Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

Magician mentalist in London for a corporate party

A big English bank was organizing a corporate party on Thursday 4 April in the heart of London, at the County Hall Restaurant.

The opportunity to bring together their best customers and financial partners. For the occasion, the bank had rented a prestigious place.

It was in this magical setting that I was recruited as a mentalist magician in London.

Promotionnal magic

The establishment was seduced by my personal approach, promotional magic to highlight their novelties, their logo, their news. This is called promotional magic, a unique approach to the world of prestidigitation to offer tailored solutions. Naturally I had prepared this service beforehand with management to validate the messages to pass to employees, have created advertising messages to customers. Magic is a powerful communication tool for companies.

As an illusionist in London, I developed several magic tricks around money. Not to mention custom illusions, iPad magic to highlight the company.

The evening began with a cocktail where I was able to perform magic tricks using dexterity. The program includes cards, coins, but also bottles of wine and objects borrowed from the audience. Enough to generate strong emotions and laughter.

Mentalism experiences

Then I chained with a set of experiences of unprecedented mentalism, around the theme of the bank. On the program: operations of mental computation at speed V to carry out mathematical operations with figures, as they are handled in the banking field. Spectators were also able to enjoy moments such as readings of thoughts, predictions and telepathy. Mentalism is like “real” magic, without artifice. It leaves an unforgettable memory to the public. I also practiced telekinesis hearing objects with the effigy of society.

As part of the promotion of your company or your professional activities (seminars, trade fairs, conventions, receptions, commercial events) by its user-friendliness the presence of a magician brings a real added value.

Whether for a product launch, a business seminar, a press conference, another hot shop, do not hesitate to contact the mentalist magician in London for any quote request to