Do you want to hire a mentalist magician for a corporate event or wedding ? After discussing the history of magic, 5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician for a wedding and 5 good reasons to hire a mentalist magician for a corporate party in a previous article, here are some tips and guarantees to gather before to hire and find the best magician mentalist in London.

The mentalist magician in London must have good references

As in other areas, experience is paramount in the success of your event. If the conjurer is accustomed to working with large companies, he will face the imponderables and meet especially your requests. A large-scale event requires experience and a deep sense of detail. The fact that the magician also speaks several languages ​​facilitates the organization of your event, especially if it has an international character and is a multi-national organization. The illusionist in London speaks both French and English, he is a member of Magic Circle. To make sure that this professional is a professional mentalist magician, you can browse his website but also view the Google reviews. This tool allows you to view the opinions of former customers who have used its service. So the mentalist magician in London has worked for big companies like Cartier, Ferrari or Hermes. You must also determine if the magician’s universe matches the theme of your party.

Determine your expectations for your event

You must define a specification and know if the mentalist magician in London should intervene rather in close-up magic or on stage. In the first case this animation is more appropriate for a cocktail party or a company meal. If on the other hand you pass messages or to address the greatest number, the magic on stage remains more adapted. In this context, the professional offers a show of magic and interactive mentalism where a few collaborators can go on stage.

The mentalist magician in London must edit you a contract

The mentalist magician in London is a professional, who owns a company. He is therefore able to edit a contract to reassure you and to stipulate all the details to make your event a success. The contract mentions the terms of payment, the price, the schedules of the service as well as a commitment on the quality. In exchange, the illusionist asks for a parking space and a place to put his stuff. Serious and courteous, this professional will ensure the smooth running of your evening.

Browse magician videos

The Internet is a great tool to determine if the magician universe fits perfectly with the event you want to organize. So if your evening turns out to be chic, the mentalist magician in London will have to wear a suit with a tie or bow tie. A website is generally a good reflection of the care that the professional gives to his appearance. His references too. Thus, if he is accustomed to officiating for big companies like Lexus or Mercedes he will be able to master the codes and to blend in the crowd, while entertaining in his of your guests with a certain place a certain elegance.

Know the number of your guests

Knowing the name of your guests remains paramount. Indeed the mentalist magician in London can not provide a service beyond 200 people. Indeed for the sake of quality and exchanges with guests, it takes a ratio of a magician for 150 people. Beyond that, you have to resort, according to your budget, to two wizards. This is not forced selling but simply the search for quality that predetermines the use or not of several illusionists. So avoid the magicians who promise you wonders and ensure you can ensure a show alone in front of more than 200 people.

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