s done several divisions but uncle we have the name of Jordan is but also the number 30. Kate had also stipulated that Jordan was an aviation enthusiast and so I realized at the end is special alluding to the exciting world of planes, predictions to support.

Jordan did not fail to say then anise current to thank all the guests for their presence.

Close-up magic tricks

Intimate context look I had suggested to Kate to realize close-up magic tricks, more appropriate to the context. A real interaction with the guests, so I will turn banknotes into larger values ​​but also by removing rings belonging to them or guessing the serial number of their tickets.

A very natural proposition is all found towards experiences of mentalism.

But running were intrigued by predictions, reading thinking and mental calculation operations such as the magic square.

To end this evening in style, I realized as a mentalist magician in London a finale where I dramatically revealed the drawing of Jordan’s favorite star, Michael Jackson.

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