If we had to make an analogy between magic and cooking, we could say that there are as many types of magic as different cooking !

Indeed conjuring is an art so varied that both adults and children will find their account.

The magic on stage usually takes place in theaters and stages great shows, either with great illusions like the woman cut in half or spectacular illusions as David Copperfield knows so well.

Also note that mentalists like Derren Brown perform on stage to amaze crowds with thought readings and predictions.

On the other hand, if you want to bring a more intimate touch to your event, be it a corporate event, a wedding or a birthday, we can only advise you to use magic close-up . This discipline in its own right in the field of illusion comes from the United States.

Let’s take a closer look at this particular genre in the field of magic. It is subdivided into different subgenres:

The six forms of close-up

Close-up magic comes in six different forms:

The table top close-up

It takes place at a corporate dinner, a corporate party or in a restaurant. The magician, who is a member of Magic Circle, presents his tricks while the audience sits at the table and repeats his illusions at different tables.

The ambulatory close-up

It normally takes place during a cocktail party. This is an opportunity for the illusionist to present his magic tricks to small groups, most often with standing barges. And the magician repeated his group tour as a group at the rally or event in which he intervenes. The magician sometimes has the opportunity sometimes to perform a few laps on a table or to address the entire audience for a more formal show.

The formal close-up

This is a complete show of 20 minutes to an hour and a half. The latter takes place in a specific room and is aimed at the entire audience. The audience can be seated on the stands.

The informal close-up

The latter is presented for a small group and in a commercial situation. Spontaneity is in order.

The close-up for special occasions, trade events and trade shows

The magician is brought to intervene in a professional setting such as a showroom, a trade show, a roadshow, or even a reception area or even an advertisement intended to broadcast on television. The illusionist works at the service of the company to highlight its latest creations, the message to pass or the logo, especially, comes from the magic iPad.

The close-up on television

Popularized by magicians like Paul Daniels, David BlaineĀ and Dynamo, the magician presents his creations to the greatest number and to the television viewers behind their screen. This approach requires proper language and attention because camera angles do not make the conjurer’s job easier.

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