The first organization, in the world, for magicians

What is the common point between director StĂ©phane Fry, Prince Charles or Dynamo ? All these English personalities are part of the Magic Circle. This term refers to law firms as the most prestigious in London but also in Europe. By extension the Magic Crcle is also a magic club based near the Euston metro station. Hardly composed of 1,500 members worldwide, it brings together the best illusionists on the planet. Some are very well known as Dynamo. Otherwise we walk on the website of the institution we learn that this is the “first organization, in the world, for magicians” Just like the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Magic Circle is a very old institution. Everything started in 1905.


The history of Magic Circle

Initially the club gathered as many amateurs as professionals, barely 23 conjurers. They meet at the restaurant and then charter in London with the aim of forming a magic club. Thus was born the club. Not having locals at first, the illusionists gather in a public house called The Green Man in the Soho district. Then they moved the meeting to St. George’s Hall in Langham Place.

It is in this context that the institution has become legendary with the presence of leading magicians such as David Devant and Nevil Maskelyne who have given their name to prizes. It is no coincidence that David was the first president of Magic Circle. The reputation of Magic Circle has grown over the years, so much so that now the Magic Circle has had its own office since 1998 near central London. A wonderful showcase and a must for all lovers of magic. Enthusiasts can wander through a museum that tells the story of magic but also browse many books in a well-stocked library. You can then extend your stay with a theater performance. The Magic Crcle also hosts many conferences and publishes a review The Magic Circular.

The Magic Circular

The Magic Circular

This magazine is published since 1906. This magazine puts every month a magician in the spotlight, which marks the music community by its innovative effects or its outstanding news. The monthly also features mentalism tours, conference reports, children’s tours and magic trick reviews.

Magic Circle

Magic Circle

Magic Circle Awards

Since 1905, the Magic Circle has always prided itself on presenting the best magicians from around the world. For many years, the club has rewarded these magicians with various honors and awards, either by examination or by call of the President.

The awards :

The David Devant Award, in reference to the first president of the Magic Circle
The Masklyne Award
The Gold Medal
The Silver Wand
The Carlton Award
JNM Prize
The Cecil Lyde Award
The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the year
Magic Circle Magic Magician of the Year
The Magic Circle The Young Magician of the Year
Hervé Troccaz

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