If the magician is a specialist in close-up magic, it is also a mentalist who offers a show of more than one hour. Mentalism is a very popular discipline, a branch in the field of conjuring! It is an art of the spectacle which consists in creating illusions of paranormal faculty, the control of human mental capacity like clairvoyance, hypermnesia or telepathy. The professional mentalist has no power, but has the sole purpose of entertaining in public Far from confining itself to mere magic, the mentalist uses various techniques such as NLP, hypnosis, psychology, body language, manipulation, or influence. A very wide range of tools, reinforced by statistics or lies by omission to surprise the audience. The biggest mentalist is the biggest Brittany probably remains Derren Brown

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London

Mentalist in London, member of the Magic Circle

Members of Magic Circle, the illusionist offers a unique show based on symbols. An hour of amazing isthmus, which invites us to question the place of symbols in our lives but also the notions of destiny. 60 minutes of total interaction where the audience is invited to go on stage. A playful and participative show with experiences of telekinesis, predictions, revelations and reading thoughts. The mentalist magician in London can intervene for a corporate show or a wedding and birthday. It will leave a memorable memory to your viewers by guessing their blue card number, a freely chosen number or the structure of a page in the book, as well as a word freely chosen by one of your collaborators in a book. The mentalist magician in London has worked for many companies like Louis Vuitton, Armani or Hermes. With over two decades experience in the field of events, it will surely distract your guests and invites them to question the notions of chance and coïncidences.

Customizable mentalism for corporate events

A high-end service, ideal for private or professional events. Mentalism is quite appropriate for prominent events, galas, sumptuous parties and sports nights. It helps to make a big impact on your customers and future prospects.
Like the magic iPad, any customization is possible!

Looking for a mentalist magician in London for a show of mentalism in the English capital? Send a free email to contact@magician-mentalist-london.co.uk