Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Magician mentalist in London for a wedding

Performing magic and this Sunday for a wedding in London for a couple named Florent and Caroline in early March in the English capital. In this context they had brought all their friends and relatives in a facility based in the district of Moorgate, a beautiful restaurant named Height club.

Their guests came from all over France because the couple was French. Most guests speak the language of Molière but also English. In this context, the couple wanted to appeal to mentalist magician.

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They found my details on the “Find a magician” section of the website of the famous English club Magic Circle. Remember that the Magic Circle brings together the finest flower illusionists in Britain. Only 1,500 people belong to it in the world.

The evening took place in two stages. During the first part the guests were gathered upstairs to enjoy the aperitif with petits fours and champagne. A friendly atmosphere punctuated by tricks of cards, coins and ropes. As a mentalist magician in London, I was able to exercise my dexterity with all guests, even borrow a few items like rings.

Then the evening was extended around a meal with many dances and speeches. It is in this intimate atmosphere that I have evolved and proposed mentalism experiences more appropriate to the context. So I performed spectacular mental calculation operations, guessing words, doing thought readings, but also doing many productions. Unique experiences that have had a strong emotional impact.

Mentalist magician in London, I lead every year many weddings in the English capital, in both French and English. Members of Magic Circle, I can customize its benefits to the best that your guests will remember for many years. Feel free to contact me for any quote request via the mail !