The success of the magical and more generally broadcast programs devoted to conjuring, is a great success with the public. This phenomenon started in the 90s with the immense illusions of David Copperfield on television. The wizards are largely modernized and attract the general public through new approaches such as mentalism or iPad magic. Modern, innovative, the magic is now striking and seduces adults as well as children.

Since the beginning of mankind man has always wanted to surprise his fellow man. The first handwritten testimony about a magician was found in the text of ancient Egypt dating from around 2000 BC. It is the Westcart papyrus. This document relates the feat in which the magician cut the head of a duck and a pelican before reconstituting them. 2000 years later, the magicians offer amazing illusions that will seduce guests at your wedding as well as the guests for your corporate meal. Here are 5 good reasons to hire a magician mentalist in London for the evening of your company !

Magic is modern

For a long time the magic was confined to the appearance of rabbits in a hat. But for several years the illusions are absolutely spectacular. Now magicians know how to levitate a ring above the ground or guess a blue card number. Which lastingly mark the spirits.

It’s an animation that leaves a great memory

If you want to generate strong emotions, using a magician for your corporate event is the solution for you. The mentalist or the magician can for example reveal a wallet on fire or turn a card into a tea bag!

Corporate Magic is an opportunity to get messages across

The magic affects all generations, both young people and adults, which is why it is an excellent communication medium. It awakens in each of us our child’s soul. The mentalist magician in London can offer customized solutions to highlight your product or your company logo. It has various solutions like the magic iPad, a perfect innovative magic for example for a product launch. You can also use the services of the conjurer for a grand opening.

It’s a discreet animation

A magic trick is by definition spectacular. However, these animations that often take place a few inches from the eyes of the audience is not intrusive. The close-up wizard walks the groups in a group without disturbing the whole assembly.

Magic makes your employees dream

The mentalist magician in London often comes after a day of business or a seminar. It’s the perfect opportunity to end a day of work, making your employees dream. It is a striking and unique memory with expectations of mentalism or signed cards. What generate very positive values ‚Äč‚Äčaround your company !