The Conjurer

The Conjurer

Magic, along with its subgenres of, and sometimes referred to as illusion, stage magic or street magic is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by staged tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats using natural means. It is to be distinguished from paranormal magic which, it is claimed, are effects created through supernatural means. It is one of the oldest performing arts in the world.

Magic has always fascinated men. It exists almost since Prehistory. It must be said that our ancestors already dreamed of controlling the elements, manipulating the laws of nature. Already 50000 years before Christ prehistoric men practiced magic gestures in a religious setting. But the first concrete testimony of a magician goes back to Ancient Egypt. A document named Westcar’s Papyrus recounts the feat of an illusionist named Dedi of Dedsnefu. This slice the head of a duck and a pelican. In front of a dumbfounded audience, the animals find their heads. We can imagine the bewildered reactions of the spectators of the time !

A little later there was a fake Greek vase dating from the 16th century BC. One of them is also kept in the Louvre Museum and thus contains funds to empty the fill several times. In ancient times, magicians were regarded as prestige makers.

Magic during Middle Ages

Let’s go a little further back in time and stop in the Middle Ages. It was during this period that troubadours offered. It’s last employees including goblets, utensils that have since become a classic of the universe magic.

Modern stage magic

Then the first magicians to seduce the general public on the scenes made their appearance during the nineteenth century. It was during this time that the magic touched for the first time the general public. Among the most famous magicians of the time, Robert Houdin, Henri Anderson nicknamed “the greatest wizard of the North” or David Devant, the founder of Magic Circle.

During the 90s, many conjurers popularized magic. The first of them remains undoubtedly the most famous magician of all times, David Copperfield. He seduced thousands of spectators and viewers with illusions that marked the spirits like the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, crossing the wall of China or being the first man to fly.

In France, many close-up magicians also appeared on television, such as Sylvain Mirouf, GĂ©rard Majax and Garcimore.

The television has revealed since many talents like David Blane, Derren Brown and Dynam. The latter panic counters and appealing broad public but also fill the rooms widely with their spectacle of mentalism and their magic shows.

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