Surprise-party for a birthday

After a trade show for a luxury brand and a wedding, animate a birthday ! Alison celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. What she did not know was that her boyfriend Mark had organized a surprise party to gather all her friends. Besides, they had recruited a mentalist magician in London to give a magical side to the event.

All of the guests were gathered in a restaurant in downtown London. Alison has already had for first surprise to find all her relatives and her best friends in this wonderful setting in the city center of the English capital.

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Magician mentalist in London for a birthday

Strong reactions

As a mentalist magician in London I arrived at the aperitif and surprised the audience by having a wallet on fire. What generate strong reactions ! A good introduction to a party under the sign of friendliness.

It’s no coincidence that Mark recruited me because Alison is a real passionate about magic. I did not miss to bring a touch of romance to the set by showing roses especially for the queen of the evening.

During the cocktail, I made card manipulations, but also tours with bottles of wine and borrowed objects.

Close-up magic is a great way to break the ice and generate laughter and strong reactions.

Then during the second part of the evening, the guests came to the table. In this context a little more intimate, I did not fail to perform experiments of mentalism. At the same time, I have noticed the interest of the general public in this discipline, a performing art consists in making believe that I am able to read the thoughts of the spectators. Readings of thoughts, predictions, mental arithmetic … so many experiences that upset the certainties of the guests!

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